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Lupe Fuentes Re-Visits Howard Stern

from – Howard said that Lupe got her breasts reduced and she looked cute. She said they’re a B-cup now. She said that they’re better. Howard said they are more natural looking. He said she’s really cute too. He said he’s very disappointed that Dave [Mapert] wasn’t there. Lupe said she heard about that. Howard said they have tornadoes or something out in the Mid-West so he wasn’t able to fly in.

Howard said he was on Lupe’s web site,, last night and she was sucking some guy’s penis that was so wide. Howard said that he felt bad about his own penis because that other guy’s was so thick. Howard said his is long and thin. Lupe said she likes long. Howard said he’s just saying long, it’s not really long.

Howard said everyone loves Lupe. She said she knows because people come up to her in the grocery store and ask if she’s from the Howard Stern Show. Howard said he loves the way she says ”pussy.” Howard said she looks so young and it’s kind of weird to see her doing what she does.

Howard asked Lupe if she likes her work. She said she loves it. Howard asked if she thinks it will ever get old for her. She said she thinks that it won’t because she loves it so much.

Howard thought Lupe had said the N-word while she was talking about the girls she likes to be with. Howard said she could barely keep the dress on. He told her that if she wants to take it off she can. Lupe said that the dress was kind of annoying to her. Howard said it’s like watching a 9 year old take off her clothes. He said it’s kind of weird.

Robin asked Lupe if she’s saving some of her money. She said she is. Howard asked if she walks around showing her ass and stuff in the stores. She said she does do that. She said she wears shots but her ass hangs out. She said people look at her and they love it. Lupe said guys love it and they never touch her because she’s always with her boyfriend Evan.

Robin asked Lupe if Evan has a big cock. She said that he does. She was also saying that Evan used to date Tera Patrick but she thinks that she’s too good to do porn anymore. Howard said it was kind of confusing when she’d come on the show and refuse to show them anything.

Howard asked Lupe about having anal. She said that Evan has tried but he’s too big for her. Howard said he could do it with her because he’s so small.

Howard said he saw Lupe banging this guy over and over again and he never came. Howard said it looked like hard work. He asked how they can hold out that long. Lupe said she’s not sure. Howard said they were able to go for hours without cumming.

Howard said he would cum in 3 seconds with her. Howard said he can’t stop. Lupe said she can tell a guy to stop and she can keep them going. Howard said he can’t do that. He said he would just finish.

Howard asked Lupe about the panties she was wearing. She showed him and Howard said she looks like she’s wearing a little girl’s clothes. Howard said that’s why he was so afraid of Beth finding out he was looking at her stuff.

Howard said he heard that Lupe was interviewed by TMZ and she didn’t know what the oil spill was. Lupe said she did hear about it. She said that she doesn’t read the paper much. Howard asked Lupe if she’s all about shopping and fucking. She said she parties too. She said she drinks and parties more.

Howard asked Lupe what the last book she read was. Lupe said she didn’t know the name in English. She told him what it was in Spanish. Howard thought she said it was Charles Bukakke. She said it was Charles Bukowski. Lupe said she hasn’t read anything lately. She said she’s very busy learning English right now. She said she has that Rosetta Stone thing to learn English from.

Howard asked if she’s making money from the web site. She said that she is doing very well and she’s shooting almost every day during the week for her web site Howard said her pussy must be on fire. Lupe said that she does her live show every day too. The times change for that.

Howard said he saw that Lupe likes to touch herself a lot in these videos. He said he’s going to beat off to it too. He said that sometimes it’s just her masturbating. Then she has girls and guys she does too. Lupe said that they have live interactive video too. She said the guys can tell her what to do and they have a guy who will fuck her but you don’t see their faces.

Lupe said that she fucks her fans too if they’re hot guys. Howard asked if she’ll go to a club and just fuck guys. She said guys have to have a huge cock if they want to fuck her. Howard said that counts him out.

Howard said Lupe signed a contract with Wicked pictures. Lupe said that’s a dream come true for her. She said she thinks about sex all the time. Howard asked how many times a day she has an orgasm. She said it’s probably 10 times a day because she does the live shows all day long.

Howard asked if she can keep doing that web site stuff while she’s signed with Wicked. She said she can. Howard said she’s supposed to do 4 movies with them per year.

Howard asked Lupe about her drinking and blacking out. She said she’s only 79 pound so it doesn’t’ take much for her to black out. She said she finds her clothes in her freezer and refrigerator and things like that. Howard said she must know that guys are fucking her while she’s passed out too. She doesn’t think that’s happening. She said that her parties are mostly girls so that doesn’t happen.

Lupe said that she likes pussy and she likes to lick it and suck it. She said that she’ll uses vibrators too. She has three of her own. She said her friends send them to her. Howard asked if she’s into Lady Gaga and things like that.

Howard asked Lupe if she ever gets sad. She does. He dog died and she got upset about that. His name was Bonzo. Howard asked why she would name him that if she can’t even say it. She said she got him off the internet. She said it was a Pomeranian. Howard said she probably blacked out and found him in the freezer. Howard asked if she accidentally killed the dog. She swears she didn’t.

Lupe said she had a party one night and put the dogs in the room that she does her live shows from. She said that she didn’t want the dogs to see what the girls were doing at the party. Lupe said that they shoot some stuff and then party at the parties she has. Lupe said that the dog was in the room with her other dog. Lupe said it was just one other girl at the party. She was drinking with her and the other girl drank even more than she did. Howard asked if she likes it when a girl puts her tongue in her ass. Lupe said she does like that.

Lupe told Howard in the morning she was in bed and her assistant came to her. Howard was shocked that she has an assistant. Lupe said she wanted to tell this story about her dog. Howard wanted to know more about this assistant. Lupe said she’s really hot but she doesn’t want to fuck her. Lupe said she asks all the time but she always says no.

Howard asked Lupe how she hired this assistant. Lupe said she works for Evan and for her. She said she has her own company now so she books he people for the movie and pays them and all of that. Howard said that’s something else.

Howard said he had Lupe’s dog calling in from Heaven. Howard took the call and it was the guys in the back playing barking sounds. She said that it wasn’t her dog. She said he doesn’t talk that much. She said her dog was small and not like that. Howard told her that it was her dog. She said she really doesn’t think so.

Lupe said that the next morning they found the dog in the kitchen dead. She said she loved her dog so she wouldn’t do anything to hurt it. Howard said they probably found a big, black dildo next to it.

Howard said he wanted to finish his week there with Lupe and Dave Lampert. Lupe said she will come back to the show again. Howard said he heard that people come up to her all the time and quote her from the last time she was on. She said they do.

Robin asked how old her dog was. She said it was 3 months old. Howard asked what the cause of death was. She said the dog was sick before she got him. Robin said she must have done something to it. Lupe said she had taken it to the vet a bunch of times but the dog was sick before. She said she bought it at a pet shop. Howard said you’re supposed to buy it from a responsible breeder. She said she got another one from the breeder. This one is Pandita.

Howard gave Lupe some plugs for and Lupe also said that you can go vote for her at too.

Howard said you can get her Fleshlight as well. It’s the number one selling Fleshlight out there now. You can get that at Lupe said that it’s super tight just like her real vagina.

Howard took a call from a guy who said he wanted to have phone sex with her. Lupe was fine with that. It was Sal and Richard in the back playing Hate Man audio clips. They had him having phone sex with her. They had him saying some really rough stuff to her but she played along. Howard said that was her Rosetta Stone lesson for the day.

Howard took another call from a guy who said that Lupe does terrible pornos and Evan has an average cock at best. He said he’s bigger than Evan is. Lupe said that Evan is huge.

Howard wrapped up with Lupe and said that she’s very good to come in and work with Dave even though he didn’t show up. Howard said they’ll have her in another time though. Howard asked if she’s religious at all. She said she’s not. Lupe said she tries not to think about that stuff because she might get scared. She said she thinks that when you die you go into the sky. Howard said she acts like she’s 11 just like she looks.

Howard asked Lupe if her parents like what she does. She said they don’t love it. Lupe said they don’t want this. She said they are happy that she’s happy though.

Howard asked Lupe about her fear of Gypsies. She said that she doesn’t like them at all. Howard asked what her plan is for her career. She said she wants to be a porno star and do a lot of fucking. Howard said she’s the best. She said the most important thing is her web site.

Howard took another call from a guy who said he loves this girl. He said he’s got a smile on his face and a boner. The guy asked if she was going to ride the Sybian today. Howard said he wants to save it for when Dave comes in. He said they’ll get her back in there and get the guy in there.

Lupe said that she has a party coming up on Saturday. She said it’s to celebrate the business she’s doing. Howard took some more calls and had Jeff the Drunk on the line. Robin thought she had phone sex with Jeff but it was Big Foot she was thinking of. Lupe said she heard that on YouTube.

Howard took a call from a guy who said Lupe made his day today. He said he loves hearing her. Howard asked if she’s going to be around for a while. She said that she has to fly home today because she has work to do. She’s going home to have sex with some people. She’s going to

Howard asked Lupe if she wanted to have phone sex with Gary the Retard. She said she would do that. It was Sal and Richard again with clips of Howard pretending to be a retard. Lupe played along with it. Howard told her that the guy was retarded so he didn’t know that she didn’t have a penis. That’s why he was asking her to put her penis in his butt. Howard said this was actually Howard the Retard. He asked if she would rather have sex with this guy or a Gypsy. She said no to any Gypsy.

Howard wrapped up with Lupe and said she has a beautiful ass. He said she deserves that Fame Award for that ass. He said that Robin should get her involved in the 15 Foundation. Howard told her to use pictures of her for the charity. Lupe didn’t understand what he was referring to.

Howard asked Lupe what she would do to Robin. Lupe said she loves big tits and Robin has big ones. Howard said she had them reduced. Lupe asked why she would do that. Howard said he wants to know what she would do to her. Lupe told Howard what she would do and said that Robin is hot. Howard said she’s self lubricating too. Howard said Lupe could crawl right into her ass because she’s so small. Howard said Robin would love that.

Howard said he had a girl on the phone who wants to have phone sex. It was Ray Stern. Howard picked up and the guys played clips of Howard doing his mother’s voice. They had her talking dirty to Lupe. Lupe played along with it and told her to suck her pussy after Ray said she was ”parting the hairs.” Howard told her that was her mom when they were done.

Howard told Robin to tell Lupe about the time she put road flares in her ass. Robin said her car broke down and they needed help.

Howard said that Lupe is beautiful. He said they don’t really think she killed the dog either. Lupe said the dog was really small. Howard said she probably rolled over on it. Howard gave her some more plugs and then wrapped up and went to break.


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