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Mary Carey on Conway & Steckler-update

Porn Valley- Mary Carey,, was on the Conway & Steckler show Thursday night, KLSX 97.1 in L.A. promoting her upcoming appearance Saturday at the Score Gentleman’s Club for “Internet Modelpalooza.” The event goes from 8pm to 4 am.

[The Score is located at 2065 South Santa Fe Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90021-2930. Call 323-588-8898 for more information.]

Of course the first thing to talk about was the fact that Carey ran for Governor of California last year, and, according to her, she got 11,167 votes. It was also noted that Carey seriously ran and got some serious publicity in the process. Carey credits “the owner” of Kickass Picture [Mark Kulkis],, the company she shoots exclusively for with coming up with the idea. “He called me up and said do you want to run for governor?”

Conway wanted to know what her platform was. Carey said one of the items was the legalization of gay marriage. Carey said she also wanted to put webcams in the Governor’s mansion and charge $24 a month to a worldwide subscription base. Carey suspected that people in Japan, especially, like blonds. Carey figures she would have made enough bucks off of that to rid the state of its deficit. “That was the key reason we were recalling Gray Davis,” she said.

Conway was curious whether the rumors were true that if, by donating five grand to her campaign, someone could be with Carey for the night. Carey corrected that notion. “It was a dinner date,” she said. “We ended up not doing it.” Carey was also quick to point out that Bush would charge a lot more for his company and, besides, there were people suggesting that s-e-x be a part of the package.

In her campaign, Carey said she was also going to lower car taxes and place a tax on plastic surgery. “If you’re going to spend money on unnecessary surgery, you obviously have money lying around,” she said. “Let’s put maybe a 15% sales tax on that. That would definitely have helped out the state.” Carey said another one of her ideas was to make lap dances tax deductible. [Can you imagine asking for a receipt?]

Besides, said Carey, that would be a great stress reliever. [Only if happy endings were involved.] Conway said he couldn’t see why Carey didn’t win. Steckler disagreed about the plastic surgery part, however. “Anything that makes the world more beautiful shouldn’t be taxed. There’s a skank walking around and coming out looking like a goddess…” Carey figured that skanks wouldn’t have the money for plastic surgery to begin with.

Carey said she’s been in the porn business two years, that she’s originally from Ohio but grew up in Florida. Carey noted that with the trade of Shaq to Florida maybe she should move back to the state. Carey said she was just in Miami last weekend and everyone was celebrating the trade.

Carey said she makes six movies a year, that in her contract, she gets a percentage of sales. Carey said she had a conversation with Kick Ass during her run for governor noting that she wasn’t getting paid for all the promo that she was generating.

“Every news show was saying you must be rich, your movies must be selling like crazy. I was like, no, I got a flat free. I went in and renegotiated for next five years, a distribution deal. Now I could do less than six; I can do more than six. But I think six is a good amount where people won’t get tired of me.”

Carey said she rather work with girls. “I think it’s more fun,” she said. Conway then got on the topic of the Florida teacher Debra LaFave, a reading teacher in a middle school, who slept with one of her 14 year-old students and got suspended this week without pay. Carey said she heard something vaguely about it and that she doesn’t pay attention to the news.

Conway asked why that was since she had run for governor. Carey said she did pay attention to news during the campaign. On the subject of LaFave, Steckler said unfortunately LaFave is being looked up as a predator and that she could be facing some serious jail time. Conway felt that nothing divides the sexes more than a topic like this. “Men think that the kid is a stud; and women think the girl should be thrown in jail for 20 years.” Conway mused that if he had a 14 year-old who was getting that kind of tail, he’d buy him a car.

A tape of Inside Edition was played revealing the fact that LaFave once had a high school romance with Back Street Boy’s Nick Carter who’s now dating Paris Hilton. Lafave is from Ruskin, Florida and Carey was asked if she knew of the place and was it a hell hole. Carey said she never heard of Ruskin but suspected it must be near Orlando.

On the other hand, Carey said she’s from Ft. Lauderdale. For her part Carey who’s the same age as LaFave said she wouldn’t be fooling around with a kid that age, particularly a reading student who must be a little slow, by definition. Carey, however, doesn’t feel that LaFave should have charges against her. “It’s strange on her part.”

If she had a son that age, Carey said she’d be happy for him. “At least he’s not having sex with an old, older girl.” Steckler said, oddly, that this isn’t a story coming out of West Virginia.

Conways was curious as to the size of Carey’s “eyes.” She told him she had 36DD eyes. “They’re very big eyes,” Carey answered responding to a question about how they got sunburnt. “They look a little blood shot,” quipped Conway wondering whether she suntans naked. Carey said she couldn’t in Florida and that she gets harrassed at topless beaches. Carey said she grew up an only child and that both parents are mentally handicapped. Her mother is very proud of her and rents her movies. The softcore ones, says Carey. “I don’t let her watch those [hardcore].”

Steckler asked if Florida had a porn industry comparable to the Valley. “California’s the only real legitimate companiies,” Carey said. “Florida, a couple of companies try to but they don’t pay the girls right. They don’t have the testing we have in California.”

Carey was very complimentary about the way the industry handled the HIV outbreak. “But I think the whole thing could have been avoided. We went to another country where the testing’s not as strict as here. If I went to a set without my PCR-DNA test from AIM, I would not be allowed to work.” Carey said talent tests every 30 days but believes it should be every ten.


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