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“Jennifer” Offering Her Virginity Throuh; She Visits Howard Stern

from – Howard said there’s this chick who looks like Megan Fox there who just turned 18 and she’s selling her virginity. Howard said when she was 16 she decided to keep her virginity and she’s never even blown a guy. Howard had her and her mom come in. Howard said they were both wearing wigs.

Howard said this was Jennifer and her mom was Jill. Howard asked if they were in disguise. Jennifer said they were. She said that she lives in a small town and she doesn’t want people to know who she is. She has siblings at home and she’s trying to sell her virginity so she doesn’t want anyone to know who she is. Howard said this is like Superman putting on glasses and hiding his identity.

Howard said Jennifer read about this girl Natalie who sold her virginity a couple of years ago. She decided to do the same thing. Howard said that she’s hot and she must have gotten hit on a lot at school. She said she lives in a small town and they really didn’t. Jill said that she wasn’t interested either. Jill said there are girls in their town who are pregnant and giving birth at 12 and 13. Jill said that Jennifer is clean, pure and innocent.

Howard asked Jennifer why she decided to keep her virginity. He asked if she thinks she’s gay. She said no to that. Robin asked if she’s had boyfriends. Jennifer said she has but she’s never let any of them even see or touch her boobs.

Howard asked Jill if she was married. She said she was but they got rid of him. Jill said he drank and he wasn’t able to keep a job so they were better off without him. Howard asked Jennifer if she thinks that she might be frigid and maybe she doesn’t want to have sex. She said no. Jill said she’s just looking for a secure future. Jill said she’s a smart girl. Howard said this is basically prostitution. That’s why they hooked up with the Bunny Ranch. Jennifer said that they know what they’re doing out there.

Howard said Jennifer is super hot and the other girl that sold her virginity wasn’t that hot. Howard asked how much that other girl got. Jill said it was 7 figures when they pulled out of the deal. Jill said that the guy ended up going back with his wife. She ended up getting $250,000 fro not doing it. She said she’s not positive about that amount though.

Howard asked Jennifer if she’s even masturbated. She said she hasn’t. Howard asked if she’s embarrassed to admit that. Jennifer said she isn’t. She said she took a lie detector test and passed that. Howard asked Jill if she finds it odd that she hasn’t even explored herself. Jill said she got married young so that’s what her husband was for. Howard said she must have played with herself before that. Jill said she didn’t remember. Howard said she must have done something. Howard said that Robin can squeeze her legs together and have an orgasm.

Howard asked Jennifer if she’s ever had an orgasm. She said she hasn’t. Howard said he finds that very odd. Robin asked if she even played nurse with anyone. She hasn’t done that either.

Howard asked who turns Jennifer on. He asked about Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt. She said they’re handsome. Howard asked how she’s going to get through this emotionally. He said that he gets why she wants to do it for the money but what if someone like him or Benjy walks in. Jennifer said that Benjy was cute. She said that it all has to balance out with the money and the guy’s looks.

Jill said that Jennifer heard her and her friends talking about the other girl who sold their virginity. Jill said that they were all saying they’d go back and do the same thing if they could. Howard asked if she was down with the whole thing. Jill said she was once she got up off the floor. Howard asked if Jennifer would have changed her mind if her mom told her that she was wrong for doing that. She said she was going to do it no matter what.

Howard said Jennifer is a very good looking girl. Jill said that she knows that. Guys will look at her and she won’t even notice it. Howard asked how people can get in on the bidding and how much she’s looking for. Jennifer said she’d like a million dollars. Howard said that’s a lot of money. Howard asked how long she’s going to stay with her. She said that he’s just going to put it in and take it out and that’s it. Howard asked if she’s going to kiss the guy. Jennifer said she thinks so. Jill said it will be a romantic evening. Howard said she has to think this through and figure out what it is she’s in for. Howard said he feels he owes it to Jennifer to do this.

Howard asked Jill if she’ll be in the room. Jill said she won’t. Howard asked if Dennis Hof will be in the room. Jill said that Cami might be in the room. Howard said that Cami will probably talk to her ahead of time. Howard asked if Jill has talked to her about how to blow a guy and things like that. They haven’t talked about that. Howard said that she’s going to owe the guy a good time so she can’t be frigid when she walks into the room.

Howard asked Jennifer if she’ll walk in naked. She said she’ll have a dress on. She didn’t know which one it would be. Howard said this doesn’t sound very well thought out at all. Jill said they have to figure out what the guy wants.

Howard asked if Jennifer still has her hymen. She said she thinks she does but she has to go to the doctor to find out for sure. Howard asked her if she knows about the stuff that shoots out of a guy. She said she has read about it. Howard asked if she has ever seen a penis in real life. Jennifer said no. Howard said this is going to be something else.

Robin asked if she’ll be shaved for her big night. Jennifer said she wasn’t sure about that. Howard said she has to figure that out too. Jill said she could wax. Jennifer said that she does trim it for her bikini.

Robin asked if she’s all natural. Jennifer said she is. Howard said Jill is a good saleswoman. Howard asked if she told her that penises have teeth and can bite. Jill didn’t tell her that.

Howard asked Jennifer what she weighs. She said she’s 115 and 5’5” tall. Howard asked what her cup size is. She said she’s a B or a C. Jill said she’s also a size zero. Howard said she has no cellulite either. Jill said she runs works out too. Howard asked if she has any flaws. Jill said the only thing is stubbornness.

Sal came in and said that he appreciates what they’re doing. Sal asked if they wanted to see a penis. Howard didn’t want that but Jill was fine with it. Sal whipped it out and showed it to Jennifer. Jennifer laughed and said ”Alright… I’ve seen a penis.”

Gary said Sal has been telling everyone that he’s turned on by her mom. Howard told him to ask her out. Sal asked if she wanted some of this and showed her his penis. Howard asked Jill if she would go out with her. Jill said that he’s too young at 41. Jill said she’s in her late 50s.

Howard said this is unbelievable. Howard said that she has to touch one of those penises when she’s with this guy for the first time. Howard said she has to rub it like wood starting a fire. Howard asked Jennifer if she’s going to undress herself or let the guy do it. She said it’s all up to the guy.

Howard asked if the guy is allowed to kiss her vagina. Jill said if he pays for it he can do whatever he wants. Jennifer said he will have to wear a condom.

Howard asked Jennifer what will happen if the guy finishes in 3 seconds. Will she let him reload and put one in the chamber. Jennifer said she hadn’t thought about that. She said they’ll have to talk. She said she’ll just say maybe. Jill said she thinks that it would be the nice thing to do and make it a nice evening for all.

Howard said that Jill seems to be calling the shots there. Howard said she could stop this whole thing. Howard said he thinks that Jennifer would listen to whatever she says. Jill said she’s just being polite today.

Robin asked what she’s going to do with the money. Jennifer said she wants to spend it on college to begin with. She wants to go close to home but she didn’t say where that home is. Jennifer said she wants to go into interior design. She was having some trouble getting the words out so Howard told her that this is nothing being on the show. He said it’s going to be really tough when she’s in the room with the strange guy fucking her.

Howard asked Jennifer if she pictures a really hot guy buying her virginity. She said she doesn’t. Howard asked if she pictures some gross, smelly dude with smelly balls. Jennifer said she met one guy already who might be interested. She said he was handsome.

Howard said if you’re interested in bidding on her virginity you can go to Howard and Robin weren’t sure of the legality of the whole thing.

Howard asked Jennifer if she thinks that she’d go on selling her body. Jennifer said she wants to sell it and then just go on to have a normal life. Howard asked what she’ll do if she has some guy with a huge schlong buy her virginity. Jennifer said she’d prefer a small one she thinks.

Howard said this is another remarkable moment on the show. Jill said that they named her wrong and they should have named her Vir-Jen. Howard asked Jen if she’s ever gotten wet in her vagina area. She said she’s not sure why but she has.

Howard took a call from a guy who said that this is going to be a bloody mess. He said she has nothing to offer to the guy sexually. Howard said it could be a fiasco psychologically. He said it could turn into a disaster. Howard said Robin was a young girl masturbating with meats and vegetables. Robin said she started that in her teens. Howard said she was using cucumbers and things like that. Howard asked what she thinks about that. Jennifer said she never thought about it.

The caller asked if Howard TV is going to bid for the rights for the video. Jennifer said she wouldn’t want that being taped. Robin asked if Jill’s other daughter is going to do the same thing. Jill said that they have quite a ways to go for that. Jill said she doesn’t want that happening. Jill said that she’s actually a special needs child. Howard said it’s smart not to tell her about this.

A caller told Jennifer that this could get quite messy and asked if she knows that. Jennifer said she has read about it. She said she knows what to expect. The caller said that it could be a real mess if it’s some big black guy fucking her for the first time.

Howard said he wishes them luck with this whole thing. Howard said he heard they taped the Maury Povich show and the audience booed them. Jennifer said she thinks that they were more upset with her mom for backing her up in this. Jill said she doesn’t want her to feel bad about herself so she’s going to support her. Howard asked what she says no to. Jill said she’s been thinking about this for a couple of years so she’s going to let her do what she wants. Jill said she does have rules for her at home.

Howard said he heard that Maury put in a bid for her virginity. Jennifer said she hadn’t heard that. Howard asked if she would do Maury if he won. Jennifer seemed to be fine with that. Howard said he may put in a bid on that too. He asked if he can bring his wife along. Jennifer said that would be fine. Howard asked if Jennifer likes girls. She said she really doesn’t. Howard asked if she’s ever kissed a girl. Jennifer said no to that too.

Howard asked Jen if she would do Osama bin Laden for 5 million. Jennifer said that’s a lot of money. She said she would consider it for that kind of money. Howard asked if she would do anal with Jay Leno if he asked for it. Jennifer said that she’s not sure about that. Howard told her it was a one shot deal for 2 million. Jennifer said she guesses she would do that.

Howard asked her if she would let a guy finish on her face, do ass to mouth and it was the Pope. Would she do that for 5 million. She didn’t answer that one.

Howard asked when the bidding is starting. Jennifer said it starts today. Howard asked what the minimum bid is. She said she would like to get a million. Howard asked if she would have sex with a dog for 15 million. Jennifer said she won’t do that. She said that was sick. Howard said he was just trying to figure it all out.

Howard took a call from a guy who asked if a girl bids and gets her for 3 or 4 million. Jennifer said no. She said that’s not what she’s looking for. Jennifer said that’s not her direction. Howard asked if she’s ever had a girl hit on her. Jennifer said she doesn’t think so.

Howard said this was all going down a weird avenue. He said that Jennifer is a very attractive girl. He said that her mom is a wild woman too. Howard said that she’s quite the saleswoman too. Howard asked if Jill is getting a cut of the money. Jill said she’s not. Jennifer said this is for her so she can go to college.

Howard asked if Jennifer would be chained to a wall while she’s getting fucked. She said that was a little much. Howard asked if she’s going to just lay on her back and have a guy fuck her. She said there are other positions that she’s read about. Howard said it’s no fun getting banged by some animal. Jill said it can be fun. Howard gave them some more plugs for the web site and then wrapped up and went to break.

Cami From The Bunny Ranch Gives Jen BJ Lessons:

After the break we heard a prank call that Sal made to Gary the Retard where he told him to call the operator and ask for the number for 800-FLOWERS. Fred also played The Beatles ”Getting Better” as they were coming back.

Howard came back and said he saw Cami from the Bunny Ranch during the break and she said that Jennifer wanted to get naked. Howard said he’s not sure that’s the case. Gary said that he asked Cami about it and she won’t give him a straight answer. Howard said he wanted to know if she would have removed her clothing for her. Howard said that might be against the law. Cami said that she thinks that guys should be able to see what they’re buying. She said that would be like selling a car without showing pictures of it. Cami said she should get naked and show something. Howard said she’s right comparing it to a car.

Howard asked Cami if she really thinks that she can get a million for her virginity. Cami said she’s not sure what it’s worth. She said she lost her virginity long ago so she’s not sure what it’s worth today. She said she lost it and didn’t sell it and she has no regrets. She said she liked the guy she was with for the first time. She said they had a good time when they did that. Cami said she was 17 at the time and it was important to her to lose it to someone she liked.

Howard said that Cami must have had experiences with guys that she didn’t want to be with at the Bunny Ranch. Cami said of course that happens. She said that maybe Jennifer is a-sexual. She said that she was masturbating at 4 so she doesn’t get why a girl wouldn’t do that. She didn’t even know why she was doing it at 4 but she was doing it.

Howard said he should have had Cami in there during the interview. Howard said that maybe she could have talked her out of the whole thing. Howard asked if she’s going to teach her things. Cami said she’s going to teach her how to blow a guy with a dildo. Howard asked if she would do that now. She said she would.

Sal came in with a dildo and a banana. They got Jennifer to come back in too. Cami took the black dildo that Sal had brought in. Howard asked what she’s going to teach her. Cami said she would teach her how to do the blow job.

Cami showed Jennifer what to do and told her to kiss the head and flick her tongue on the rim. She said that she should tongue the hole too but Howard said that’s too sensitive. Cami also told her to suck the balls. Howard said she sounds pretty good.

Howard asked Jen if she was a good teacher. Jen said she was. Howard said that Cami said that she thinks she should keep her virginity for someone she loves. Jen said she knew that already.

Howard asked Jen if she wanted to get naked. Jen wasn’t looking for that. Howard said he thought he heard that right. Howard let the girls go after that. Howard said god only knows what goes on at that Bunny Ranch.


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