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Jersey Jaxin, We Remember You When

Porn Valley- Jersey Jaxin who started in the industry March, 2005 has left the room, courtesy of Shelley Lubben. Here’s an interview from when Jaxin first appeared on KSEX,

April 15, 2005: Jersey Jaxin was a guest on KSEX last Friday Night. Jackson appeared with Flexx and Katie Gold and Flexx, Jaxin being a buddy of Gold’s from Texas. Jaxin explained that she knew Gold from an introduction made by Shay Sweet. Jaxin is from the Dallas-Ft. Worth area and started in the Business about five weeks ago.

Noting that Jaxin doesn’t do certain things as yet, Gold said Jaxin’s first girl-girl scene was with Gold and Gia Paloma. “It was for Extreme- her first girl-girl. And we violated Gia. She and I and two other girls” Gold said there was lots of squirting. “It was very violent and a very passionate sex scene. She was right down in there with the rest of us hunkered down for dear life.” Flexx said a lot of girls come in the business intent on doing a 15 minute nipple rub scene. asked if she was a sexually aggressive person or whether Gold merely forced her into the business, Jaxin said Gold helped a little. “But I’m very sexually aggressive,” said Jaxin. “That’s why I get along so great with Miss Katie.”

Gold said Jaxin has adapted so well. “She just came out here and took the porn world by storm. She’s doing very well.” Jaxin again mentioned Sweet being her roommate back home. “I saw that she loved her job so much and she was very happy. I said, hey, you need to hook me up. She brought my picture out here and showed it to Miss Katie Gold. And Katie Gold got me working.” Flexx’s view is that it’s a lot easier to coax girls into porn nowadays. “If you’re a hot chick you can get in. That’s not the problem. I’m saying to get a girl into the business.”

Gold explained that she did not recruit Jaxin specifically but has been on recruiting trips. “It’s very difficult- you have to sell your company and what you do. I like to go to strip clubs sometimes and talk to the girls. But there’s no forcing. There’s no anything. I can just sit there and show them what I do and tell them how much I love it and we all get drunk and have a good ol’ time. Some of them call. And some of them don’t.” Flexx said it’s easier for a girl to recruit whereas it’s creepy if the sales pitch is coming from a guy. “Hey, you want to come by my place and get drunk? I’ll show you some of my porn movies.” At this point in the interview Gold had to leave the room to take a piss.

Jaxin noted that five weeks seems like a long time in the business. That after week one, a girl having fucked seven different men and given 20 blowjobs are ready to bail. Flexx said five weeks invested is a good indication that Jaxin was seriously considering staying in the business. “I would be considered a lifer,” said Jaxin. Asked if she’s been put in pigtails, Jaxin said she’s done a video like that. “It was like being back in highschool. I had a cheerleader uniform in with the Lakers colors. They had me in pigtails.” Jaxin said the movie was for Stoney Curtis. “I’ve done plenty of young girl things. That’s what they generally shoot me for.” Flexx also thought it pretty good that Jaxin was beginning her porn career at age 23. “I lot of girls have no idea how it works.”

Asked is she knew Jersey in the biblical sense, Gold said they have not gone to church together. “I have since. But not before I met her.” Flexx figured maybe Gold boned Jaxin beforehand and figured she’d get her work afterwards. “She approached Shay about it,” said Gold. “Shay’s an active porn star and still does movies. She lives the lifestyle and enjoys it. She lives in Texas so she’s not quite all in it like we are but she still had a good time, enjoys the people and she comes out here. I’m sure Jersey has overheard conversations and seen pictures. It’s a very intriguing lifestyle. And if you’re already that way; if you’re already that sexual and are an exhibitionist and are okay with letting yourself be put on camera because you like what you do, come on down. We’ll take care of you.”

Jaxin said she was very much an exhibitionist. “What made me think about it a lot is that two weeks before I came down here I did an amateur video with an ex-boyfriend. It was a 45 minute to an hour-long blowjob.” Gold said she would blow this guy for an hour. Flexx suspected you’d get lockjaw after that period of time. “That’s got to hurt.”

Jaxin started having sex at age 14. Asked how many scenes she thinks she’s shot, Jaxin said she has no idea that she’s been getting a lot of work. “And I’ve already got two boxcovers.”


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