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Rob Black: Andy San Dimas Said, “Mark Spiegler’s My Daddy”; Kimberly Kane, You’re a Shitty, Nasty Person

Rob Black’s Friday afternoon show, was a primal yell. Shrinks would say it was pay up time, and Black let many cats out of the bag over three hours of gossip, mea culpas and verbal mayhem.

Black talked about “porn culture,” and Black said the business is doomed unless it changes its culture and the only way you can do that is to wait for all the bad apples in the barrel to rot and die off, or a reasonable facsimile.

“You have to wait for Steve Hirsch to OD, Manwin to go to jail, the Free Speech Coalition to get a lawsuit, John Stagliano to get his lawsuit, and Paul Fishbein to fail- again.”

Along with that, Black slipped in an announcement about a huge porn company had just been bought out.

“And their crew ain’t happy. It’s a monster company that has provided a revenue stream. It has new ownership which means they have a new agenda, and if you’re not part of the crew, you won’t be in that business model.”

[I wonder if Black is talking about the rumors I’ve been hearing about Streamate.]

“Their old company employees are now peons. It’s the new company, their crew, their people, their rules. So if you’re a friend of the old owner, you have to start a relationship with the new crew. Peoples’ lives are going to get fucked up real soon. That’s going to be fun to watch.”

Getting back to his talk about porn culture, Black said the business won’t change unless the trouble makers die, either that, or the business becomes regulated.

“You could change once you get to Spiegler and Derek Hay and OC Modeling, once you get them all out of the mix, you’ll change the fabric and the culture.”

Black explained how pimp agents will have you knocking down privates at the Air Tel, or how when you’re shot out here you move on to another agency and from there it becomes a downward spiral of personal degradation.

“Oh I’ll go to 101 Modeling and Robert. Awesome. Oh, I’ll do $500 Porno Dan scenes with six guys. Then I can go do blow job poker parties for Jerry at Exquisite and Rob Black’s a scumbag piece of shit? Who told you that? ‘Oh, my agent. He said Rob Black will hire you and not pay you and try to abuse you.’

“Who told you? ‘I don’t know.’ By the way, the test came back, and you have syphilis and gonorrhea and you’re going to flee to San Francisco for six months.”

If a 19 year-old comes into the business, she doesn’t know she has to go on go-sees and blow everybody for work. ‘Oh, I’m supposed to fuck Porno Dan and Stoney Curtis? I’m supposed to be cattle prodded and live with three girls in one room and guys pay Chris to fuck us, and Chris gives me $100. And I’m not supposed to go to porn star karaoke and just fuck fans. I’m not supposed to work for an escort agency?’

Black used those instances as examples of current porn culture.

“An 18 year-old girl, Jessie Andrews, I cant believe at that age she ever fathoms she’d be doing water torture movies or be cattle prodded when she got recruited by the great Mark Spiegler. I remember when Andy San Dimas put her head on Spiegler’s chest, and said ‘Mark’s my daddy.’ Andy’s now with her other dad, Jahar Hay.”

Black admitted that he called Kimberly Kane a “miserable cunt” an a troublemaker on the set of Reservoir Bitches.

“Her negativity went to everybody on the set, and to this day she and Andy San Dimas make fun of that movie. Drew at Hustler said he wished they could make parodies like that, but the talent makes fun of the director.

“Kimberly Kane said this is ‘a stupid script’ and too much for us. Okay, I’m sorry. Andy San Dimas would tell me on the set, ‘I’m just a whore. This is bullshit and too much dialogue. I have to do 65 pages of dialogue?’

“I’m sorry,” said Black. “I couldn’t be like Axel Brain and go, ‘fucking bitch,’ like he did with Lisa Ann.

“I said to Andy San Dimas, I go, ‘you’re a great actress. You won an award.’ She goes, ‘It’s so hard and it’s frustrating.’ Then she goes back and she nailed the script and Kimberly Kane makes fun of me for that?

“Now all you guys [Kane and company] are saying I’m an asshole when all you’ve been doing since then are gang bangs?

“Fuck Rob Black for saying you’re better than gang bangs? Andy San Dimas at the AVN show mocked me because we didn’t win an award. Okay, we went to the Super Bowl and we lost, but we made history and people in the business now do parodies where they’re substituting girls for guys. We started something.

“I even got letters from Tarantino’s lawyers, and I sent them clips of the movie and they’re, ‘very cool.’ Wow, Rob Black put us girls out there and they got to be a subject on VH-1

“Five months ago I asked Andy why are you with LA Direct? Come with me. ‘Oh, I have a game plan.’

“I don’t know. I’m a bad guy. This girl is ostracized from her papa Mark Spiegler and she goes, thanks for wasting my time, now go fuck yourself.

“I’m perplexed. I called Kimberly a cunt. Oh God. But yet I have no talent? It shows you the mind set of this business. I even told Kimberly Kane there are instances where I get aroused looking at you, but that goes away because you’re a shitty, nasty person. I told her there were times in the Reservoir Bitches shoot where you look good, then you open your mouth and you’re shitty. It’s the culture.

“When I got out of prison I booked Andy San Dimas and saw her on this boxcover, and I thought she looked good. We hired her for Creature Feature. Okay. I basically, liked the girl, cast her in a bunch of movies from Super Girl where she came in because somebody bailed out. And I kept kissing her ass telling her how awesome she was.

“I never knew this girl, but I wanted to fuck her when I got out of prison. She had a good look, then we discovered she’s a good actress. Andy was in all my early stuff. She was with Mark Spiegler, her daddy. Then something happened and she went to the enemy.

“She shits on me at AVN. Now I see shit I don’t like. She’s gained weight. I went to help her, and she gives me go fuck your mother and she makes fun of me on Twitter. I don’t own Andy San Dimas money. I don’t owe Kimberly Kane money.

“Here’s my question. What did I do to Andy San Dimas to warrant anything? There’s not one thing I did to her. It’s the culture because Andy’s told to hate Rob Black and to despise me and not like me. In turn, I like her and I get shit on. That is this business and an example of Paul Fishbein.”

Black in an earlier segment of his show revealed emails Fishbein sent him that he “blew it” because Black had me on his show.

“What chance did I blow, and what did I do to him?” Black asked. “He brings up 13 years ago when I got into a fight with him.”

“Seymore Butts calls me a non-factor. But Andy San Dimas can’t say I was an evil bastard. For three years I’ve kissed and sucked Andy San Dimas’ ass and get made fun of on Twitter. I gave a fuck because she was the biggest thing going. Now she’s relegated to girl-girl scenes.

“Now she wants to shit on me and talk shit about me to people. Porn culture. You’re never going to change this business until you get people like Spiegler out and put a centralized organization in place that creates a system of safety, respect and honor to the talent and workers of this business.

“Until then, you’re going to get Spiegler, Hay, Hirsh and all these people who tell Andy San Dimas Rob Black’s bad when all I did was to try to help a young girl.”

“If I wanted to fuck her, I should have done cell phone content.”


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