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Surprise! Donations From The Adult Performer Advocacy Committee Go To Spiegler Girl Kimberly Kane

I got a little update on the story we talked about the other day about APAC. (Adult Performer Advocacy Committee) I got a little nibble that’s turned into a big fat bite from a whale.

One of my readers sent me some information on the address associated with APAC where you send donations. This is a whale of information because the person who is associated with this address just reeks of a piece of shit. You can already see the con game starting. So let me read you the address of the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee where you can send your hard earned cash.

That address is 7095 Hollywood Blvd. #414 Hollywood, CA 90028. That is where you’re sending your money to.

Now let me tell you about the person who is associated with this email. If you want to do domination sessions with her, no problem. You can just email her and set it up. She does domination sessions upon request. She will also do a dom session with another girl of her choice. She doesn’t do nude face sitting or body worship. But she’ll throw on a strap on and fuck your ass for money. I guess the other girl will do face sitting or body worship. She just doesn’t do nude face sitting or body worship. And of course, you can hire her for film, print and video services. But she doesn’t escort. You can reach her via her agent Mark Spiegler. Yes. Her agent Mark Spiegler. Wow. Looks like we have an agent associated with APAC. But remember, she doesn’t escort. Not real sure what domination sessions are classified as. Not sure what a double dom session with another girl who does face sitting and body worship qualifies as. Nonetheless, this person states that this does not constitute escorting.

Let’s continue.

You can email this person or you can write this person. Wanna know where you can write her? 7095 Hollywood Blvd. #414 Hollywood, CA 90028. Hmmm…wow. Ain’t that something? Is it me or is that the same address where you send your donations to the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee?

Oh, and by the way, this person’s name is Kimberly Kane. Yes, Kimberly Kane. So I guess Kimberly Kane is who you are sending your APAC donations to. A Spiegler girl who will set up domination sessions with you. But she won’t sit on your face naked at all. But she’ll put on a strap on and fuck you, or she’ll bring another girl who will sit on your face. Or you can call her up and she’ll do a 200 dollar blow job scene for cellphone content. Yes, she will.

Kimberly Kane, let me ask you this. When you did the segment of the Porn 101 video where you explained the other ways of making money, like editing and photography, why did you leave off the part where you can do private domination sessions? Why did you leave out the part where you can make money by fucking guys in the ass and having girls like Skin Diamond come over and the guys can smell their assholes and you will beat them with a whip? Why did you leave that out? It seems like that would’ve been useful information. Don’t know how many porn girls who are educated on things like editing and photography. But the dom thing? Fuck yeah. That’s easy money, isn’t it Kimberly?

You know Kimberly, I haven’t talked about you in like forever. Not since you singlehandedly almost sabotaged my Reservoir Doggs shoot with your cunty attitude and non professional behavior. Yes, Spiegler girl Kimberly Kane.

Now let me ask you this. Does Mark Spiegler get 15 % of your money? Because Mark Spiegler gets 15% of all the money his girls make. Kimmy? Can you answer that for us? Because I know that the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee has no outside affiliation with any other group. That’s what Jessica Drake said. But it seems now like Mark Spiegler is involved. Mark Spiegler is part of APAC.

Now when a girl gets sent to do a private with Richard Nanula, who does she call? You’re associated with Mark Spiegler. Now considering that girl was sent by Mark Spiegler to fuck Richard Nanula, who does she call? Does she call you who tells her to shut up because Mark Spiegler is an awesome guy? Spiegsy is a cool dude? Or is APAC just part of your ruse to make money because no one wants to shoot you because you’re a miserable wretched cunt? Explain this to me Kimmy.

Let me ask you this. Is Kimberly Kane’s name also on the corporate paperwork? Is the bank account for APAC in Kimberly Kane’s name since the checks go to her address? Or is it in Mark Spiegler’s name? Help us out, Kimmy. Or are we not allowed to know any of this? I’d really like to know. I’ll bet we never know.

I’ll tell you this. It’s pretty goddamn interesting that the APAC mailing address is the same as Kimberly Kane’s address. A Spiegler girl. So I guess Mark Spiegler gets 15% of the money that goes to the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee. I think that’s some really interesting information. Pretty fucking interesting. I guess we’ve got a piece of the jigsaw puzzle of this shady organization figured out. I guess that’s why there’s no phone number.

I’m definitely seeing a Mark Spiegler connection. You’ve got Chanel Preston, who is one of the spokespersons for APAC, along with Jessica Drake. Now you have Kimberly Kane who has the address where you send your money. Both Spiegler girls. But we still need the second piece of the jigsaw puzzle and that’s the bank account. Whose name is that in? Could it be in Spiegsy’s name?

I’m sure my readers and listeners will come up with some more information about APAC. We’ve already got the first piece of the puzzle solved. That the money you send to the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee goes to the address of Kimberly Kane, a Spiegler girl who does domination sessions. You can do a dom session and when you’re done you can leave a check for APAC. Then maybe you can watch and see who she gives that check to. Maybe the account’s in her name and she takes all the money. But I gotta imagine that’s not the story. I gotta imagine that it’s going to someone connected with Mark Spiegler. What do you guys think?

I’m telling you this entire thing is a sham. Somehow we’re gonna find out how. Somehow we’re gonna figure out where Spiegler’s involved. I want to thank our fan who sent me this information. You are fucking awesome. If you find anything else, please pass it along. I don’t think we’ve heard the last of this.

One of Speigler’s girls is promoting this shit and the other is collecting the money. I’m smelling shit. I’m smelling Speigler shit. And Jessica Drake is gonna tell us that APAC is not affiliated with any outside organization?

Mark Spiegler is a pimp who sends his girls out on private escorting gigs. Mark Spiegler has or has had girls on his roster who are hookers. Listen, I’m not Skeeter Kerkove. I’m not someone who just makes shit up. Everything I say is based on fact. When I make a claim, I have proof to back it up. What is my proof that Spiegler is a pimp? Because my girlfriend Katie Summers did a couple of these escorting gigs with Mark Spiegler’s girls. This is a FACT.

Another FACT is that Adult Performer Advocacy Committee has an address on their website to send donations to and that address is Kimberly Kane’s. Mark Spiegler is one of the biggest pimps and is part of LATATA, an organization that another pimp Derek Hay claims controls 75% of the talent in the business. Can anyone explain how any talent can go to an advocacy group when they have a problem with an agent when that advocacy group is associated with LATATA, who controls 75% of the talent?

Jessica Drake, I told you. Be careful what you say, honey. Because you will get fucked like a fuck puppet right up your ass. Right now you are being a fuck puppet, because your lies are coming back to bite you right on the ass.

Here are the facts to wrap this up. The address to send donations to is Kimberly Kane’s. All that money goes to Kimberly Kane. Kimberly Kane is represented by Mark Spiegler. Chanel Preston, who is the face of APAC, is represented by Mark Spiegler. Mark Spiegler is a pimp. Mark Spiegler sends his girls out of state for film shoots in jurisdiction where it is illegal. Filming porn in any state other than California and New Hampshire is considered prostitution. Mark Spiegler is a member of LATATA, as are the other pimps who call themselves licensed talent agents and LATATA is run by Derek Hay, the biggest pimp in the game

A performer who has a problem with an agent cannot go to an advocacy committee that is associated with LATATA when the agent they have a problem with is a member of that organization. The Adult Performer Advocacy Committee is a sham, it is corrupt, it is sneaky and it’s fucking bullshit. APAC is LATATA.

This proves that Jessica Drake’s claim that APAC is not affiliated with any outside group in a LIE.

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