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On KSEX: Jersey Jaxin, MySpace Saboteur? Veronica Rayne: “Her Talent is Computer Hacking” – final

Porn Valley- Casa Love is bursting at the seams with new girls, and a lot of the tenants of the Shy Love talent agency domecile could be found grabbing a smoke in the KSEX, parking lot Thursday night.

Tony Batman, always one to lead the enthusiasm charge up KSEX hill, opted for unloading the army transport truck to see how many topless women he could cram on one couch at a time.

The results varied depending on your perspective. With so much to do and so much to see, the turnstyle form of name, address and serial number interview was about the only logical recourse within a two-hour format. Though Veronica Rayne, as she generally does, managed to throw a little gas on the drama fire early in the show.

Rayne, who joined the agency about ten days ago, took another crack at the Jersey Jaxin/Shelley Lubben axis of terror. Last week on Adultfyi, Rayne had a lot to say about these two. And Rayne now seems convinced that Jaxin, who basically flunked out of the agency and is now lambasting porn for a living, is up to some form of skullduggery.

Whether or not it’s a coincidence, Rayne said just after she had given her AFY interview, her MySpace page was attacked and someone fucked with her account.

“I contacted MySpace and told them what happened- they said we didn’t pull anything, you deleted it.” Under the circumstances, Rayne said she can only assume that Jaxin was behind it.

“Her talent is computer hacking,” mutters Rayne. “Beware if you’re on Jersey Jaxin’s shit list.” Rayne was as flattering in her assessments of Lubben, Jaxin’s apparent savior.

“Shelley Lubben was a prostitute who came into the business in 1991,” states Rayne. She did 20 scenes- yeah, she was awesome.” According to Rayne, Lubben contacted her about four months ago with the idea that Rayne would be on some MTV show Lubben was hatching. But nothing ever came of it.

“I guess I was too normal,” added Rayne who had a couple of contacts of her own within MTV only to discover no such program had been in the works.

Batman’s normal co-host for Thursday nights is Regan Anthony but she was off in Bear Bear doing a shoot. In her place Ryder Skye, a woman who reminds you somewhat of Shane, and Batman’s Tuesday night co-host, filled in. The day before, Skye, without lending too much detail, said, matter of factly, she appeared in a T Reel movie called Get Reel and got killed.

“I hope the scene is more exciting than the story you just told,” Batman needled.

“I wanted to be the best dead girl in the movie,” Skye insisted, retruning volley. Skye’s also in contention for The Hottest Girl in Porn contest.

Earlier Thursday, she got flogged in another movie

“And I got smothered as well with a butthole,” she laughs.

“It must be nice to kiss you right now,” Batman mused.

Skye said she, too, would be in Denver over the weekend but was doing a secret project for Playboy that she couldn’t talk about as yet. She would also be co-hosting a party at The Rum Jungle and made it clear that there would be “no hookering” at the Harry Weiss party.

Skye detailed some of her traveling woes, noting that the last time she flew to Florida, the airline lost her luggage.

“Some Cuban lady’s probably wearing your dress,” Batman told her.

According to what Batman was saying, Love signed something like 14 new girls to her Adult talent Managers agency within the past week and ten within a 48 hour period.

Justin Syder, wearing his trademark Bagger Vance cap, has taken over duties relinquished by the sorely missed Jersey Jaxin. Syder said he and Love have been friends a long time.

“I like the way she conducts business and keeps focused on what’s important,” he says. “She’s got a good heart, good contacts, and she pulls the right people in.”

Now that Syder’s occupied with the running of the agency, Batman told him, “You’re going to be like me getting those non-sex roles.”

Syder, making a face, wanted to point out that he was still working and doing scenes.


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