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Miss Kitty Purrs on PTU- final

Porn Valley- Industry newcomer Miss Kitty [repped by Lighthouse Talent] was a guest on Prime Time Uncensored, last Wednesday night on the Breaking the Law Show. She didn’t break any laws.

During the course of the interview with the show’s hosts Michael Fattorosi and Veronica Rayne, Kitty announced that her first scene would happen this week for Kick Ass Pictures. She didn’t know who she’d be working with but she did mention that she squirts. However, she’s holding off on anal for awhile.

Rayne applauded her choice.

“Once you do anal, even if you do other stuff, they’ll book you first for anal,” said Rayne. “You’ll try to book a boy-girl and they’ll tell you you do anal why should we book you for a boy-girl. I learned that the hard way.” Also on her list of nos, Miss Kitty said she wasn’t doing D.P.’s.

“I’m a small girl- I have to learn how to do that before I even try it.”

“Double Penetration is actually amazing,” thinks Rayne. “I was thinking doub;e vag, double anal- don’t ever do it. Girls who do that are fucking stupid. At that point you’re a fucking circus act.”

“But once you do anal, double penetration’s actually way better,” Rayne continued. “You get stimulated both ways and your ass opens up. It’s a lot more fun.” For her part, Rayne says she swings off the trees when she does anal.

Kitty already has her own website, According to her, she developed the site before she came out here because she wanted to have something on her plate.

“She’s hot and has a brain,” Rayne commented. Fattorosi said Rayne tended to be the champion of the new porn girl. He may have been kidding in view of the next comment.

“The newer girls that lately have been coming into the industry are fucking retarded,” said Rayne. “I can’t even stand them. It’s the way I feel. It’s not that I don’t like them personally, but, industry wise, who are you. Please go away. Stop talking to me.”

Asked if her family knew she was in the business, Kitty said she doesn’t talk to her side so much; but her husband’s side of the family, totally loves it. She was married March of this year. Rayne wondered if Kitty and her husband were swingers off camera.

“We do swing,” answered Kitty. “But it’s very annoying- random people will come up and be, like, you’ll fuck me, right? It doesn’t mean that. Go away.”

Raynme said she’s gone to parties and been approached that way.

“Who are you going to fuck? I’m not fucking you! I don’t know you.”

Fattorosi was curious why Kitty started a website before doing porn.

“What made you want to come in and shoot for other people besides your own website?”

“I always wanted to do porn,” Kitty replied. “Porn is the rocking industry. My opinion, one of the mainstream things nowadays is the adult industry.”

“And I’m really good at fucking,” she added. “I really am. I’m a good lay whether it’s a guy or a girl. I absolutely know what to do.” Particularly with adminstering blowjobs where Kitty said she’ll cradle the balls.

“Yeah, they don’t pay attention to the balls,” Fattorosi agreed. “And porn girls have no clue how to give a blowjob.”

Rayne said Jack Vegas had just worked with a girl who’s making $2500 doing a b-b-g. Rayne said when she heard that, she had to leave the set.

“I brought him lunch the other day and met the girl.”

Getting back to Kitty’s BJ technique, she said she was a ball connoisseur.

“You can’t just lick the balls,” she maintained. “If you can insert the balls into your mouth, gently, and do a sucking motion and lick the same time…”

“She [Kitty] knows what she’s doing, no doubt,” applauded Fattorosi.

Rayne also felt that at least 90% of the male performers were on the blue bill or the equivalent.

Kitty was of the belief that sex is a very big thing.

“And if you’re going to have it, you should enjoy it,” she added.

“You’re perfect for the industry,” Fattorosi told her. “You’re going to go far. She’s a winner.”

Fattorosi made a dig about Rayne’s web content or lack of it; her website and lack of it.

“I had a website, jackass, ” said Rayne. “But somebody like my lawyer didn’t protect me that well in that case. And my webmaster fucked me really hard. It kind of discouraged me because I was all excited and had everything ready and everything was all set. My webmaster just fucked me. It helps when you have a webmaster you can trust.”

According to Rayne there were always issues with her site- for instance, her pass code wouldn’t work.

Kitty then got naked and showed a sizable collection of tattoos on her body. One of them is a tattoo that only shows up in black light. Rayne offered a warning about them, claiming -with exposure to sunlight- they’ll turn yellow on your skin and fade.

Asked if her husband was the same when it came to tats, Kitty said he had “sleeves”.

“He’s 5’10 and has a shaved head.” She added to say he was a mechanic and was the one to suggest that she get into the business. He also gets off watching her have sex. Kitty said if he were to come into the industry she’d have no problem with that. Fattorosi wondered if he or Kitty have caught flak from their friends for having a website.

“To our face they’ll comment how hot I am or how nice my ass is,” she said. “But they’ll never say anything about it [the site].” Kitty said her husband likes the compliments directed towards her.

“We’re respectful people,” she said. “We give you respect, you give it back.”

Fattorosi went fishing for an “out of line” story. Kitty told about a guy where they get their tats.

“He got a little pervy giving me a tattoo one time,” she related, noting that he gave her a black light tattoo on her pussy.

“I thought he was going to be more respectful about it. Basically his fingers started wandering.”

Fattorosi thought she should hook up with a guy who could be ambidextrous like that.

Kitty thought that if the guy had been a gentleman about it, she would have asked him to fuck.


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