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Porn Valley- The adorable Jasmine Starr of Jasmine’s On Fire,, was a phone guest Wednesday night on KSEX, Wankus said he got high recommendations to interview Starr, a Denver resident, who has been in the business about four years and is shooting her own DVD series.

Wankus said he read about Starr, 23, on “I think I’m pretty damned beautiful,” said Starr unabashedly. Starr, a brunette, described hers as an athletic build. Wankus said he preferred that type to the Ally McBeal type. Starr said her first movie will be out next week but that she had some delays. “I have the stupidest webmaster known to mankind,” Starr commented. Wankus, laughing, asked if she met KSEX’s.

According to Starr, the webmaster situation is prompting her site to being one of those on-off propositions, for which she apologized. “I’m trying.”

Asked how she got her start, Starr said she was on a computer one day talking to a girl, sending pics to one another. “I come to find out it was really a man,” Starr said. “Here’s the funny part- he was a firefighter and I love firefighters. I love a man in uniform.” Wankus wondered why a firefighter, who could get tail by virtue of his occupation, want to hide that fact. “Every girl would love that.” Similarly, Starr.

As for her plans, Starr said she’s going to make 10 movies. “In about two years I think I want to get out of it. I want to have fun with it and enjoy it. But I don’t want to do this for the rest of my life. I have plans to settle down some time in the near future. But I want to give people an experience that they’ll always remember me by.”

Asked what she thinks makes her different, Starr said she’s natural. “I don’t think that I need to go get breast implants or have this or have that to look good. I just want to be myself.

“I don’t want to pretend to be somebody I’m not,” she continued. “I enjoy sex- that’s my favorite play time. And I’m cute and funny. I’m damned good in bed.” Not to mention, said Wankus, the fact that Starr’s very confident with herself.

“You have to be confident to make it past all the idiots,” he said. Starr agreed. “You can’t let anybody hurt you or hold you down,” she said. “People are going to say things- of course it’s going to hurt- but there’s no such thing as bad publicity.” Asked what she was like growing up, Starr, a former tomboy, said she didn’t like the idea of wearing dresses. But things suddenly changed when she turned 14.

“I used to play in the dirt. I hated makeup. But I hit 14 and it all changed. That’s when I got into the shortest skirts I could fit into and the shortest tops. I became very sexual after that.”

On the subject of men in her life, Starr said there were lots of them but that she has a boyfriend that supports her. “Trust me- he’s very happy,” said Starr on the topic of whether he goes along with what she’s doing. Starr said that she’ll, on occasion, bring a girl home but that he’s not allowed to play. “I’m greedy,” she laughed. “I want it all.” As far as her playing with other guys, Starr said her man’s into it. “Whatever makes me happy makes him very happy.” Wankus saw that as Starr restricting his personal fun. Starr claims her man doesn’t want to be with another girl, and Wankus suspected that’s his story.

“We have a lot of fun with our sex life- it’s great,” Starr insisted. “It’s the most fantastic sex I’ve ever had.”

From his point of view, Wankus said the idea is to have fresh material coming home to give you something to jerk off to. “But at the same time you want to pound the fuck out of these other girls, too. But look at me- I’m the nice, sensitive guy who only cares about you- bullshit! I want you to call him out on it.” Wankus suspected that, if given freedom of choice, Starr’s boyfriend would exercise it. Starr went on to say that she was very bisexual and loved other women. “But I’m very picky.” Checking out the pics on her site, Wankus told Starr that he’d love to fuck her for at least 30 seconds to which she commented that he needed a good spanking. Wankus also noted that Starr appeared to be doing some escorting. “I was,” said Starr.


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