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LATATA and Free Speech Coalition; BOTH Need To Go

I have a question. How can anybody trust the agents or any of the entities tied in with Free Speech Coalition in one way or another when they try to distance themselves when it’s convenient?

It was only a few short months ago that LATATA worked hand in hand with Free Speech Coalition in a huge fundraising bowling event. The press release stated that the money was being split between Free Speech Coalition and LATATA. So Derek Hay and the whole crew at FSC were there together making money.

Something happened. We’re not real sure what. But Derek Hay decided he wanted to make a power grab. So when the Clover syphilis situation came about, Derek Hay and the LATATA organization jumped on the story and “handled it admirably” according to Mike South. Mike South said LATATA had done an awesome job and leapfrogged Free Speech Coalition. So obviously LATATA had all the information they needed back then to track down those affected and leapfrog Free Speech.

But LATATA seems to not have the information about this latest HIV case. We’ll get back to that.

The agents of LATATA all said we’re better than Free Speech during the syphilis episode and we’re the ones you should listen to because we’re the ones who are going to protect you. But of course it was bullshit because there were all these inconsistencies in the story. Everybody said, “Wait a minute. These assholes are as full of shit as the other assholes. They’re fighting for supremacy of who’s the bigger asshole.”

Then you had all the other events like HIV and hepatitis that all involved people associated with LATATA and now LATATA was under assault. Derek Hay gets evicted from the Vivid building and hightails it to Vegas.

Now Derek Hay and LATATA are saying that they haven’t been notified by FSC with regards to this latest incident about exposures.

When Derek Hay put out his press release stating that he controlled 75% of the talent, you would think he would have been able to leapfrog Free Speech Coalition again and put together a pretty good list. You would think at least some of the potential exposures would be talent in the LATATA pool.

Maybe I’m just silly. Or maybe I’m not spewing out propaganda like AVN, XBIZ or Mike South.

Or it could be people trying to not paint Derek Hay and LATATA as incompetent pimps who have been completely left in the dark.

Mark Schechter is running for the Free Speech board and is also a LATATA member. Someone who controls 75% of the talent and 95% of the producers is completely clueless and says he doesn’t know anything.

Somehow everybody knew about TJ Cummings before we reported it on Before we reported it, it was buzzed out there. Christian XXX and all these people knew that it was TJ Cummings. So if all of these people knew, one would assume that LATATA knew. So if LATATA knew, you would think they would have been able to put together a better list than Free Speech Coalition, considering that they control 75% of the talent.

This just shows you again that the system that is in place is fucked up. You can have a new governing body, but if you keep the dregs and pimps in place that are running it you’re never going to accomplish anything.

You do realize that when you talk about the performers that catch diseases off camera and they don’t get it on set, and we talk about what they do in their private lives off camera that infect them, that all of that is orchestrated by LATATA?

So you could have Mother Theresa on the Free Speech board but nothing’s gonna change when they have to deal with pimps and lowlifes like Derek Hay and Mark Spiegler. Yeah, we’ll just get Diane Duke out and everybody will be safe. How do you figure?

When somebody says how did that person get HIV? Oh, they got in their private life being an escort, not on set. Who sets up their escorting gigs? Derek Hay and the pimps of LATATA.

The industry says nobody gets HIV on set. It’s all in their private lives doing escorting and dirty shit. Yet all the agents make their money doing escorting and dirty shit. So how do you talk about changing the system and making it better without addressing the agents? How?

How do you talk about TJ selling his ass to men or women or trannies or whatever without addressing the entire LA Direct roster? The girls who are the biggest mouthpieces about no condoms are the biggest hookers. They’re pimped out by LA Direct and Mark Spiegler.

Skin Diamond is a Spiegler girl who does privates. If Spiegler doesn’t know what his professional actresses are doing in their private lives it shows you that either the condom debate is real or that the agents facilitate prostitution. So which is it? Either the agents can’t control what their talent does in their private lives that bring disease into the business or the agents facilitate it. Which one do you want, dummies?

You can’t have a discussion about leadership and safety in the business if you’re not going to talk about LATATA and their lack of giving a fuck about anything that is not lining their pockets. If the agents have talent that are hookers, those hookers are doing the exact thing that everybody is saying is bringing HIV and disease into the business.

If you’re gonna talk about disease and preventing it you have to talk about LATATA. You can’t talk about no on set transmission and being responsible in your private lives if you don’t address who is bringing that irresponsible behavior to the set.

If you got rid of Free Speech Coalition and Diane Duke and started a completely new organization how would it possibly make any difference when all the problems that we have with off set behavior are brought by LATATA?

It all goes back to regulation. You’re never going to have a system that works when you have Derek Hay and all of these degenerate cocksuckers running around.

All this talk about safety and condoms and testing procedures. How to notify people. Which doesn’t seem to be too difficult, but everybody fucked that up. All this stuff isn’t that hard to do. It’s really not.

And here’s something else that everyone seems to be overlooking. When Derek Hay and LATATA did their We Are The Rulers Don’t Listen To Free Speech Coalition press release, they actually put in there that you didn’t have to test every 14 days, that LATATA was going to accept 30 day testing.

Before the Cameron Bay incident, Free Speech Coalition only tested every 30 days. After Cameron Bay, Rod Daily and Sofia Delgado tested positive for HIV, they said that even though their testing system was adequate, to be extra cautious they were going to institute a 14 day protocol.

Do you realize that if Cameron Bay hadn’t come forward and tested before the 30 day window was up that there would still be a 30 day testing requirement and TJ Cummings would have infected two more weeks worth of people. If Derek Hay’s plan was in place, TJ would be working now while positive for HIV. Here you have two warring factions that say they’re looking out for the talent, but if either of them had their way there would be two more weeks of spreading HIV.

Everyone’s talking about something that can’t be proven which is that TJ was trying to work when he knew he was HIV positive when the testing center said his test was inconclusive. They’re trying to paint him as a villain based on hearsay. John Stagliano has had HIV for 17 years and he definitely knows he’s HIV positive, even though he says his viral load is undetectable and he could pass an HIV test. John Stagliano puts his bare hands in women’s gaping anuses and his bare cock in Monica Santhiago’s ass and forced Kelly Divine’s bare foot in his mouth. He puts his mouth in between women’s bare ass cheeks. TJ is being vilified for allegedly attempting to work while possibly knowing his HIV status. Yet John Stagliano knowingly exposes women to HIV and doesn’t bother to disclose his HIV status. You can’t prove anything about TJ but there are over 60 incidents of John Stagliano’s exploits captured on video.

John Stagliano does everything that you all condemn TJ for and he gets a pass. Why? I don’t know. Everyone condemns guys that play on both sides of the fence and they say the answer is to get rid of the crossover talent and the HIV problem is solved. Yet Evil Angel’s entire realm of success is based on barebacking trannies and other high risk acts. Evil Angel gets a pass. Where is the logic in that?

If there was a new organization with centralized talent and independent testing where there would be a way of tracking exposures and a unified message that wouldn’t allow for breaking of moratorium protocols most of the problems would be solved. If condoms were used with testing the risk would be lowered to a level that would allow the business to survive and talent would actually be as safe as they could possibly be.

Instead there is no unity, everyone’s running around pointing fingers, nobody’s on the same page on anything.

A new organization would have a roll call sheet where everybody knows what all the members are doing and where they are doing it. A new organization would have a public record of exactly what its members are engaged in at any given time. No different than any union or trade group that tracks its members. Screen Actors Guild knows when its members are shooting and where and how long and studios have to adhere to its guidelines. FedEx can track a million packages a day all over the world. I think there is a way to figure what a couple hundred porn performers are up to.

People will say, but we’re a renegade industry. Not everybody is going to adhere to these guidelines. True, but Wicked would adhere to them. Adam and Eve would adhere to them. New Sensations and Vivid would adhere to them. Anyone who is legitimate would adhere to them. Those who didn’t would be the rogue pieces of shit that would shoot in Vegas or anywhere else under the radar to escape the guidelines and regulations and would not be part of a safe legal industry and they would not prosper and they would eventually fade away.

Guys, it’s not that hard. This new administration can work and bring this business back to a level of legitimacy and respectability that it could never dream would be possible.

Let’s make 2014 the year that the adult business finally rises out of the entertainment garbage heap and joins the ranks of respectable industries that benefit more than just a few greedy pimps and sleazy pornographer hacks.

I have been in this business all of my life. I was born into it. My family helped build this industry. I didn’t ask to be here. But as long as I am here, I am determined to make the best I can of it and succeed.

This is OUR business. Let’s take it back.

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