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Farrah Abraham on Howard Stern; She Says Christian Girls Have Anal to Keep Virginity Intact

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from – Howard said that Farrah Abraham is there. Howard said she’s also known as Teen Mom. Howard said he was just watching her have sex last night. Howard said he saw the tape free. Gary said that’s the link they got from her people. He said it should be the legal one.

Howard said that he didn’t know much about Farrah. He asked her about how old she is now. She said she’s 22. She said that she was on a TV show on MTV for a couple of years. She said she’s not sure if the show is still on. SHE said she did the show for 4 seasons. Howard asked if she got paid for it. Farrah said they were tight on the budget. She said she got a book deal and some endorsement deals too. Her book is called ”My Teenage Dream Ended.”

Howard asked how tall she is. She said she’s 5’7” tall and 115 pounds. Howard said that seems about right. Howard said she has a tight body for someone with a baby. Robin said if you have it really young then it snaps back.

Farrah told Howard that she was going to do the plan b pill when she got pregnant but her parents didn’t let her do it. She said she thinks about it now and she would never go back and do that. She said the father of her daughter died when she was sixteen. She said that it was really sad. Howard asked if it was his fault. She said he was driving the car at the time. She said he slipped on black ice and he was going too fast. They broke their necks and one of their friends lived.

Howard said he got in an accident when he was about 17. He said he got hit by a woman and he should probably be dead too. Farrah said she got into an accident too. She totaled her car. She said that sometimes you just live and learn. She said that teens do a lot of crazy things.

Robin asked Farrah about her math because she’s saying she’s 22 but her daughter is 4 and she claims she had the baby at 17. Farrah was pregnant at 16 and had her when she was 17.

Howard asked why so many people hate her on Twitter. Farrah said that she gets it from everywhere. Howard said this guy who works for him hates her and he was calling her the C-word and all of that. Howard said he was trying to figure out why he hates her so much and he was saying that she got famous for doing nothing. Farrah said you can just walk outside and become famous. Howard asked why she got chosen to be on the Teen Mom show. Farrah said that they were trying to show that you can support a child and she had sent in a casting tape. She said she got a call back and got on the show.

Howard said Farrah makes appearances and she gets $5-10,000 per appearance. She said she goes to Gentleman’s clubs and things like that. She said that she doesn’t have to get naked either. Farrah said she loves going out and meeting people. She said that she meets women and men. Howard said that’s pretty good money to just show up.

Howard said they claim that she got paid $1.2 million for her sex tape. She said that she doesn’t want to talk about money because that brings in more hate. She said that she was in a bad situation and she made it right. She said that someone else came out with the tape and put it out there.

Howard asked about the guy who she made the porn with. His name is James Dean. Howard said they had sex for Vivid Video and they paid her for it. Howard said she insists that she met James and had sex with him and it got leaked. Farrah said it had something to do with him wanting to be more famous. Howard said it seems set up though. Farrah said she thinks that some person got egotistical and leaked it. Howard said it seems like it was set up though. Farrah said that someone else may have leaked it.

Robin asked if the porn was lit well. Howard said it looks like a porn and higher quality than an amateur video. Howard asked what he was filming on. She said it was a regular video camera. Howard said it seems really well shot. Farrah said it was just her and the guy and it was sunny that day. She said too many people have it in their head that it was set up. She said it was a private home video.

Howard said Farrah wanted anal from the start of the film. Farrah said she just told him what she wanted. Howard asked if she has seen the video. Farrah said she hasn’t seen what Vivid has. She said that she signed the rights over to them.

Howard said in the film she expresses to James that she wants anal first. Farrah said they did have anal. Howard said James didn’t want to give it to her first. Howard said he gave her vaginal sex first. Howard said that she did it in a few ways. Farrah said that he wanted to do anal first so maybe they cut it up a different way. Howard said in the film he saw they did it vaginally first. Howard said he saw him put his tongue up her ass too. Howard said she was enjoying it very much too.

Howard said in the film Farrah is complimentary of the guy’s cock. Farrah said you should be with your partner. She said that you don’t tell them that their penis is small. Howard said when the guy was fully hard he looked like 8 inches. Howard said she has said that he has a small cock. Farrah said she was hurt and she said those things because of that. She said that’s why she’s moving on and wishing him the best.

Farrah said that she has had bigger. She said that her baby’s father had a bigger cock. Howard asked if it was like 9 or 10. She said it was like 10 inches. She said that’s what she’s satisfied with.

Howard said Farrah handles a big cock like a champ. He said he was impressed how easy it went in. Howard said he’s complimenting her.

Gary told Howard that JD is out in the hall pacing around. He thinks that Farrah is lying about this whole thing. Howard asked JD why he’s so worked up about this. JD came in and said that this was a set up tape. He said he has friends in the porn business. Howard said we know that. JD said in order for a sex tape to be released they have to have a release signed. JD said that he heard that she signed that release on set. Farrah said she’d like to know who these people are. She said that she hears a lot of people who thought that it was an open thing and it wasn’t.

Howard asked if it’s possible that she had sex with this dude and he took it to vivid and told them that he just had sex with Teen Mom. Farrah said it wasn’t like that but it came though someone else. Howard said maybe it seems less dirty that way. Farrah said that she’s not a whore or a slut.

She said that she’s not having that much sex and JD is probably having more. Howard said he’s not. Howard said if Farrah came on to him he’d be all over her. JD said he knows that she’s not into him. She confirmed that but wished him luck with his love life.

Howard said JD was tweeting her negative comments before she was even booked on this show. JD said he told her that she’s everything that’s wrong with pop culture and TV. He said she’s part of a show that puts people on TV for responsible behavior. Howard said she had the baby though. She didn’t abort the baby.

Farrah said she thinks that he’s misinformed. She said that she doesn’t share things if she doesn’t think that others can learn from them. She said she takes care of everything and learns from others. She said that he should talk to reporters who want to make her famous. JD asked if she’s ever had a photographer take pictures of her to get in the paper. She said he really needs to go take care of himself. Howard told JD he can go.

Howard asked Farrah if she blocks people online now. She said she does sometimes. SHE said that when someone repeatedly shows up she’ll block them.

Howard asked Farrah about this sex tape thing. He said anal was something she did before she even lost her virginity. She said she did. She said that it’s weird how she grew up. Howard said a lot of Christian girls do that. Howard said that way they keep their virginity. Farrah said she tried not to have sex before she was married. She said that she does have sex now but when she was first with someone that’s what she did.

Howard asked if her parents had issues. Farrah said she’s not going to comment on her parents. She said she thinks they just missed something in their lives. She said that she can’t see eye to eye with them all the time. She said that she got kicked out of the house when her mom assaulted her. She said she fought back and it turned into a negative thing.

Farrah told Howard that she walked into the house and her mother started shouting something at her while her daughter was sleeping. She said that her mother was going through her mail at the time too. She said that she threw a shirt at her and that woke her daughter up. She said she thinks her mom went to hit her and she blocked that and went to hit her back. She said that she quit at a certain point after hitting her mom in the head.

Howard asked about going on Dr. Phil and what happened there. Farrah said her parents were very quick to get negative on that show. She said that she left the show and never spoke to them again. She said that she didn’t talk to her mother or dad for a while after that. She said that it’s just standard talk now. She said they can’t stay positive so she avoids that. Farrah said that Dr. Phil was telling her to keep things private and she told him that she had to take advantage of the tape thing while she could. She said Phil wanted to be in her parent’s ears. She said the whole thing was weird.

Howard asked if she still lives at home. Farrah said she has her own home in Austin, Texas and her dad lives with her. She said her mom isn’t there with them. She said her parents are split up.

Howard asked Farrah when she last got laid. She said it was about 6 months ago and everyone has seen it. Howard said she’s talking about the sex tape. Howard asked about that big, cock going in her ass and how she can handle that. Howard asked if it hurts. Farrah said it didn’t hurt and she likes anal sex. Howard asked if she orgasmed from that. She said she thinks she did. Robin asked if he’s trying to say that a smaller penis would have made sense. Howard said he’s built for anal.

Gary said JD says that she may have squirted. Howard asked her if it’s pee. She said it’s definitely not pee. She said that she’s sure it’s not pee. Howard said he has never been with a girl who has squirted so he wouldn’t know. Howard said he still doesn’t believe that it’s a real thing. Farrah said she doesn’t do it all the time. She said it’s random.

Howard asked Farrah why she wears lingerie in the video but also gets naked. She said she likes to dress up sometimes. She said she’s a girl and that’s what they like.

Howard asked if Farrah cleans out before having anal. She said that she doesn’t do anything special. She said she lives normal and goes to the bathroom normal. Howard asked if she makes a doody every day. She said of course she does. Howard said that’s amazing. Howard said that’s fantastic. He asked when she last made doody and if it was this morning. She said she did but she thought the questions were weird.

Howard said this guy wasn’t wearing a rubber. Howard said he was thinking about her getting pregnant. Farrah said she’s on the pill. She said that he’s clean so it was good. Howard asked if she’s afraid of the pill. She said she was on the pill when she got pregnant. Howard asked if she was taking the pill every day. She said she was. Robin said the pill isn’t good for you.

Howard said the tape is called Back Door Teen Mom and it’s available at Howard said you can find out about her diet drink at . She’s also on

Howard took a call from a guy who asked if she was spanked as a kid. Farrah said she was. She said that she likes to be spanked now too. Howard said she got spanked by James Dean too. Howard said that’s pretty nervy using that name.

Howard took a call from a guy who said that Farrah is the hottest chick. Howard asked how many people have bought this tape. She said she’s not sure. Howard asked if the caller beat off to it. He said he did. Howard asked if that excites her that guys are beating off to it. Farrah said she doesn’t have anyone at home so no. She said that she does watch the video and masturbate to it though. Howard asked how often she does that. She said she’s seen it a bunch of times.

Howard asked if she uses a vibrator. She said she doesn’t need to. Howard asked if she wanted to watch it now. She said no to that. Howard said he could never masturbate to his own movie. He said he can’t even stand seeing himself on AGT. Howard asked if she was named after Farrah Fawcett. She said she was.

Howard asked if she’s talking to her mom now. Farrah said she’s not. She said that she always ruins things on the last day she’s visiting her.

Howard asked Farrah if she was arrested for DWI. She said she was. She said she’s on probation now. She said that she had a .014 blood alcohol level. She said that she wasn’t that drunk. Farrah said she didn’t want to go through the whole story. She said people are upset saying that she wants to go out and kill people. She said that the cops didn’t have to hand the story over to TMZ. She said that wasn’t right. She said she has a breathalyzer thing in the car and it pops up while she’s driving so it’s dangerous. Howard said everyone should have one in their car. She said that she doesn’t think that everyone should have it in their car.

Howard took a call from Crackhead Bob who said he loves her. It was just the guys in the back playing clips of Bob asking questions.

Howard wrapped up with Farrah and asked if she had a message to leave with the people. She didn’t really so Howard gave her plugs for her stuff and went to break.


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