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Thoughts Over the Morning’s Coffee: Rob Black Says Mike South’s Either on the Take Or He’s Stupid; Which One?

As Julie Meadows and others have already learned Slim Pickens, aka Mike South, can be nice to your face but when you back is turned…oh brother. On his show Wednesday, Rob Black addressed comments South made about the new UAWA.

Black tore them apart with his usual efficiency. The first thing Black pointed out was that this was an organization to benefit all workers in the adult business not just porn performers.

“Mike South does a commentary about Rob Black taking a crack at a performers’ union,” Black pointed out.

Black pointed out that South, being his typical naysaying self, was not enthusiastic about the idea. Black hastened to remind that every worker in the business was included not just performers.

“The UAWA is not going to fail because of Rob Black and the lawyers. It will fail because of people like Mike South and others who doom it and gloom it.”

Black then addressed South’s comments about having talked to an “A List performer” who was hooking. But South never named her. South also said he was supportive of legalizing prostitution.

“Prostitution is illegal everywhere in the United States except in Nevada,” Black pointed out. “You cannot support anything that’s going on that’s illegal.”

“Mike South will use whatever girl he’s talking to as his census,” Black continued.

Black took South’s quote from the anonymous performer: “At least I can use a condom and not have to be treated for STD’s every month or two. It takes less time, the guys are nicer and I make more money, why wouldn’t I?” and added:

“Is that not just the standard prostitute answer of why would you work at McDonalds? Mike South seems to be the guy where every prostitute he knows makes more money and uses condoms.

“Does this “A” list girl book herself or does she run by a pimp?” Black wanted to know.

“Then she brings the money to Derek Hay, really? Jesus Christ. Mike, we’ve already established that privates are going on. What privates are you involved with that guys are nicer, and it takes less time? The girls that work with Princess Donna and Victor- it takes four hours to be tortured. Where are the guys nicer?

“Do you hang out with the Washington DC escorts that service congressmen who have to be nicer? Who is it that they’re using condoms? When you fuck the prince in Dubai you don’t wear a rubber. He’s paying a girl $15,000- that camel jockey and his camel jockey friends aren’t wearing a rubber. What’s nice about Saudi Arabia?

“A girl who comes back from there never talks about the experience and girls talk about everything. And then they don’t go back. One fuck job and $25 grand. You ask her what was it like. ‘Ah, it was okay.”

“Mike South also said he doesn’t see the harm in the Nanula story that if everyone’s okay with it, where’s the harm. I’m lost on that,” said Black.

“Because the guy [Nanula] likes to get hookers and have it videotaped and broadcast? I get it, Mike. There’s elements where you have to skate the edge, but come on. The circumstances are this guy is videotaped. Somebody put it on the website. There’s more than just a guy who likes hookers. How do you gloss over that?

“This executive from Miramax with the cheating on his wife, no way this guy signed up to be blasted on a porn girl’s website. C’mon. You don’t see the issue there? If Orenstein’s cool with it, you say. If Manwin who owns half of Wicked is okay with it. All these guys are okay with Samantha Saint being not just a prostitute but one who can’t don’t it correctly. She’s in shakedown scams with Hollywood executives that has The LA Times, everyone talking about it.

“There was shenanigans. C’mon, I know all your supporters and keyboard warrior-marks who took down Porn Wiki Leaks, and, you know what? It’s still up. [You might recall a Tarot reading I did at the time where I said Porn Wiki Leaks wasn’t going anywhere.]

“You focus your energy on such retarded shit,” Black said.

“There’s a guy [Julian Assange] who divulged secret wire tapped investigations and he’s still floating around the globe. There’s people in porn who wire tap each other- and these are grown adults? We [UAWA] get attorneys and we come up with facts, figures and statistics.

“I thought we were taking a common goal and Mike South takes this weird stance- I don’t get it.

“Richard Nanula is not okay with it- he got outted and had his picture put on a porn chick’s website. Miramax wasn’t okay with it. Who the fuck is okay with it? Are you fucking for real? Where’s the harm, you ask. The harm is nobody would have known.

“The guy did a private, but Jack Spade, Trinity St. Clair, Samantha Saint did exactly what people think the industry is- they pimp, prostitute and then try to blackmail a Hollywood executive. The guy’s a multimillionaire who likes prostitutes, so why would you ruin the guy’s life, to have you say where’s the harm? Miramax ain’t cool with it.

“As long as nobody’s got pictures, maybe. Yeah, but there’s pictures. Miramax is saying cut him loose. We can’t get involved with a blackmail scheme. Go to rehab and we’ll see you when this blows over.

“Explain to me, Mike South, if Steve Orenstein’s okay with it, Samantha Saint’s okay with it and Richard Nanula is okay with it, where’s the harm?

“Explain that. Wicked must throw you money. You got to kowtow to this? I thought you listened to this show, but I guess you get second hand information from Bill Fox or whatever nut jobs. Then you sit there and bring up an A list hooker that makes all the money, but your next A list hooker [Saint] is involved in a sex for hire shakedown extortion.

“Your response is that ‘prostitution should be legal and porn chicks should be doing it. Go for it. No harm, no fuss.’ But that doesn’t mean let’s blackmail people, put it on a website, get someone fired from Miramax and create a scandal.

“I hate to dispel and beat the fuck out of what you say. You were a rocket scientist. You are either getting money from the side or you’re not as smart as that rocket science degree. I don’t know which it is. I want you to tell me which one. It’s either one, or the other. I’ll let you tell me later.”


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