IAFD dead porn star list Analysis update (January 5, 2020)

* The IAFD dead porn star list currently has 902 pornstar deaths in total from January 1970 AD to January 2nd, 2020 AD (its official estimate is 981...
Michael Vegas James Oak Gay Porn

Start 2017 Off Right Put Michael Vegas on your NO list

Testing is an important part of what we do in porn. But testing alone won’t save you from getting HIV. Do you want to get HIV? Fuck no....

Crossover performer Michael Vegas pissed off agents won’t work with him

Michael Vegas performers in the gay world as James Oak. In his gay porn, some of which you can watch on PornHub you’ll find Michael Vegas sucks cock,...

Prop 60 Is Complete And Utter Bullshit – Cameron Reed & Cameron Bay Are Spokespeople For It, Both Got HIV From Gay Men

Who is dumb enough to vote yes on this bullshit? Cameron Bay And Cameron Reed are acting like victims in the Yes On Prop 60 spots but both...
Mike South

From The Porn Wiki Leaks Archives: Socks On, Condoms Off @ The Embassy Suites Atlanta, A Mike South Tale!

Mike South shoots without even testing talent!! March 27, 2014 Multiple eyewitnesses confirm that Mike South, an amateur pornographer from Georgia who regularly lectures the mainstream adult business...
Christian X

Christian X Sucks

Literally… 1,315 Views

@ChristianXXX1 SICKER THAN EVER! Gets Double Teamed By Two Fat Old Dudes!

What a SICK FUCK! 1,645 Views

Alexis Arquette Was One Ugly Motherfucker, Had AIDS And Is Now Dead Because Of It

This is one ugly motherfucker and he died from AIDS related complications. He gets press because of his famous brother and sister, who are famous actors. He didn’t...
ChristianX tranny fucker

I Don’t Know How To Tell You This, Christian Michael Wians, ChristianXXX, SO I’LL LET THESE GUYS DO IT!

I Don’t Know How To Tell You This, Christian Michael Wians, ChristianXXX, SO I’LL LET THESE GUYS DO IT! 1,892 Views

Is there a new HIV threat from a female performer? There just may be!

Do you remember the day Cameron Bay got the phone call that she tested positive for HIV? What nobody questioned was, what was she doing on that day...