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Mike South Tries To Revise History; “Best Selling” Director Fired After One Movie

Let’s just jump in and talk about what everybody wants to talk about.

It never ceases to amaze me how much Mike South is like porn’s Fox News. Except that Fox News actually has good ratings and there still are a number of people who believe their bullshit. Nobody goes to anymore and South himself has been so discredited that no one bothers to fact check him. The only time people go to his site is when I point out his lies and they go there to see that I am right.

It’s one thing when he talks about what happens on his own sets. Like when he says he can tell if someone has a disease or not simply by knowing them, or having OSHA inspectors, or whatever. We can analyze what he’s saying and see that he’s full of shit, but nobody’s there on set who can really verify what’s going on for sure. It’s Mike South’s retarded word against the rest of the rational world.

But when he tries to revise the history of events that happened when other people were there and make false statements that are so easily disproven, that’s when he looks like… a Holocaust denier. He’s like Ahmadinejad trying to say that all that nasty business in Germany never happened when there is irrefutable evidence that shows that it did. You sit there and say, “Are we living in the same fucking world?”

It’s so easy to see he’s lying by doing just a smidgeon of research. It perplexes me that he would do that. Does he really believe that people will go to his site and believe the things he says when anybody who was there will tell you he’s full of shit? It defies logic. Is it just that hillbilly Republican Fox News mentality that if Fox/South says it, that means it’s true? It goes back to the fact of Mike South being Stupid Hitler, trying to tell a lie over and over and being too fucking stupid to tell it good enough for people to possibly believe it. He says this happened or that happened that are part of public record and anybody who is in the business can look at what he’s saying and say, “That is incorrect. That simply didn’t happen that way.”

Whether you love me or hate me, when something is a bold faced lie you have to go, “You’re right, Rob. As much as we would like to believe what’s he saying because we hate you, the lies he’s telling are so profoundly huge that we have to agree with you.”

On Friday, we did a prayer on the show that Christian Mann’s cancer would leave his body and enter the body of Mike South. We prayed that the cancer would be sucked away from Christian Mann and infused into Mike South. We gather from Mike South’s post on Sunday that he didn’t appreciate it none too much. He didn’t like the cancer prayer. I guess the cancer prayer got him riled up enough to make another post on a Sunday about me.

He spent all night Saturday to write a post he put up Sunday about me and Tom Byron. It’s funny and sad at the same time. He uses Tom Byron as an excuse to talk about me. I’m thinking he wants to suck Tom Byron off. I asked Byron what was up with South’s adulation and he said, “I dunno, I think I’ve talked to the guy once or twice in Houston when he lent me his lights during that very brief time he was with Elegant.”

Let me read this to you:

“The Saddest Thing I Witnessed In Porn”

The first couple paragraphs gives you such a sense of this guy being a Captain Save-A-Ho. It’s like he wants to be their daddy. A daddy who wants to fuck them with an untested diseased dick.

“I was asked this weekend what was the saddest thing I have seen in adult.  Oddly enough  I hadn’t given that much thought.  I have been around for suicides and arrests and crash and burns, Anorexia/Bulimia, murders and just flat out disgusting shit.  From Savannah (the porn chick not the city), to the problems of Chasey Lain and Jenna Jameson.”

“I even considered a girl I shot that I wished I hadn’t, she was a cute blonde from Colorado who had a striking resemblance to Veronica Lake,  She later found happiness in religion and denounced her association with porn, I had shot her first scene.  I found her on twitter and apologized if I had somehow played a part in what she considered a bad time in her life.  To my surprise she responded and told me that I had always been nice to her and had treated her fairly and that she had no problem with me and that I was not a bad memory for her.  I thought that was actually kind of her and I appreciated her willingness to accept responsibility as well as her mature philosophy that all in all it was a learning experience.  In my years in the biz many girls have told me that they wished they had shot the first time for me, my friend Trixie Kelly being one of them that meant the most.  She reckoned that had she shot for me first (We actually met before she entered the biz) then she would have known how she should have been treated and that she would have done things differently.”

“For me it’s easier to draw from personal experience than it is to draw from observations but there is one that, to me stands out.”

So what Mike South is telling everybody is that there are a ton of girls who have had horrible experiences in porn, but when they worked with Mike South, that is the one time in their porn career when it was a good pleasurable experience. Had they worked with him first, it would have been better because they would’ve known the real ins and outs of porn and how they should’ve been treated. That’s a pretty bold statement coming from a guy who doesn’t test for STDs. He only tests for HIV with a store bought kit. The guys he uses aren’t tested for any other diseases because Mike South knows them and that they’re clean. This isn’t made up, he actually said this. So these girls who say that they wished South had been their first experience I guess are saying they wished they could’ve come to porn valley and been told that they could fuck without tests.

He talks about Trixie Kelly. Never heard of Trixie Kelly. If you notice, he never talks about any girl with real credentials that sticks up for him or wants to fuck him. Besides no name Trixie Kelly, can you name any other girl who has said that they wished Mike South and his little hillbilly fuck parties had been their first experience in porn? Can anyone produce this evidence?

Because as we go through this post, I’m gonna produce evidence and timelines with actual proof that shows that Mike South is a liar and his followers and message board posters are ignorant, nobody assholes.

Then he goes on to talk about all these people he met in the business, but nobody he mentioned actually talks to him, except Ron Jeremy. “Ron Jeremy remembered my name.” He talks about Ron Jeremy as if he’s Brad Pitt. I used Ron Jeremy in several movies and got so much heat for it. To the outside world Ron Jeremy is this legend, this iconic celebrity. To us in the real porn world, he’s a fat hairy guy who can’t keep his dick hard without gripping it. That’s Ron Jeremy. So when Mike South talks about Ron Jeremy and he’s bragging to people on his site, “Ron Jeremy knows me!” that just shows you how removed he is from our world.

This is the part where he starts to suck on Tom Byron’s cock:

“One person who always stuck in my mind though was Tom Byron, he wasn’t overly friendly but he wasn’t unfriendly either.  But Tommy, as people called him, was on top of his game.  Eventually we worked for the same company, Elegant Angel and Tommy had the best selling series  of all of the directors there, it was called “Cumback Pussy”,  Van Damage and I were tied for second and Rob Black wasn’t selling very well, mostly because of the more violent nature of his content.  This was told to me by then manager Greg Alves who had recruited me into Elegant Angel.  Patrick Collins was the owner but he pretty much left the day to day stuff to Greg.  When Greg left and Patrick took over the day to day stuff Patrick told us all that we were being cut to one half of what we were being paid when Greg was in charge….We all left, nobody was fired.”

Ladies and gentlemen, that is a fucking lie. Mike South is a liar. Mike South was with Elegant Angel for about two months and he made two movies. Georgia Peaches 1 and 2. Number 1 came out and it was so bad that I told Patrick Collins to fire his ass and he was fired. Georgia Peaches 2 came out after Mike South was already fired. Go to and you will see that Mike South had exactly two movies come out from Elegant Angel. So how are you a top seller when you have two movies and you’re gone before the second one evens comes out?

He’s trying to rewrite history and he’s already failing miserably. According to, the only time he was ever with a real company was when he released the two movies from Elegant Angel and he didn’t last long enough to be there for the second release.

Remember what he says. “Nobody was fired. He says, “When Greg (Alves) left and Patrick took over the day to day stuff Patrick told us that we were being cut to one half of what we were being paid when Greg was in charge. We all left, nobody was fired.” The timeline doesn’t work. We were there long after Mike South got the boot. Nobody got their pay cut. Everybody who left in February 1998, Tom Byron, Van Damage and myself were all making our full nut for directing. We all left because we wanted an Evil Angel type ownership deal. That was it.

I made my first movie for Elegant Angel in 1996. Mike South made his movies in 1997. I won my awards for Miscreants in 1998 and Tom, Van and I left a month and a half later. Mike South wasn’t at Elegant Angel in 1996 and he wasn’t at Elegant Angel or at the awards show with us in 98. So what is this “we” that he’s talking about? A guy who made two movies and was booted after one was part of the revolution of Elegant Angel in 96-98? And we asked him to join Extreme? This guy is so fucking delusional.

How anybody can listen to Mike South’s bullshit is beyond me. He did two fucking movies and I got his ass fired after the first one. He talks about me making “abysmal” movies that AVN wouldn’t give good reviews to. Miscreants is on the AVN list of the top 100 movies of all time, I won Director of the Year for it in 1998, Stephanie Swift won Best Actress, Jeanna Fine won Best Supporting and Swift won Female Performer of the Year based on the work that she did for me. PJ Sparxxx, Tricia Devereaux and Jeanna Fine also won Best Girl/Girl scene that year. If Mike South wants to lie, that’s fine. Lie about your boys in Georgia with the herpes covered dicks. Don’t lie about my history, motherfucker. You don’t know anything about it, you little bitch.

You’ve always wanted to be me. I get it. You’re insanely jealous. But you can’t rewrite history. And your notion that when I talk about you, it makes you look good? How do you figure? When I talk about you, everybody sees what a lying jerk off asshole you are. When you talk about being a part of Elegant Angel’s success and that you were part of me, Tom Byron and Van Damage when we left is a lie. You got fired. We were at Elegant Angel a year after you got fired. This is a fact. We released countless movies after he was shown the door. How did he leave with us?

Here is the history of our time at Elegant Angel.

Patrick Collins started Elegant Angel when he was the sales manager at Evil Angel with John Stagliano. In 1996, he branched off and Elegant Angel became a separate company apart from Evil Angel. He got an office right across the parking lot from Evil Angel and brought a guy named Ken DeLucia with him. Tom Byron around this time wanted to be a director. He felt that with all of his years in the business he could be a better director that those who were out there. He went to John Stagliano, because he had worked with Stagliano on numerous occasions, including appearing in the very first Buttman movie. When Byron went to Stagliano with his scene that he had shot, John didn’t want to hire him then and told Byron to go and work for other companies to build up his shooting chops and then come see him and maybe he would hire him. Byron left very pissed off, because he felt like he had a part in helping the formation of Evil Angel and went across the lot to Patrick Collins and started doing the Cumback Pussy line, which became wildly successful. It was like a revenge fuck to Stagliano.

The original lineup at Elegant was Pat, Byron, Michael Cates, who shot and edited the Sodomania line, Ken DeLucia, who was the General Manager at the time, Miles the accountant and Nicky Starks, who did promotion and artwork and eventually started Darkside Entertainment. The big news in the business was about Patrick Collins branching out on his own and hiring Tom Byron to direct. At this time, Greg Alves was a manager at a bookstore in San Diego called Highline Books. He had a company that produced amateur movies with a guy named Van Damage and it was called VG Productions, which was Van and Greg. Those sold their movies out of Greg’s mom’s garage. When Greg heard about all this news at Elegant Angel, he sent Patrick a coupla demo tapes, along with a letter and follow up call and said, “I believe we have a lot to offer with our amateur content” and Pat said, “Come on up. Let’s have a meeting.” So when Greg went to meet with Patrick, not only did he convince Pat to take on this amateur line, he also talked Pat into hiring him as General Manager, replacing Ken DeLucia. Greg is one of the best talkers in the game, he ended up running Zero Tolerance and all of the other entities for Gregg Allan, formerly of Anabolic/Diabolic.

So Greg ran the show at Elegant. But this notion that Pat wasn’t involved is bullshit. He was involved with our boxes, he started a magazine with Vivid that he hired Toby Dammit to run, he was intricately involved with every aspect of Elegant Angel. Greg Alves handled the bullshit, fielded the calls and shielded Pat from people he didn’t want to deal with or talk to. Like Mike South. Mike South thinks that Greg ran the company day to day because Mike South was never important enough to deal with Pat directly. In fact, when South got the boot, it was Greg that gave it to him, not Pat. Another wrinkle in Mike South’s timeline of bullshit.

Greg went on a hiring spree at Elegant, because at the time in the business, you could put out a bunch of movies and still make money. The market wasn’t quite so glutted, so the more movies a company could put out, the more money they would make. I had just been let go at VCA by Russ Hampshire and I had the movie Cellar Dweller under my arm and was looking for a deal. I had set up a meeting with Mickey Blank at Sin City, but it wasn’t for two weeks. Greg agreed to meet with me right away. I got lost getting there and ended up getting there after hours and had to drop off the movie to Michael Cates, who was there editing.

A couple days later, Greg called me up to meet at Boston Market down the street from Elegant. He said Pat had seen the movie and thought it was awesome and that they were willing to give me a job as a director. He offered me 5 thousand. I said thanks, but no thanks. I was going to be the biggest director in the business and I needed more money than that. Greg said he would get back to me, which usually means go fuck yourself. I called my then girlfriend Tricia Devereaux, who was in Europe doing a movie for Private and told her what happened. She told me I was crazy to turn it down. Elegant Angel was a huge company and I had no money and how could I turn down 5 thousand dollars? I told her don’t worry about it.

Two days later, Greg called me back to a meeting at Boston Market and said Pat agreed to 10 thousand a movie, and a budget of 15 thousand per movie. He suggested I take it, because nobody was gonna offer that. Pat also wanted me to sell him Cellar Dweller for 10 thousand. I told Greg I had 25 thousand into it. He said they just gave me a 120 thousand dollar a year contract, you’re gonna bitch about 15 grand? I said I guess you’re right and we had a deal.

I called Tricia up and said, “Guess what? I just signed a contract for 10 grand a movie and I start tomorrow.” She said, “You’re a bad motherfucker.” I said, “I know.”

That’s how it started at Elegant. A coupla weeks later, I was in the office and Greg was on the phone with a distributor that I knew and I got on the phone with him and started shooting the shit with him. When I got off the phone, Pat looked at me and said, “You know these people?”I told him about my dad and my history and that my uncle was Chuck Zane. Pat goes, “You’re a Zane?” I told him, “Yeah, that’s my dad and my uncle.” He said, “You’re a pretty good talker. You ever think about being a salesman?” I told him my plate was kinda full with the directing. He said, “I’ll give you an extra 50 thousand a year.” I said, “Done.”

So there I was, a 23 year old kid and I was making 120 thousand a year directing, 50 thousand as a salesman and soon started the very first all blow job line ever called Dr. Fellatio, which I got 5 grand for. Almost a quarter million a year. Not bad for an “abysmal” director.

Tom Byron had started at 5 thousand a movie, but as his line became successful, he was bumped up to 10 grand. Van Damage wanted to get 10 thousand, too. Actually, he was getting 10 grand, but Greg was taking half of it as a partner in VG. Van didn’t think this was fair, considering he did all the work and Greg was also making a quarter million a year as General Manager. Greg would tell Van that he wouldn’t have the job at Elegant if it weren’t for him. This issue caused a rift between Van and Greg, so to keep Van in his place, he brought in Mike South. Greg, not Pat, was the one who brought in South, just to keep Van in line and to show him that he could be replaced. Van would come in my office all mopey and I would tell him don’t worry about this guy, he’s a hillbilly jerk off.

When Mike South’s Georgia Peaches came in, we all sat in Pat’s office and watched it. Pat watched all or most of our movies and would critique them and tell us if we had to cut something out or whatever. Like I said, Pat was very involved. Georgia Peaches was the most horrific thing we ever saw. There was a guy in it who looked like he had AIDS with a big herpes sore on his cock. Van was the one who pointed it out. Pat was like, “What the hell is this shit?” I told Pat, “Are you really gonna keep putting movies out with this guy? He’s horrible. You’ve got Cumback Pussy, Van’s movies and or course my great movies. The same studio that produces Sodomania is gonna put out this crap? (You had to play Pat’s ego a little bit.) You gotta get rid of this jerk off.” Greg’s sitting there cringing, because he knew the jig was up. Pat goes, “This is awful. This guy is done. Get rid of him.” And just like that, Mike South was gone. The first movie hadn’t even been released yet and Mike South was gone. Rob Black was the one who got him fired.

Afterwards, Greg came into my office and said, “That was fucked up you didn’t back me.” I told him, “It’s fucked up that you take half of Van’s money. You make all of this money as GM and you get to rent out your house and make even more money. Give the kid his 5 grand.” And from that point on, Van Damage got his 10 thousand a movie.

So the three amigos, Tom Byron, Van Damage and Rob Black were all making 10 thousand a movie and I was making even more as a salesman and with Dr. Fellatio. Mike South says, “When Greg left and Patrick took over the day to day stuff Patrick told us all that we were being cut to one half of what we were being paid when Greg was in charge….We all left, nobody was fired.” He is lying. He was gone way before we left. He was fired. How can anybody believe anything this asshole says? He doesn’t even have the history of his job at Elegant Angel correct.

When Tommy, Van and I left, it wasn’t over our money being cut in half. Our money was never cut in half. It was over movie ownership. After the 1998 AVN Awards, where we had all won all these major awards, I had won Best Director, Tommy had won Best Gonzo series and Performer of the Year and Van had won Best Amateur series, we went to Patrick in February and told him we wanted the same deal as Evil Angel. Ownership of our movies with a 25% cut to the house. No more or less than what our peers in the industry were getting.

Now here’s another interesting factoid that Mike South leaves out. In December 1997, Elegant Angel had a Christmas party at a fancy Italian restaurant on Ventura Boulevard. The three star directors, Tom Byron, Van Damage and Rob Black were presented with Christmas bonuses of three luxury automobiles. Byron got a Mercedes, Van got a Corvette and I got a Porsche. AVN reported on it, because no one in the industry had ever been given cars as a Christmas bonus. Every magazine that was around reported on it. We were the envy of every director in the business. Mike South wasn’t at this party. He wasn’t given a car. Why? Because he was already fired!

What happened after that was even more controversial. After we won all the awards at AVN, we went to Patrick and said that we wanted to own our movies. Just like John Leslie did, like Joey Silvera, like everyone at Evil Angel did, because we had proven ourselves to be every bit as competent and marketable as they were. Pat was pissed. He felt we were being greedy, that he had given us these cars and we were all making six figures a year. We told him he could take back the cars and he wouldn’t have to pay us anything, that he would make 25% like Stagliano does and we would be able to make enough money to buy our own cars. He said absolutely not and that he owned everything. We said that we would have to leave. He said where are you gonna go? We said we would start our own company. He said we were nuts and that no distributor was gonna give us the price we were getting for our stuff at Elegant. He said we should all think about it very carefully.

About three weeks later, with the money I had pooled, plus a loan from my dad, Extreme Associates was born. We started releasing movies the first week of April. Our very first title was Tom Byron’s Whack Attack.

So that’s the Elegant Angel history lesson that Mike South seems to try to want to rewrite. Mike South was never anything at Elegant Angel except a tool used by Greg Alves to try to get Van Damage in line. Rob Black got his ass fired before his first movie even came out. Timing and facts don’t lie. Two movies. Mike South was fired. End of story.

That’s the Mike South Elegant Angel history. Then he goes on to:

“Rob Blacks Daddy, Dominic Zicari, had been in porn on the distribution/retail end for years, that’s how Rob fell into the biz.  Rob wanted to strike out on his own and daddy put up the money to back him.  Truth is I was approached to join the new venture (bullshit) as well but I had no interest in Blacks vision of “Extreme Associates”  I’ve never been a fan of the misogynistic road that many porners were headed down at that time, and it seemed odd to me that Tom Byron was going down that road, but he had struck up a friendship with Rob and without Tommy Extreme Associates probably would never have even happened, Tom Byron was the one guy in the bunch that had a very strong line, a good solid name and was well liked within the industry.”

Mike South, you’re either that disrespectful to the industry and the people who were part of this industry or you’re that ignorant and have no clue about the industry or both and you’re just jealous that your daddy had you live in a trailer and hunt squirrel for dinner and my father was making movies and getting arrested for this business. Which one is it?

When Mike South says my dad was in porn on the distribution/retail end, he is neglecting to mention that my dad started a company called Zane Brothers with my uncle Chuck Zane back in 1984. My dad and uncle took a bust for pandering for a movie called Backside to the Future. My dad and uncle were part of the era when you could get arrested for making porn. It was before the Freeman decision in 1988. My dad and uncle’s case was thrown out when the decision came down. So when Mike South says that my dad was only in porn on the distribution/retail end, he is a retard. Zane Brothers were early pioneers of the video age. It’s where Chris Alexander from Anabolic started and also Gregg Allan from Zero Tolerance. Max Hardcore also got his start there, as did Jonathan Morgan.

Back in the 80’s, there were two wise guys who thought that they ran things here in LA. One was the late Tommy Sinopoli and the other was Mike Esposito. They would go around the valley collecting tributes from all the porn companies, threatening them if they didn’t pay up. When my dad and my uncle opened an office down here, they were told that they had to pay these guys for the privilege of doing business in LA. My dad made some calls and were told that they were nobodies. Go ahead and slap them if you want. While this was going on, Sinopoli and his goon, a big guy named Mitch, went to my dad and uncle’s offices at Zane and broke it up with baseball bats. When my dad found out it was Sinopoli, that was the green light to rough these assholes up.

So my dad and uncle went to Vegas during one of the shows with a coupla ex-boxers to tune them up. They went there for the sole purpose of roughing up Sinopoli, Esposito and whoever was part of that crew. When they got there, somebody pointed out Sinopoli, who was standing there with his bodyguard Mitch. Before my uncle or the two ex-boxers knew what was going on, my 5 foot eight Italian father ran up to Mitch and punched him square in the face. He had to jump up to punch him. When Sinopoli saw Mitch get punched out, he shit his pants and ran through the casino with my father, uncle and the two boxers chasing him, screaming that people were coming to kill him and hid behind a pit boss. A melee ensued, with security at the hotel drawing their guns and trying to figure out what was going on. My dad and uncle hightailed it out of the casino once Sinopoli started screaming to call the police. Like the saying goes, everybody’s a tough guy until you punch them in the face and they run to the cops.

A month or so later, my dad and uncle’s office and houses in Rochester and Florida and the movie location were raided by the cops for pandering in connection to the movie Backside to the Future. In the discovery affidavits, it was revealed not only that porn actress Stacey Donovan was an informant, but Sinopoli and his crew were rats as well and they ratted to the cops that my dad and uncle were these nefarious gangsters who were in the valley doing bad things.

When the raids occurred, neither my dad or uncle were there. If they were, they would’ve been extradited back to LA to face the charges. They were in Vegas for the Mike Tyson/Bonecrusher Smith fight. My day didn’t want to waste his ringside tickets. They decided to go to the fight first, then they would go to Los Angeles to turn themselves in. So my dad, who Mike South says was simply in the retail/distribution end on the business, was indicted along with my uncle for pandering for the movie Backside to the Future. Look it up, ladies and gentlemen. AVN reported it. Los Angeles Times reported it, too.

So Mike South really doesn’t have his facts correct. Max Hardcore, Chris Alexander at Anabolic, Jonathan Morgan, Ashlyn Gere, Jim Enright, Gregg Allan, John T. Bone, Adella at Fine Ass Marketing. This list goes on and on of the people who came up with the Zane Brothers. All of these people had history with a company that dated back to 1984. Mike South needs to at least address facts with facts.

Let’s continue:

““Extreme never really had a chance, Rob was an inept businessman, he constantly bounced checks to talent, directors and AVN … basically everyone he owed money to.  He never made good on them, he did porn that was so abysmally bad that even AVN wouldn’t give him good reviews.  Some companies would not shoot talent that had shot for Extreme Associates.  but off all the people he screwed over Tommy Byron got the worst of it, mostly because Tommy actually stuck by his friend.  Eventually Rob’s mouth landed him in the legal system, something some people are saying is about to happen again. Rob spent a year in Federal Prison,  did he mature as a result of that experience?  I think we all know the answer to that.””

OK, let’s break this down. Once again, Mike South is a revisionist of history. From 1998 to 2003 when we got indicted, Extreme Associates was one of the biggest companies in porn. We started the foil packaging revolution. XPW was started after I went to a wrestling event with Paul Fishbein, Darren Roberts and Steven Hirsch. If I was such an inept businessman, how were we able to have all these things and make millions of dollars? Mike South is so desperate to make me into something he wishes I were, he completely neglects facts and timelines. Once I was indicted and had to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees was when the business started to unravel. That is when all of the financial woes happened. Prior to that, we were one of the biggest in the business, everybody was buddies with us and we were on top on the game.

I would love to know who were all these people who got checks that were bad that we never made good on. Who got fucked when we were sitting on top of the world? The thing I didn’t do, which everybody else did, was when I got busted I didn’t declare bankruptcy. The minute I got busted, I should’ve done what everybody told me to do, which was to bankrupt the company. But I didn’t, I stuck it out and tried to make good with everybody. Everybody said I should’ve declared bankruptcy when I got busted, but I held out and got fucked by the government and by everybody in the business. At the end of the day, after seven years of fighting, when I went to jail and the government wanted me to pay a fine, records show that I was in debt over 300 thousand dollars. There was nothing buried. Instead of gong bankrupt and telling everybody to suck wind, I paid everybody I could until I went to prison with no company and no money.

Mike South makes it seem like we left Patrick, started Extreme and failed. He says “Extreme was far from successful, had they been successful they wouldnt have bounced checks to AVN and other magazines they took out ads in, talent, gene ross, and pretty much anyone they did business with. By the time Rob went down on the obscenity bust Extreme was already dead”

You’re right, Mike. In 2009, when I sold Evolution to Frank Koretsky and Tom Byron went there to start Tom Byron Pictures and I went to federal prison, Extreme was dead. After 11 years in business and a federal obscenity bust that went all the way to The Supreme Court after the case was dismissed in a precedent setting decision that is in legal journals today, Extreme Associates was dead.

One last thing and then I’ll wrap this up. South says “Some companies would not shoot talent that had shot for Extreme Associates”

Here is a short list of people who started at Extreme Associates and went on to successful careers at other companies:

David Aaron Clark. When David Aaron Clark died, John Stagliano and Christian Mann went on stage and eulogized him as this great visionary director and I believe it was Dana Vespoli who said he was one of her influences. David Aaron Clark started with me at Extreme in 1998 when no one else would give him a job. Not Evil Angel, not anybody.

Thomas Zupko. After John Stagliano brought him into Evil Angel to be Rob Black, he then came to Extreme and was with us for several years before going to Elegant Angel and creating the Big Wet Ass series. Does that name ring a bell?

Luciano aka Michael Stefano. Mike came to us as Mike Long before we changed his name to Luciano and created numerous lines and went on to help start Red Light District with Dion Giarrusso and win Male Performer of the Year.

Francesca Le. Everybody’s favorite MILF superstar, who was a speed freak butt slut at Anabolic, hooked up with Tom Byron at Extreme and did several bondage movies and did sales for us before hooking up with Mark Wood and now having a successful career at Evil Angel with LeWood Productions.

The list goes on and on.

Now let’s talk about Tom Byron. This leap that everybody seems to take that somehow Tom Byron has been with me all this time. In 2007, when I knew I was going to prison soon, I sold the company Evolution to Frank Koretsky. Tom Byron went there and created Tom Byron Pictures and that company was very successful. When you talk about this blacklisting, how do you forget the Tom Byron Pictures era? Tom Byron had a company and employed many people from Christian XXX to Leroy Myers to Ivan to Sean Michaels to Tim Von Swine and just about every top girl of the 2007-2011 era. He won awards, the whole thing. Adam Hasner cut all of his budgets and Tom Byron was forced to move out of his house in Granada Hills and move in with me. Somehow Adam Hasner and Frank Koretsky get left out of this equation. Somebody needs to ask Adam Hasner and Frank Koretsky what happened there. What happened?

Mike South, you definitely need to get your information correct, because you look stupid. You try to talk shit, but all you do is lie and everybody knows it. You’re so heartbroken that in 2014, I’m somebody that everybody listens to and everybody reads and I’m still the most talked about thing in the industry.

And I got your ass fired.


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Aurora Anarchy eased into adult work, taking lots of time off as she focused on finishing her degree in Communication with a 4.22 GPA.

AEBN Reveals Eva Maxim as Top Trans Star for Q2 of 2024

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — AEBN has revealed its top-selling trans stars for the second quarter of 2024, with Q1 fave Eva Maxim landing once again atop the leaderboard. Over the span of her career, Maxim has worked with leading studios, including…

Pornhub Shuts Down Access in Kentucky Over Age Verification

FRANKFORT, Ky. — Aylo has blocked access to Pornhub in Kentucky on Wednesday, five days before the state’s version of the age verification laws promoted by religious conservatives is scheduled to go into effect. As XBIZ reported, Kentucky is a…

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