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Conversations with Jasmine Starr-update

Porn Valley- I had a nice conversation Monday afternoon with Jasmine Starr of Along with the site that is nearly completed, Starr is also launching her own video company, Jasmines On Fire Productions and intends to start putting out a series with her as the star, so to speak.

Starr is out of Denver and has been in the escorting business for five years. She travels around the country and so far has spread her legs in 42 states. Starr, who’s only 23 for all that itinerary, has New York heading the list of states she has yet to visit. And, of course, there’s no need to ask. Alaska’s in there, too. Starr basically likes to travel, as you might gather and does a schedule comparable to Major League Baseball. Starr tends to book overnighters and weekenders. “I do get some two-hour calls and travel three or four hours for. But it’s worth it because they’re such good guys and I’m a nice girl.” Which I can attest to from the short time we were on the phone together.

“The way I got started, I was on my computer one day,” she recalls. “There was a girl on and she said I want you to meet my guy friend. He offered to come have sex with me and that’s how I got started.” I tell Starr I make offers like that all the time but don’t manage to get remotely started. She says the guy was a fireman, that she has a thing for firemen. I mention that’s pretty much how Tera Patrick got started- having a thing for firemen. According to Starr, the guy came over to her house in his uniform and they apparently took turns answering a three alarmer.

“We got to know each other a little bit and we started fucking,” she says. Starr enjoys what she does. “A lot of girls escort for the money- for me it’s about the sex. But it’s starting to get a little old and I want to do something different, like the movies. Even though I’ve got a big following. I’m sure a lot of guys will miss me.”

It starts off with a guy contacting her via the Internet. “He pays my expenses,” says Starr. “It’s really neat.” One look at her rates and you’d have to agree with her. But Starr also has a clientele that can afford it, including law enforcement officials, judges and high profile D.C. politicians. Oh the book this girl could apparently write.

Starr says the reason why she got started in escorting was not a bad drug habit to support or a punch in the face from an unemployed boy friend. She simply had a shopping jones and had to support it. “It was so ridiculous,” she laughs. “I can shop, honey. You don’t understand. I should be a shopperholic.” Starr claims that her clients love it, too. “If a guy wants to go buy me something nice, hey, I’ll go for it.”

The most extravagant gift she’s received so for has been a ’96 Jag. “I got it for a birthday present this year.” Starr gets guys who range from construction jobs to working for the federal government. “I get guys who do everything.”

She wouldn’t name names but tells me of one instance where a politico’s irate wife called her and then called her every name in the book. “Two hours later she called and apologized. Her dumb ass husband gets up in the morning, gets on my website, calls me. We make an appointment. he goes to work and she opens the computer and my website’s sitting there. He had to be one of the dumbest clients I ever had.” Starr did see the guy, eventually, despite the episode.

“I get a lot of couples who want to see me,” she adds. “I’ve had a few women who want to see me. I do like other women but they have to have something about them. You don’t have to be too beautiful but you have to have a nice personality.”

Starr tells me it’s taken her five years to make up her mind about doing videos. “There’s a lot of good aspects to it where I want to do it.” Starr is basically on a recruitment program to look for guys to work with. “I’m going to approach this industry a little bit different than other people would,” she says. “I’m going to go out a different way.” For one thing, Starr tells me she won’t work with Max Hardcore.

“I think he’s the most disgusting, selfish pig I’ve ever met in my life,” she says. And Max would probably agree with her. “I’m not going to have someone pee in my mouth. Maybe I’ll pee in your mouth but the whole way he goes about it treating women is kind of disgusting. I want to be into the more sexual-sexual, this is how it’s supposed to be done. This is what a porn movie’s supposed to be like. I want to be in it more for the quality with high end graphics and a lot of fun.

“When someone buys my movie they’re going to go I can’t wait until she comes out with another one,” Starr predicts. “One of those kinds of movies.”

I’ve heard a few stories about her side of the business and had to ask Starr about some of the weirdest shit she’s been asked to do. “The weirdest thing?” she asks.”I didn’t do it but I had a guy call me for three weeks in a row wanting me to shit on his chest. And I had a guy who wanted me to pour chloroform down his throat. It’s mind boggling. It really is.

If nothing else I suggest that it gives Starr ample cocktail party conversation. Starr said she had another guy who have a normal job but would come home and write down every thing wrong that he did. “Every day,” she says. “Then he’d have a special toy- a whip, a chain, a paddle. He had different things he wanted me to do to him for everything he did wrong. That was kind of fun. Like if he didn’t do the dishes he got five spankings. Things like that.”

Needless to say the more powerful the guy’s job, the kinkier he was. “That is so true, I swear to God,” says Starr whose clientele also enjoy pantyhose, shoe and toe fetishes. “I had a guy who liked to watch me smoke a cigarette. I have a client who likes to fuck me while I’m smoking a cigarette. I don’t know what they get out of it but if it makes them happy, it makes me happy.”

Jasmine suspects that of all things about her, people love her smile. “They love my smile, my ass, my legs.” Starr was mulling a boob job but took rations of shit from her clients about such an attempt. “You would have thought the whole world was ending over me getting a boob job.”

Starr said he was a tomboy. “I never like dresses, I never liked getting my nails done. I have four younger brothers.” With that in her resume I asked Starr if her sessions also include house construction. Starr says when she hit puberty she started wearing short dresses. “I was more sexual. It all wenr downhill from there.” And she’s always had the shopping habit. “I’m not one of those girls that will go into a story and take ten hours to pick out a shirt,” she says. “I’ll go into a store and if I like it, I’ll buy it.” Starr says it irritates her to watch other women making purchases a life and death decision. “If it looks good, buy it. Who cares?”

I would also assume that a lot of Star”s purchases go towards her sessions. “I have guys who like very short dresses,” she points out. “I have guys who like jeans and T-shirts; guys who like 6-inch heels. A lot of the wardrobe goes with me to see a client. A lot of the guys like the nice secretary look. They love the school girl look. There’s so many aspects.”

Starr’s making a guess at her measurements but at 5’6″ and 115 pounds figures she comes in at maybe 34B-23-32.

As much fun as Starr claims to be having I suspect that she’s had a few hair-raising adventures along the way. Only once, she says, knock on wood. “I had one guy one time about two years ago. He comes to my room- I stay at very nice hotels- he comes to my room and is shaking really bad. He’s sweating and I go, honey, you don’t have to be nervous. He goes I’m not. That put up red flags, sweating and shaking for no reason.”

I suggest to Starr that maybe he’s a sax player or drug addict or both. Starr used the bathroom and found the guy looking through her purse.

“He didn’t want my money, though,” she says. “He says all escorts do drugs, where’s you drugs? I said I don’t do drugs. I ended up kicking him out of my room but it scared the hell out of me. I didn’t know what he was on. But thank God I had someone in the room next door to me that if I pounded on the wall he had the key to my room. But other than that I’ve always been in very safe situations.”

Starr, like most escorts, listns for the tell in the voice. “If I don’t like the way you sound on the phone I won’t see you,” she says. “I go by that. And when I go on a call I’ll sit and talk to you for 10 or 20 minutes just to get to know you. You get to know me and if I don’t like what you have to say, I’ll leave.”

So I ask Starr about her overnight camping trips wondering what you say after awhile. “It’s kind of fun,” she answers. “We talk about our families. We talk about our lives and, of course, there’s a lot of sex involved. There’s dinners, breakfast and lunch. We truly try to get along with each other but if it’s not working, hey, it’s not working. There’s nothing you can do about it. But a lot of he time it works. You do the best with the situation that you have. I’m good at adapting to other peoples’ personalities.”

Starr also tends to see a lot of older guys in theur fifties, sixties, seventies. “And they love me because I don’t act like the normal, teeny bopper. I got a lot to talk about and I’ve been to places. And they enjoy listening to that.”

Starr was 15 when she first had sex. “It was just a friend,” she says. Sexually, Starr’s good to go with anything with the possible exception of anal. “I don’t do that, unfortunately, for a lot of guys,” she states. “I will do it on the films depending on a guy’s size and if I like them or not. But, other than that, I don’t have a lot of don’ts.”

Starr plans to start shooting her series either this weekend or next weekend. And, as always, we’ll keep you posted.


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