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Kimberly Kane Paying the Price

Porn Valley- A frustrated Kimberly Kane was a guest of Lisa Sparxxx on KSEX, Wednesday afternoon. Kane revealed that she’s been getting very little work since she made the decision to work with condoms. Kane, who was prompted by the HIV crisis to make her decision, said she has the best agent in the business- Mark Spiegler- but that hasn’t changed matters. Kane said Spiegler told her as much that it would be tough finding work. “I’m working twice every two weeks,” Kane said.

“There’s girls that survive on girl-girl in porn and they get work. I still do dudes, I just use condoms but I’m not getting any work.” Sparxxx thought that was pretty shocking considering that Kane does great work. “That sucks.”

Kane said she’s been thinking of reversing her decision. “Thinking is one thing and doing it is another. I’m thinking that I used to make thousands of dollars and I’d be able to buy a house at 21, either that or dingle-fuck around like I’ve been doing with one job a week. Kane said she’s a dancer but has done one feature show in Oregon. “Other than that I haven’t been dancing since I’ve been in the business.” she said. “I’ve just been working.”

Kane said she’d love to feature but doesn’t think she has a big enough name yet after a year. Sparxxx said she’s never been a dancer in her life yet dances.

Kane said she has money in the bank and is fine right now. “You make so much money in this business you can buy a house, you can buy a car. You can buy a business.” Asked if she was frustrated, Kane said it wasn’t like she wasn’t warned by Speigler. “They can’t shoot you- like Jim Lane. He wants to shoot you every fucking day but he can’t shoot you because your condom-only. I’ve signed for Platinum X [Fresh New Faces #4]. They want to shoot me. I’m going to go to their barbecue. They’re rad. But they can’t shoot me.”

It was noted that Wicked and Vivid are condom-only. Sparxxx wasn’t sure whether Seymore Butts was still shooting condom-only. Kanes said Shane’s World has always been condom-only. Sparxxx said she personally didn’t like condoms because they make her dry. Kane was pretty much willing to concede that the industry won’t adopt a condom policy

On the positive side, Kane said since she’s gone condom-only, she’s been STD-free in the last couple of months. “I’m clean.” Kane said she’s going to be involved with Rock the Boat. “I’m going to have a booth at the Rock the Boat concert – basically some porn chicks- me, hopefully as well are going to go out on the road for a couple of shows and we’re going to get people to sign up to vote.” Kane said she’s 20 but this will be the first year that she votes. “And this will be the first year it’s actually going to matter because we need to get Republicans out of office. If you like porn, you like Howard Stern forget about it if Bush is in office for the next four years.

“People are dying all around the world,” Kane continued. “People are starving, murdered, homeless and they’re focusing on porn. Are they fucking idiots? It’s not just one dude in the basement watching porn. It’s every goddamned person in America.” When it was suggested that Bush might have watched porn on the sly, Kane said he doesn’t jerk off to anyone else but himself.

So far Kane’s done about 75 movies in the ten months she’s been in the business. Kane said she’s been in the sex business in general since she was 15, by virture of the fact that her mother makes movies. “She’s not a performer; she’s a director, a producer,” said Kane. “She has her own show called Moral Reality in Portland [Oregon],” Kane added. “She’s working on a deal with Playboy on it. I don’t know how it’s going or what not. But I’ve been around it for so long. Working every day in the business does not affect me whatsoever because I’ve been around it.”

Anticipating the question, Kane said her family was proud of her. Sparxxx pointed out an instance of a family-run porn business in the case of Seymore Butts. “Platinum X- there’s kind of a family there. There’s a lot of families that are starting to stuff together and why not? If there’s money to be made, go for it.”

Kane said she does a lot of shoots for her website. “As much as I can.” Kane said a lot of the content is girl-girl and has reserved anal for the boy-girl section. “It was an anal photo shoot for Hot Video Magazine,” explained Kane who doesn’t do anal on video. “That was the first time a dick’s ever been in my ass.” Kane doesn’t do interracial, either, and pretty much left her reasons to interpretation. However, she said sometimes when she masturbates she’ll think about doing a black dude. “It makes me cum.” Sparxxx surmised that Kane’s first interracial anal scene would be huge.

“Sean Michaels wants this ass so bad, too,” Kane chimed in. Asked if she could be talked into something like that, Kane said she didn’t know. But she likes cum. “I swallow.” Kane also noted that smoking pot makes the cum taste worse. Kane said she didn’t do gangbangs, either. “Anal does interest me,” she said. “The more I relax, the more I do it to myself and let someone else do it to me, the more I like it. I think I’ll probably end up doing anal.”

Kane said she once let Steven St. Croix fuck her in the ass on a Hustler set. “It was really, really good.” Sparxxx said it helps to have people in the business who know what they’re doing.

Besides St. Croix, Kane said she’s also had great scenes with Manuel Ferrara. “Though he isn’t in the country any more.” Kane said she’s also worked well with Randy Spears. “he’s Randy Spears. That’s what he’s there for- to do a goddamn good scene.” Kane was also highly complimentary of Lee Stone.

On another note, Kane again talked about how had been “jacked” forcing her to the decision of using “This guy, his name is Peter from 911 Models, he jacked kimberlykane, so every time you enter that it oes to his website,” Kane said. “It’s a page of pictures of me that he took and, whatever. I’ve already bitched about this on other KSEX shows.


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