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NSA Conspiracies, Complaining Ambassadors and Fat Elvis; The Weird and Wacky XBIZ Forum

Let’s get into the controversy that has been swirling around The Rob Black Show and AdultFYI.

It kinda happened by accident. A few days ago, It was brought to my attention that there was a thread on the message forum entitled “Is Rob Black the new Mike South?” What’s funny is the thread was started by the owner of XBIZ, Alec Helmy. Now, it’s his website, his magazine, his message board, he can do what he wants. Even create a topic to provoke people to trash me. No problem. People have opinions, we live in a free society where people are allowed to say what they want.

I thought the topic was kinda silly, because I consider our show and our website to be very different from Mike South’s. We are an opinion blog/talk show. We’re not someone who claims to have all of this damning information from anonymous sources and if people aren’t nice to us, we’re gonna reveal all of the information. We don’t do that. We don’t engage talent and say we’re gonna reveal text messages that say that you got a girl pregnant, like South did with Tee Reel. That’s not what we do.

We read or hear about issues and we comment on them. We say “Here’s our take on this story.” Whether it’s positive or negative, whether you agree with the position or not, it’s meant to provoke thought and perhaps show people a different point of view.

When we did the story on Ginger Lynn, people immediately took it as an attack on Ginger Lynn for being Fat Elvis. But that really was just a small piece of what we were talking about. If you were Amber Lynn or Christy Canyon or Rebecca Bardoux, you might have thought it was a nice piece. It talked about how those women are the same age as Ginger and they look fabulous and they’ve kept themselves together and that Amber looks better than some of the talent in their 20’s. You might have Amber read the article and love it and Ginger read it and hate it. Which position is the right one?

Some people didn’t like the story because it bashed Ginger. Some people like it because it praised Amber. This is life. There is not a winner to everything. You have winners and you have losers. All forms of opinionated media have a slant. When you write a commentary you take a position. The concept that Rob Black writing a story is wrong because it offends one group of people is ludicrous.

So when we saw that had been posting about us, we decide to start posting our articles to offer an opposing viewpoint. We posted a total of four articles and the turmoil that these postings created has been off the hook. I’ve never experienced the level of hysteria that these posts have induced. It’s been an avalanche of freak outs. From people I know, people who think they know me and from people that we’ll never know who they are because they post anonymously.

There are a couple interesting posters on there. One is a guy named Colin Rowntree. His name made me laugh. It reminds me of Patrick Collins’ nom de porn Roscoe Bowltree. He even looks like Pat. This guy is as nutty as they come. He posted that people should be careful dealing with me because they will be put in an NSA file.

Here’s what he posted:

“Be careful of engaging with Rob Black here or anywhere.”

“The DOJ still follows you as a convicted and incarcerated rape video producer, and and any engagement puts others into an NSA file as a porno person that is friends with you.”

“Sorry, Rob.”

“Your are poison now as far as NSA tracking. Rape vids and convictions for such tend to have that long lasting effect on your travels around the interwebs! Ask Paul Little or Ira Issacs.” 

“Careful all when engaging!”

So I guess the NSA is tracking me, Max Hardcore, Ira Isaacs and John Stagliano. This guy is so delusional that he doesn’t realize that our government was spying on the Chancellor of Germany and thinks that nobody knows who anybody is in porn and the NSA is going to go on a porn message board and find out who is talking about Rob Black and go, “Who’s this Colin Rowntree? We gotta go investigate him!” I guess anybody who does business with Evil Angel is on the NSA hit list. XBIZ had better get swept for wiretaps because Evil Angel takes out ads. Really Colin? Are you that fucking paranoid? You probably live in an Alex Jones inspired survivalist camp and sit in the basement wearing a tin foil hat and think that 9/11 was a conspiracy by Jewish Martians.

I thought Colin Rowntree was an intelligent, successful businessman. He’s one of the “Ambassadors” of XBIZ who were calling for my banishment from the board. Ambassador Rowntree, riddle me this. Aren’t you afraid that when you posted the chapters of Moby Dick on my thread to mock my long posts that the NSA might interpret that as “engagement” with Rob Black? Sorry, dude. Don’t mean to freak you out, man. Take your pills and it will all be better in the morning.

What I think is really bothering the Ambassadors and why they wanted me banned is that the threads that I posted were getting more views and more replies than anything that they were posting. Other than the Chase Bank closing porn star accounts thread, our four posts were getting the most action. But the Chase thread started April 23 and we just started posting this week. My threads were getting the most attention and that is what Colin Rowntree and Howard Levine don’t like. Or whoever else over there who calls themselves Ambassadors.

It’s just funny. This is a porn message board. We didn’t engage anybody, didn’t call anyone names, we simply posted our stories in response to them posting about me. It’s weird that our opinion pieces invoked so much controversy. Controversy like you couldn’t imagine. To the point where Dan Miller emailed me this morning and said that I needed to call Alec Helmy and if I didn’t call him by noon by account would be suspended.

So before the show I called up Alec. I have to give him credit for talking to me, considering some of the stuff we’ve said about him on the show. He was man enough to talk to me and work this out. He’s got more balls than anyone at AVN and he’s definitely got more balls than Howard Levine, who hides behind a message board and talks shit.

Howard would never say the things he does to my face, he’ll just talk shit behind your back. That’s why he got his ass fired from Vivid. Steve Hirsch got fed up with his shit and fired him, even though he had been there for years. As a matter of fact, I’d like to ask my good buddy Jerry Estrada, what the fuck do you pay Howard Levine to do? All he does is sit on a fucking message board all day on XBIZ and complain about Rob Black and call Alec Helmy. This whole week Howard Levine has been on the XBIZ message board talking up a storm. Doesn’t Jerry pay Howard like 8000 dollars a month? To do what? Play on a message board?

Hey Alex Estrada, Big A. What the fuck, man? I know you always hated Howard. The guy sits on a message board all day. Get Danny Gorman another assistant and he can sell Exile. Cut some of that big payroll. Howard Levine collects a huge paycheck for playing on a message board all day.

So I talked to Alec and he told me he’s been getting heat from the Ambassadors and other people on the forum about my posts. He didn’t say who, but Howard Levine outed who they were. Howard Levine and Ambassador Rowntree had complained to Helmy. Levine stooged that off in a post. I asked Alec, “What are the rules? You guys started a thread about me and I responded by posting my articles so I could have a voice as well.” He said, “It’s fine to have a voice and you can participate, but what you can’t do is just paste stories from your site, especially when they are trashing people. Go on the board and tell everyone you’re gonna abide by the rules and everything will be fine and you won’t be banned.” I said, “Fair enough.”

That’s the essence of the drama. Alec Helmy, being the stand up, ballsy guy he is, contacted me, addressed his concerns and explained his message board policies. Can’t ask for more than that. If more people were like him and less like little rat fuck weasels like Howard Levine, the industry would be a better place.

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