Mary Kate Ditched Set of Grumpy Old Farts

Tuesday morning Dick Nasty played the part of a grumpy old fart in an old folks home. It might be argued that one of his girls, Mary Kate Ashley, may have put him there. Ashley was also supposed to have been on the set today at Don Hollywood’s house but never showed.

Wayne C. Lewis gives one account of Ashley’s current drama with Trent Tesoro and how Trent is slowly convincing Ashley of the evils of the porn industry of which he makes a pretty good dime off of. We had the following chat with Nasty who runs Nasty had this to say.

Gene: I hear Mary Kate is huddling with Trent Tesoro somewhere in a Svengali love pad.

Nasty: Yeah. She came out here with me. She worked for about a week and a half and met Trent on a shoot. I haven’t really seen much of her since she met him last Wednesday. She’s spent petty much every night at his house since then. She managed to get to work Thursday. Then she went to a set Friday and was sent home because she was too tired. Then Hustler wanted her at a party Saturday and she couldn’t be bothered to do that.
Yesterday she was on her way to me in a taxi, 9:30 in the morning. She never arrived. Yesterday afternoon I found out she was supposedly in the hospital having had a seizure in the taxi. Whether or not that happened I don’t know. She was to work with Elegant Angel last night and that obviously had to be cancelled as well. She talked to me last night eleven o’clock sounding extremely drugged out, delirious, whatever. She told me that she was going to come home this morning to this job. Then this morning I had to get a hold of her via Katie Morgan. I spoke to her. I went to pick her up. She asked me did I bring her stuff? No. I was supposed to pick her up and bring her to work. She told me that she didn’t want to be with us anymore, that she wanted her clothes back and her money that I had for her. But the checks were deposited Saturday. They haven’t cleared yet.

Gene: I’m hearing that Trent Tesoro has kind of hypnotized her.

Nasty: He was screaming at me on the phone. I screamed back. He told me to shut up. I told him be careful who you’re telling to shut up. I said I’m just trying to do my job here. I don’t know what’s going on with you two. She met you five, six days ago and I haven’t been able to get any work out of her since. Now he’s telling me he’s in love with her and he’s going to support her. And he wants her to do girl-girl and have we heard this story before? She came out here from Oregon. She was scouted out by a friend of mine out there. He brought her down in person. And she was great. Everyone loved her until last Wednesday when she met Trent.

Gene: I think that’s a new industry record- less than a week.

Nasty: And they’re in love.

Gene: Six days are like dog years in porn.

Nasty: Apparently she hates me now and he’s accusing me of spending her money. I can’t spend her money. It hasn’t cleared through the bank, yet.



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