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Felicia Fox Gets on Some Very Touchy Subjects

Porn Valley- In one of the most candid interviews heard in awhile, Felicia Fox fielded some pointed questions from Tim Case on their KSEX show Tuesday night. Fox, who sounded a bit defensive with some of her answers, particularly her view of the raunchiness of the industry and product degrading to women, had a lot of comments to make about rough sex. Fox explained by saying, that, for her, it’s a very touchy subject but she gets asked it all the time. “You don’t want to say the wrong thing because I love this business and wouldn’t trade this business for anything. But there are some people out there that push the limits.”

Fox will also be in Vegas at the AEE this week, signing both at the KSEX booth and for EvolutionErotica. Case noted that KSEX will be located at the Adam & Eve booth. Fox said because Evolution gave her a great schedule, she’ll have time to do live broadcasting with KSEX and be able to walk around and see people. Case also noted that Fox was nominated for an award this year- Best Oral scene. Besides herself at the Evolution booth, Fox said there’ll be six or seven girls including Jessica Darlin’, Rhiannon Bray and Reina Leone who’s also representing Mofowear.

Fox said she’ll also be appearing as a feature in L.A. for the first time, at the downtown Spearmint Rhino, January 15-17. “I’m doing 10 shows and every show we give free give outs,” she said. “There’ll be videos and 8 by 10s and I’m kind of an in-your-face feature,” she noted. Case said he wanted to use the Tuesday night show as an opportunity to re-cap some events from throughout the year, noting that he and Fox moved to L.A. from Ohio in March and wanted to give things a look-see for about a year depending how things went.

Since she had done it both ways- commuting to L.A., and living there, Fox was asked what the difference meant to her.

“I think when you’re not in town, it’s harder for people to group you in with the industry. You have to work really hard to be even taken seriously. When you move out here and you’re going to all the functions and stuff and you can be there for last minute calls when someone flakes out- I’ve gotten more notoriety living here the past year than the whole three and a half years I’ve been in the business. It’s a big, big difference. You’re able to be seen more out here.”

As far as family and friends go, Fox says she tries to get back home quite a bit. “And I’ve got really good friends out here who are like my family. It was a trade off plus I got the beautiful weather and the big pool in my back yard. I was happy”

Now that her year is almost up, Fox is not sure yet what her plans are. “To be honest I’m not really positive what I’m going to do yet.” She said she’ll decide after the Expo. “I’m a Gemini so I have a hard time making decisions anyway.” Fox, who has booked ten weeks a year with Spearmint Rhino, said she’ll continue her adult career, and, if necessary, make allowances to travel to California. “Granted, I’m on the end of my adult career as far as videos.”

Asked about what trends she’s seen in the past year, Fox said the videos have gotten raunchier. “It’s about how gross you can be now. It’s gotten worse.” Whether it was a good or bad thing, Fox was inclined to believe it wasn’t a good thing. “I’m in the industry so you kinda have to go along with the flow.” Case took the stance that people who produce and direct are trying to shoot something to fill a need. “They’re trying to put out a product that people are going to buy. If there was no demand for that type of product it wouldn’t do anyone any good to shoot it.” Fox conceded that there was a demand for raunchier product. “The raunchier stuff is more degrading to women,” she said. “I’m not as big on it. It seems to be how sick can you go, now.”

Fox said it wasn’t so much about anal since anal is in almost every scene, now. “But going into the double-anal and spitting in girls’ faces, it’s getting sicker and grosser. People are really pushing the limits with it nowadays.” However Fox said she didn’t want to be in a position to say that it wasn’t right for the business. “It’s peoples’ prerogative what they want to shoot and be in. I necessarily don’t think it’s good for our business.”

Case’s tact is if you don’t shoot it, someone else will. “There’s a market for it. That’s how I see it.” Fox, who, seems to think it meets the needs of people who aren’t all there, said she’s met such people at her feature shows. “It’s the ones that want to see women being degraded.”

Fox said she runs into those types all the time on the road. “They want to see how far these men can push you because they think that breaks us down.”

Case brought up he fact that Fox shot a scene for Khan Tusion. “That was more of a hardcore thing. Did you feel degraded more by doing that scene than the stuff you did earlier on in your career?” Case asked her. Fox wouldn’t say she felt degraded as much as the limits were pushed more.

“But compared to the vanilla porn of of Vivid, yes,” she said. Fox, however, said she could see why some girls like doing that type of stuff. “But it depends on the person individually. I’m not saying that I think certain things are degrading. I’ve seen a lot of girls get degraded in this business. The ones that are doing anals and d.p. in their first scenes and haven’t done it in their personal life- that’s something that’s not the greatest but it happens. A lot of guys like the anal because some of the girls aren’t comfortable with the anal. But they’re still doing it maybe for the paycheck.”

Fox mentioned an instance the other day when she was Captain Jim’s house. “I guy walked into his house and you could tell he was a total fucking pig scumbag. The first thing out of his mouth was all dancers are whores. It kind of feeds those kind of people.”

Case brought up Redlight’s Throat Gaggers and the fact that Fox is friends with a girl who did a scene in that series early on her career. “Puking and choking on her own puke backwards while it’s running down her face,” said Fox, remembering. “I think that scene was degrading, yes. But I know for a fact she was testing her limits in that scene.” Case said he saw a guy online make the comment that he wanted to see scenes that made women run, screaming from the business. “Maybe there’s a guy out there who’s a little overweight, not very attractive, pretty women have never given him the time of day- and the one thing he really likes to do is go to the adult video store and rent a video where pretty young girls are being defiled on film.”

Given that argument, Fox said she’s still pro-choice. “I’m not going to turn my back on one company because they tend to shoot rougher sex because it might not be my forte.” Case observed that women coming out to California thinking they might be the next Jenna Jameson are finding things not as easy as they may have been led to believe.

“Maybe they’re getting down on their knees and blowing two, or three, or five guys to get a scene. Maybe they’re swallowing and never intended to. Maybe they’re doing anal and never intended to. I don’t consider that a degrading thing. Any time one of those chicks want to walk away there’s a job waiting for her down at frickin’ McDonalds. No one is holding a gun to her head telling her to get her ass in there and suck that dick. That’s where to me the degrading stuff stops.”

Fox is of the opinion that there are probably some girls in the business who have been degraded simply because they didn’t know how to say no.

“Such as the girl who shot with the homeless man for Khan Tusion,” said Case. Fox agreed and said that girl was “too weak to say no and to fucking get out of that van and say fuck you and take a cab. That was very degrading to her, I’m sure. Some people in general aren’t very strong.”

Fox finally admitted she’s done scenes where she felt degraded and after time spent grilling her, Case said that’s what he wanted to hear. For her part, Fox said she was in a scene one time where she got smacked in the face. “It pissed me off.” Case explained by saying the scene was for a Jill Kelly Productions feature, Young Fun.

Case said it was a boy-boy-girl scene, one of the few times Fox has done one. She was working with Erik Everhard and Trent Tesoro. Fox said it’s one of the reasons why she won’t work with Everhard again. Case reminded her that it wasn’t Everhard but Tesoro who did the slapping. Fox said the first time Tesoro tried it, she let it slide but the second time she wanted to rip his face off. “I said what kind of fucking scene do you think you’re on and where the fuck do you get off hauling me off and smacking me in my face.” Fox said in crazy scenes like that, you need to talk things out ahead of time.

Fox said she stopped Tesoro in the middle of the scene to dress him down and that Tesoro apologized. Case also joked about Tesoro losing his hard on although he maintained it throughout the scene. Fox said the bad thing about that scene with Everhard was the fact that, when she was still commuting, she had been sore from having to cram a number of condom sex scenes during a week’s period of time and she’s allergic to latex. Fox said she told Everhard to take it easy on her. “Of course he’s like Jekyll and Hyde,” she said. “He’s as nice as can be in person, but you turn that fucking camera on and he’s like a different fucking person.” Fox said to her no means no.

Case wanted to know if a scene was degrading even if the girl was into it. “Do you honestly think that someone’s going to be into wearing a toilet seat around her fucking head?” Fox asked. Case said that’s where feminists and the religious right are coming from. “They’re saying that if that chick is down on her knees and five guys are popping in her face she’s being degraded even if she likes it. ‘She doesn’t understand that she’s being degraded. She’s a tool that doesn’t understand. She’s part of what’s going on and that’s why all the women in this country are being subjugated by porn.’ ”

Also on the subject of hair-pulling, Fox said she didn’t like it even though she didn’t find it degrading. Case said you probably could even make an argument that the missionary position is degrading because the woman isn’t on top. [Which is why cable distributors insist on the cowgirl position in R-rated scenes, by the way.]

Fox also made mention of a scene which made her vomit- from Extreme Associates’ Cocktails. “That was fucking degrading. I have never almost puked before from watching a porno but this one did it for me.” Case said, likewise, it was a movie that made him physically ill. “You can feel your stomach turning.” Fox remembered another scene shot by Extreme Associates where a girl was smacked around so much that she lost it. Case remembered it as Krista Leigh being the performer. Case heard that the scene went on like that for several hours with Leigh being smacked around and called a pig. “She was wigging out on camera.”



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