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Nicki Hunter Calls in to KSEX

Porn Valley- Nicki Hunter who’s been diagnosed with Lymphoblastic Leukemia Lymphoma, called in to KSEX last night. Hunter appeared to be in great spirits.

First the back story: & Smart SMS to Donate Profits of Text Messaging Proceeds for the next thirty days to The Nicki Hunter Foundation

While close friends of the well liked adult couple, Josh and Nicki Hunter await approval and processing of their application for The Nicki Hunter Foundation [actual title pending], the extremely disturbing cost of hospitalization and needed treatment for uninsured Nicki is overwhelming.

Diagnosed with Lymphoblastic Leukemia Lymphoma and recently admitted to their hospital’s intensive care unit, Nicki is undergoing chemotherapy as well as numerous other treatments to battle this disease that is normally only found in the very young and in senior citizens.

While it’s been reported that Hunter remains in good spirits by those closest to her, a sickness of this magnitude will require many grueling, often painful and very expensive months, perhaps years, of continued treatment. Without medical coverage, the Hunter Family may quickly find themselves in a money crunch that could risk the best care available.

In an effort to quickly get the fundraising wheels moving with a simple but potentially massive participation format, and Smart SMS have organized what they’re calling “Get Well Texts to Nicki.” Simply put, anyone with a cell phone that has the ability to communicate with text messages can show their support by typing in the brief code associated with KSEXradio’s Contest Text Account, hit send and a donation has been made.

NOTE: The cost of each text message is $.99 cents. While users will receive a response text relating to a previous KSEX contest, management at the popular sex talk radio station advise you to complete the action requested to confirm participation in the quest to speed Nicki through her road to recovery!

“Nicki is a former KSEXradio host who the staff and fans absolutely adore,” stated KSEX Program Director, Wankus. “She’s intelligent, motivated, hard working, a proud wife, proud mother and the glass is always full no matter how many times you try to pick it up and throw it at her.”

The KSEXradio Text account provided by Smart SMS is designed for contests and giveaways. The revenue (text activity) is shared between KSEX, Smart SMS and the phone company that offers the platform. As new partners in what they hope will be many successful promotions together, KSEX and Smart SMS have agreed to donate their entire commissions from every “Get Well” Text Message Nicki receives for the next thirty days.

“Between business and personal use, I probably send over 100 texts per day,” Wankus continued. “Anyone with a cell phone, working in the industry or a fan of adult MUST participate in this very worthy cause. It’s too easy, too affordable and too important too all our very small XXX family that wants and needs Nicki back on a movie set ASAP!”


1. Simply open a blank text message doc on your cell phone or SMS service on your computer

2. For the send address type in the numbers 54015

3. In the body of the page simply type KSEX

4. Shortly after sent, you will receive a notification thanking you for your participation and reminding you that there is $.99 charge to send your love to Nicki. It will give you another short code to enter as a reply. Type that code in, hit send and you are finished.

For more information or if you would like to donate to the cause in a greater sum by check or money order, contact [email protected].

Having a final thought on the subject, Wankus said, “We have the most envied careers, some of the best jobs in the world. We have fun, sometimes make decent money and while we sometimes take ourselves too seriously and get overdramatic about trivial BS that arises between all of our varied personalities…at the end of the day…we’re all family. No matter what we’re all dealing with on a daily basis in our own crazy worlds, our sister, our co-worker and our friend is going through worse. Lets show her how we can all bond together, fight with her and get her back in our lives!”

Gene sez: In a phone conversation, Hunter sounded like she said she was staying at “a hotel with a beautiful view.”

“I’m thinking about you guys tonight.”

“Are you in a hotel for real?” Wankus asked.

“No, no the hospital,” Hunter clarified then added her profound thanks for the Text Message fundraiser.

“I’m just so grateful,” she added. Wankus said what was more important was getting her back to health. He expressed hope that she’d be able to come back to KSEX at some point.

“If I could just turn this thing off and come join you and party…” Hunter wished aloud.

“You sound like you’re in decent spirits,” Wankus told her. “Josh [her husband] has been keeping me up to date.”

“Morphine is a good thing,” Hunter laughed. “Actually they’re taking very good care of me.” Hunter said she’s been having her ups and downs and still has a long way to go with her chemotherapy.

“But I’m going to stick with it and I’m going to beat it. I’ve already gone from something the size of a football in my chest to something the size of a baseball.” Hunter also wanted to thank everyone for their prayers and support. Wankus noted that what ails Hunter is mostly common in kids and seniors and rare for someone her age. Hunter agreed that it’s very rare that adults get the disease. She explained that her bone marrow wasn’t making white T cells the way it should. And that her lymph nodes which act as the body’s draining system are allowing the cells to grow to “ungodly sizes.”

“You need chemotherapy in order to shrink them back down,” she said. “I had a tumor growing inside my chest and I had no idea. It was causing me back pain and shortness of breath and hurting my heart. Finally I got an X-ray and they said something is seriously wrong. You’ve got something in your chest. I was shocked. I didn’t know what to do. You go through denial. You think, yeah, I’ve got bronchitis then realize it’s something more serious than that. You start thinking about life, what’s important, where you’re going and how you’re going to beat it. you can’t just give up the ghost and say I’m done. That’s the end of the world. You have to say, what can I do? I’ve got something to live for. I’ve got a reason.”

The foundation for Hunter is called Hunter CARE. Hunter said she’d love to continue the work knowing that there are cancer survivors in the industry.

“To be able to help someone else out the way they’ve helped me that would make it all seem worthwhile because I don’t want to be a greedy person with my handout. I’m not a beggar. If I can help one other person from my plight…I’d love to.”


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