Misc Shit – Linda Tran, Samantha’s Flood, Angry Subjects

>Street Pissing – Linda Tran just got back from Vietnam. The hot Asian model was reminded of why she lives here in America as she was forced to squat in public to go potty. “I used a ‘squat toilet’ for the first time…well, the details are a bit gross, so I won’t go into it, but just be warned if you are traveling to Asia, be sure to bring your own TP just in case!” Tran said.

>Hurricane Sterlyng – Samantha Sterlyng missed the Tampa Show with bronchitis and even after she came out from under the weather, her home couldn’t. “I am under the wrath of Hurricane Isabel with no power and 7 inches of water in my basement,” Sterlyng told AdultFYI. She wants to let east coasters know that she understands what they’re going through and hopes everyone stays safe in such horrible conditions.

>I’m Madder Then Hell – AdultFYI has been live for five days and already people are upset with Wayne and Gene. Since it’s launch last Tuesday, nearly a dozen industry people have phoned or sent anger-mail expressing frustration at stories printed in their honor. “It’s not our intension to hurt anyone,” Wayne C. Lewis said, “we just print the things that are going on. People’s actions or comments to AdultFYI may be self-destructive, but that’s not our fault. We’re just reporting the things that happen, things that people want to read.” AdultFYI is led by Lewis along with Gene Ross. Other contributors include, Sun Y. Chen, Brian Holt as well as a half-a-dozen adult industry columnists.



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