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Newcomer Layne on Swami-update

Porn Valley- Fresh off the bus, Layne, from ASS Inc.,, was on the Sports Swami show Friday. Swami asked why the name Layne. Layne said she had to come up with a name and that there’s a radio show she likes called Layne’s Zero Experiment. “I thought of it as I was walking out the door.”

Swami notes that Layne tends to participate in extreme sexual activity. “You’ve been tied up- you’ve been pee’d on, too. Why the golden showers?” Layne said she’s just started and that she did the tied-up scenario with a friend of a friend. “And I do it in my personal life. And the peeing thing? I just kind of fell into that.” One would imagine. Layne explained that when she first got into the business she was with a different agent and didn’t agree with what he was trying to do. “I moved in with Gen Padova.”

Layne, 20, said Padova brought her to ASS Inc. “They’re very nice here.” Swami imagined that Layne’s cattle roping-bulldogging recreational tying probably came with some degree of discomfort. Layne explained that she used to do yoga and because of that, it was easy. “I guess it comes with practice.” Layne said the yoga helps her to relax and calm down. “And being flexible really helps in this business,” she added. “If you’e not, your muscles get sore very easily. You kind of do uncomfortable things. And it makes you a little bit stronger.”

Layne explained that she was going to school to get her bachelors degree in graphic design and that she happened to be looking in the paper and came across an ad. “I enjoyed this. It helps with the school bills.” Layne also mentioned that her family doesn’t know what she does. Layne said she comes from a very, very small town so didn’t count on them discovering her career any time soon. She’s also been around a few places, she says. “I’ve lived in Florida and Oregen; Nevada and Arizona and North Carolina.

Swami, as most people would have guessed army brat, but Layne explained that her parents just moved a lot. “We’re nomads, basically.” Swami hoped that didn’t translate to carnies. “They’ll trick you out of your money.”

Layne said she was working on a website which will probably have a rough theme to it. “And all the basic-stuff. I’m still working on it.” Because she’s working towards that degree, Layne says she intends to put a lot of personal time into project design. She was asked what her first day on the set was like. “I didn’t know what to expect when I started,” she said. “But it’s a whole lot better than what I had expected. I had a scared feeling about it. I didn’t know what was going to happen. But it turned out real good.”

Layne was also asked if she ever had a partner where she was tempted to run away with them and make them an ex-husband. She said, no, that she’s been in her current relationship for about a year. “I go to work and work with those people,” she continued. “They’re a bunch of really nice people, but as far as wanting to be with someone else in that sense, no.” She was asked how she met her current boyfriend. Layne said she was living in southern Arizona and met through friends. “We’ve been together since.” Swami suspected that her porn career must be hard on him. Layne said he was iffy about it until he moved out to California with her. “I was living with Gen Padova and [KSEX flake] Bionca Pureheart was staying there.”

Layne said by his being around a bunch of porn girls he got used to the idea. Swami wondered if he’s had any forbidden fruit along the way. Layne said, no. “He hasn’t gone with anyone else but me.” For her part, Layne said she’s been growing out of a party mode and is in a go to work, come home, go to the movies rhythm. “I’ve gotten pretty boring,” she laughs. Layne said she did a lot of partying in high school but suspects that she’s settling into an old lady vibe. “Just doing the right thing. Maybe I should go out to parties.” Layne said her first movie was coming out August 15 from Extreme. It’s Oral Hygiene 3.


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