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The Rob Black Wages of Fear Show Continues; His Lawyer Advised to Save His Wife; “I Walked Around and Let People Piss in My Face”

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Movie fanatics will recognize the headline reference. The Wages of Fear is a film noir about four guys recruited to drive a truck full of nitroglycerine over a rocky terrain. And that’s what the Rob Black Internet show’s been like so far. Waiting for a bump and an on-air explosion.

So far Fabian Thylmann, Steve Hirsch, Larry Flynt, John Stagliano, Bill Margold and others haven’t detonated the studio as Black continues his onslaught of the porn business. But the week is still young. On his Tuesday afternoon show, Black began excoriating director Stoney Curtis [aka Brian “Cheeks” Williams] calling him a punk and a jackoff.

Curtis, according to Black, had told people Black went to jail because women were raped and beaten for real on his movie sets.

“Brian knew he was a punk; Brian knew he was a fuckin’ nobody.”

Black followed that amusing tirade with an explanation of events behind his obscenity case.

“Even though I got busted I still did interviews; we walked the walk and we talked the talk. When we beat the government and George Bush got re-elected, [Supreme Court justices] Alito and Roberts made sure that I went to prison and that a federal judge got his decision overturned. After that happened I’m sitting there broke.

“You have a lawyer who now says I’m going to still defend you but we got no money for extra witnesses; we got nothing Rob. This is what you’re going to have to do. You need to save your wife.

“Lizzy [Borden] was part of this,” said Rob. “Lizzy Borden wasn’t my wife at the time. She was a director who happened to be in a relationship with a raging douchebag. Here’s this girl who’s been strangled into this case.”

Black said he managed to go pretty far in his legal fight without help from the porn business.

“We had leaders like Paul Fishbein go on TV and go what he does is so over the top, it’s horrible. As my lawyers said, Rob, you need to think about your wife. Lou Sirkin said think about her not going to prison; minimize the damage. I said I’ll play ball with everybody and suck cock. This was a woman who was basically controlled by a man, manipulated and a porn, but she was facing 50 years in prison.

“Let’s make up with AVN,” I was told.

“When we came up with a company called Evolution, that’s what the powers-that-be told us to do so that people would accept us.”

Black said he had to play the good ol’ boys game where he became their bitch.

Black said he had to eat humble pie and apologize to people that fucked him.

“Let’s create a public forum where I stand up and said I’m sorry. Let’s spend the next four years apologizing.” Black said he was told he had no choice but to play the game.

“My counsel, lawyer, this motherfucker looked at me dead in the eyes and said I can guarantee your wife will not go to prison. What you’ve done for four years will guarantee your wife will not go to prison.

“He said she’ll get a little ankle bracelet. The lawyers looked at me, my mom and dad and Lizzy’s family and said she’s not going to jail, Rob did the right thing. Guess what happened?

“I started working for people so they could tell people Rob Black works for them. So they could sit there and go, remember him? Look what we got him doing now because he doesn’t want his wife go to prison. So we’re going to piss in his fucking face. I walked around and let people abuse me.”

Black said it began with Art Attack a company that made millions off of him designing his boxes.

“I think I owed them $26,000 and they ran around the Valley telling people I was a deadbeat. I started a foil revolution with this place where every [porn] company went to them. I created revenue and at the end of the day when I’m sitting in prison I’m a deadbeat. Better yet, when I got out of prison and got a job making $800 a week, they had the audacity to say, ‘You think Rob will pay us the money he owes us?’

“Do you fucking believe that? ‘He ought to give us that money to pay that $26,000 he owes us.’ Didn’t we have a relationship where I made them millions?”

“I sat there at the sentencing. I made a deal with Sirkin and the lawyers that it was 99.9999999% that I wasn’t going to get jail time. [Prosecutor] Mary Beth Buchanan was pushing for five years using Max Hardcore as a precedent. They sentence me. I knew it was coming. Then Lizzy stands up and they sentence her to the same amount of time. People on our side were just dumbfounded.”

Black said he gets it that karma was coming back to bite him in the ass for telling prospective job seekers they were no-talent jackoffs.

“I’m sooooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry!. I’m sorry that I wouldn’t let you hang out with me. I’m sorry when Tom Zupko came to me for a job and I refused him that he went to John Stagliano and said fuck Rob Black. And the cocksucker got a job.”

“So I go to prison. Now I’m working for fucking Exquisite. I basically get a chump charge so I can get ready for prison. I take over for Diane DeVoe and they pay me less. I came in and got paid less to take over for Diane. When I come out of prison I get two years of probation. Not like normal probation, hey, you must have robbed a bank and then fucked three boys that were under six years old in the hands of a priest and after you got done, you robbed 82 dollars from a 78 year-old lady. That’s how they treated me. My parole officer would randomly call me 7:30 morning, ‘Hey, Rob, we’re going to stop in.’

“Okay, Brian, sure, come on down. Then he would come on down. I did this for two years. Better not say bad things about so and so because I could go back to prison and the judge could give me five years for violation.

“Let’s just say seven years- for the last seven years- I’ve lost everything to my name where I basically live in a box. As you can see, I’ve got nothing left except to rebuild. I got a movie that’s not completed that I still owe people money for because this company’s fucking me. I’m going to be in a federal lawsuit with this company, and I got a movie that isn’t done, and I still have people that are owed money.”

“I want my money, you cocksucker, you drug pusher. That’s what this company is, they’re drug pushers. We’re going to talk about that later.”

Black said what was held over his head were threats and blackmail.

“When I was young I didn’t give a shit,” he said.

“Now I’ve been corporate blackmailed. Social blackmailed. Government blackmailed. When you have nothing, then have everything then lose it again and you start to come up and it’s taken away from you, the roller coaster ride is eventually over.”


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