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Jersey Jaxin Fired from Shy Love’s Agency, Now Retaliating? Veronica Rayne Seems to Think So

Porn Valley- After reading Jersey Jaxin’s [pictured] interview with Shelley Lubben,, the rather outspoken Veronica Rayne wanted to weigh in with a few opinions of her own about Jaxin.

“I have to defend the industry on Jersey Jaxin,” says Rayne. “Between her and Shelley Lubben, I can’t take it. It’s all bullshit. If any of it was true I would say, fine, that’s her experience. But she’s saying shit- about how producers give the talent drugs and you tear and your insides come out. You get black eyes from scenes- all this craziness.”

“What producer are you working for?” says Rayne.

I tell Rayne the only one that would come immediately to mind to fit the bill would be Khan Tusion.

“But that’s your choice and you know what you’re getting into,” Rayne replies. “It’s a very small percentage of directors. She’s not a child, not 18, she knows better and I can’t keep my mouth shut any more.”

According to Rayne, Jaxin got fired from Shy Love’s agency for basically being completely irresponsible and letting her personal life getting involved with business.

“Ever since then she’s been bashing the industry saying that she had black eyes from it, that she was ripped and torn,” states Rayne. “It’s complete bullshit. She says we’re treated like a piece of meat on set and directors show us no respect.”

One amusing thing Jaxin notes in her interview is how P.A.’s allegedly handle poo-poo residue then sign checks without washing themselves.

“She must have been drunk when she said this,” thinks Rayne. “What happens on a set is that there’s a P.A. but he’s there to pamper you. The baby wipes we use and other feminine products are very well disposed of. They wear rubber gloves. It’s put in a plastic bag and we do not touch it. Some even use extra paper towels. It’s extremely sanitary.

“I have never been on set where producers give talent drugs,” Rayne continues. “I have never heard of such a thing. Is there weed on set? Once in awhile. Is the producer siting there toking up with you? No. It’s done very discretely and done in moderation. Have I ever seen coke on set? No. And if there is, it’s done discretely and the talent is bringing it in, not the producer.

“The girls come on set screwed up? Once in awhile they do, that’s their choice. And then Jaxin’s talking about how most of the girls are on heroin. Where is she getting that from? Is she looking in the mirror. I’m kind of curious. What is she doing?”

“She wants to say girls in the industry are doing this? Fine. But so is Joe Schmo at Wal-Mart. The industry has absolutely nothing to do with these girls’ problems. These girls had these vices before the industry. They will have them after the industry. They would have them if they were a waitress in a restaurant. The only difference is that we make enough money to pick and fulfill these vices.”

[It should also be noted that when Jaxin first came into the business she’d show up loaded for her interviews on KSEX when her friend Katie Gold had a Friday night show there. Gold, of course, was no angel when it came to evil alcohol.]

“If you have a vice, if you have a dependency, get help for it,” Rayne advises. “AIM is there to help you. Go get counseling. We make enough money where we can pay the $25 a visit. And get insurance. It’s something like $150 a month.”

For her part, Rayne said she’s had a couple of bad experiences but nothing that any adult couldn’t handle.

“And if there was, you called your agent,” she says. “As far as that semen spilling and the body fluids and 30 guys- what scene did she fuck 30 guys? I would love to know this. Besides if you do that, that’s on you. I don’t do it. If you do cream pie scenes, flush your body out immediately. And that’s your choice. But the comment about the semen, I don’t think she understands what that word is. Where is she getting that word from, bodily fluids? Okay, what dictionary do you have open.”

“Not to mention, about three weeks ago, Jersey Jaxin did a scene with Jack Vegas [Rayne’s husband-to-be],” Rayne goes on to say.

“Her boyfriend WB stood there and watched because he’s a psycho. And she came on set. She came on set so much that she was so happy about the scene that she annmounced it. I’m sorry, three weeks ago and you were coming on set?”

Rayne suspects that Jaxin and her boyfriend got in a fight after the scene.

“She got fired from her job and she looks like shit,” Rayne adds. “She’s toothless. No one wants to shoot her and this is her way of getting back at the industry. I will not stand for it. This industry has given me friends. It has given me money and it has given me doors that would not have been open for me.”

“I am not saying that there aren’t girls in this business who have issues,” says Rayne. “What I am saying is I’m so sick and tired of these has beens or little fucking new girls that blame their insecurity, vices and problems on this industry. If you don’t like it, say you can’t handle it and need to go. Like Jersey Jaxin saying I made no money? Bullshit.”

[To which, I suppose we send Wal-Mart cards to Jaxin’s P.O. Box number.]

“What are you, homeless?” asks Rayne about Jaxin. “Where is all your money? What has she, been in the industry two years?”

Rayne, who came in the industry a couple of months after Jaxin says she has two cars, a house and savings.

“We take vacations and I’ve given money to help friends and family,” she adds. “I’m sorry. If you’ve been in this industry more than a month, and don’t have any money, then you are handling this industry completely wrong. An average new girl- if you are handled correctly and you handle your shit- the first year you can make $160,000 to $200,000. Easy. I did and I started when I was 27 years old. For her to complain, she made money but spent it on drugs. Let’s call a spade a spade.”

“She had a car that someone bought for her. She was living in a house that wasn’t hers and now she’s homeless,” Rayne adds. “You have no money. But I’m not going to sit here and read this shit.”

“Our friends, our parents and our familes are reading Adultfyi because it’s a good link to find out what’s going on in the industry,” says Rayne. “My sister read the article and called me hysterical. She’s like what’s going on with the industry? What are you talking about, I asked her. She’s, like, Jersey Jaxin said you get beat up on set and you get torn. My sister was hysterical. She’s a soccer mom and has a pretty humble life and very quiet. So she’s reading this. Another adult actress I spoke to- her mother called her. Our familes and friends read this shit- we have a hard enough time telling the general public that we’re not crazy. And then this little douchebag, who’s pissed because she was fired for not doing her job, makes up these blatant lies.”

“When Sierra Sinn did it, I left her alone,” says Rayne. “I don’t agree with what she’s doing but I love Sierra. If that’s her opinion, that’s okay. I never blasted Sierra because she never made it about the industry. She made it about herself. But this little witch is going everywhere- it’s MySpace- everywhere. She’s going, Shelley Lubben saved me!

“Well, Shelley Lubben’s a fucking prostitute drug-addict who is now making profit off of young, dumb girls. Shelley Lubben came into this industry as a drugged-out prostitute and she was a washed up prostitute who couldn’t work the streets near LAX.

“She did 20 scenes and is calling herself a porn star. No, you’re not. You’re a fucking drug addict prostitute who back in the day did 20 scenes- probably fucked up and didn’t remember them- you used the name Roxy. The industry didn’t even want you then. Now, all of a sudden, you found God. And now you’re making money being an Evangelist. I think someone told me she charges $30 to attend one of her seminars. It’s hearsay.

“As for Jersey Jaxin, She’s nothing but a bitter washed up has been that nobody wants, that got fired and is now lashing out. Everything she’s saying is completely false. I’m sorry. But we are treated like princesses on set. We are. I’ve done 200 scenes and every producer I have ever worked for- small or big- has treated me with the utmost respect. Do you need water? Do you ned anything? What can we get you? For Jersey Jaxin to say they offer us drugs and we get black eyes and guys don’t listen?”

According to Rayne, in her 200 scenes, she’s probably worked with a total of 60 guys.

“I have a certain way- if I need them to slow down, mostly during anal- if I need them to stop, I do a little light tap and they stop.”

During one isolated instance, Rayne said she had to stop the scene.

“I looked at the director and told him, you know my don’ts. The talent isn’t listening. You tell him not to do it again or I walk. The talent ended up apologizing and the producer paid me extra money.

“Male performers are respectful of us,” Rayne goes on to say. “They’re nice to us. They’re sweet to us. If they’re an asshole to you, you better look at yourself. because it takes a lot for a male performer to be an asshole to a female performer. They want to get the job done just like you do.”

“So don’t tell me the producers treat us like shit. Because they don’t. The male talent are amazing men, amazing performers. But if you work with a performer and don’t like him, put him on your no list. That’s it. It’s not difficult. If you’re in an aggressive scene and are feeling a little bit of pain, stop the scene. If you rip, it happens. That means you didn’t control the scene, you didn’t control your body.”

“Have I ripped? Yes. I tore one time six weeks after a surgery and feel that was my fault because I didn’t stretch my body properly. But anyone would tear not having anything down there for six weeks. The only difference is a regular person would not know that she tore. But we are very aware of our bodies. We know when things happen.”

And, according to Rayne, no producer tells you you have to have a pop shot in your face.

“They don’t give a shit where it is, as long as it’s visible,” she says.

“Unless it’s a swallowing scene,” she adds. “Which I don’t do. Because I’m not into that and if you’re not into it, don’t do it. If you’re not comfortable with it, don’t do it. If you’re going to sit home and cry and hold each other- which by the way, Jersey’s story is bullshit. I confirmed it. I can’t tell you who the talent was but she said that never happened. Jersey sat there and cried because she got into a fight with WB, her boyfriend because of a scene.”


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