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Auditions Alana Evans on KSEX

One-on-One with Samantha Sterlyng

(San Fernando Valley, CA) — She is one of the most sexy adult performers in the circuit, in my opinion, and one thing that many fans may not...

On Job “TRAIN”ing at KSEXradio.com

Layla, Autumn, Daisy & Steve learn each other...hands on!

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No, Just Microphones in the Vagina!

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BiSexual Britni Wins!

(Denver, CO) – I have just received the official word, that, I, indeed have beaten Jenna Haze in the finals for the Best Porn Starlet of the year,...

Wankus & Flexx Sex Log

(Burbank, CA) – Yes, it’s official. Those crazy KSEXradio.com personalities have made an actual list of adult stars they’ve ‘scored’ sexually, while working for the popular 24 hour,...