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Rob Black Wants You To Know Something About His Family

“If Chuck [Zane] walked in that door, I’d punch him in the mouth. He’s the biggest piece of garbage in the world because he fucks family. That’s the worst.”

That was Rob Black saying that about his uncle Chuck back in 1998.

“Chuck Zane, around 1996, bounced $10,000 worth of checks on me and laughed at me.”

That was director John T. Bone, who worked for “uncle Chuck,” saying that.

Things haven’t changed much in 15 years, and Rob Black took to the airwaves Tuesday afternoon to talk about how his Uncle Chuck stole $8,000 from him while he was doing time in La Tuna federal prison on an obscenity rap.

For those not up on their porn history, Chuck Zane holds the adult industry record for bankrupting his company on three different occasions and it was no secret he stole money from his brother Dominic [Rob’s father] while they owned Zane Brothers.

Whichever way the screws turn in the Zicari family drama, Rob Black said her’s been punished enough and asked me publicly to lift the “ooga booga” from him.

I want to make this perfectly clear. I specialize in the booga booga; but the ooga booga is the province of old Italian ladies in black veils and African tribal medicine men. Nonetheless I’ll give it a shot.

On his show Black explained that if you did porn deals in Europe there was a royalty system locked into place. Not every producer knew about this. Just the smart ones.

“Any time your product was shown in any type of venue, you got a royalty,” Black explained.

“I registered through my uncle. The art people had to make special covers for the product.” Twice a year Black would get checks for 4 grand, 8 grand.

“It’s a little secret that people don’t know about. My uncle Chuck would handle it and he would disperse it [the money] to me, and he did this with one or two other producers. That started back in maybe 2007. So in six years we had a huge European deal with Scala.

“They were taking tons of product from us. Every six months this money would come in. Then all of a sudden when I went to prison I guess that money decided to stop; and at the end of the day, as my radio show starts- this is for all of you out there who despise me and hope I die- I guess this was my payback for making Mark Spiegler wait in the lobby.

“This is your big laugh, the best part. Rob Black lost everything he owned. He lives in an office above a strip club. I got no money. I have websites that draw tons of traffic and basically I sit here with the help of an anonymous lady who helps me with web codes.

“Here’s your big comedy element. I have nothing. Would it make you guys happy to know while I sat in prison this family member stole my money? Thousands. It’s $8,000 that he admitted to. Are we all good now? If my life couldn’t get any shittier, my uncle’s son Matt [Zane] who thinks he’s cool, tells people I owe him $1400.

“How’s that for throwing salt in the wounds? How about the fact that my wife did promotion for his piece of shit band free of charge. I live in a box because my own family steals my money. I owe you money- you want my jeans? How about sitting in federal prison with nothing and getting out with nothing, and the years go by, nothing.

“But, oh, you have a radio show and are talking about workers’ rights. My own family member- my father’s brother- while I sat in prison got the royalty money every six months and used that to have a good time to live, to spend to do who knows what.

“From the year before I went to prison to three months ago when he [Chuck Zane] confessed that he stole my money- this man robbed over $8,000 from me, and he goes ‘it’s some kind of mixed up thing. I’m going to send you $1,000.’

“He sends me $2,000 and that he will give me 2,000 grand every year until he’s paid up. This is a 60 year old man with successful grown sons; his son in Rochester makes a million a year, but this man is crying that he’s going to eat dog food unless he robs from his own flesh and blood. My father’s brother while I sat in prison stole over $8,000, and I get a big nothing. That’s the end of the story.

“Imagine if I had six grand right now. That would be a game changer. Have I been punished enough? To think that people in this business are trying to hurt other peoples’ careers based on a fact they don’t like a certain agenda. In turn they’re going to spread lies.

“Talk about a guy like Christian- This is a guy Tom Byron fought for. Half the people still hate the guy. Tom Byron used him in movies. Lizzy Borden shot him too. This is somebody I shot a year and a half ago when Tom Byron was still working for Frank Koretsky.

“Derek Hay would call Tom Byron and pull girls out of scenes because Derek and Christian were having a lovers’ quarrel. Now you got Christian fighting against change. And OC Modeling- these are people that are upset- I’m not sure over what- one of their lesser talent was given a banner for free. Phoenix Askani was a mark girl and I thought it was cool if she got showcased.

“But other girls, are going hey bitch, and so we took her banner down because she was getting heat. I figure throw up a Mackenzee Pierce banner because she reads AdultFYI every day. If it helps out this girl that’s all that matters. I’m trying to empower the talent.

“I guess OC Modeling doesn’t work in the adult business any more. I guess they do but I’m a bad apple. I figure telling you how I got robbed from my own flesh and blood, I’ve been officially punished enough and can now be forgiven. This is me purging my soul and I’ve taken the ultimate act of betrayal. And my uncle mocks me. It’s a joke. My family sits in Rochester and mock me.

“Mike South and these people hate me so much with no interaction and because of that interaction they are going to punish every performer. Mike South is going to punish the entire business, but he’s telling you LATATA should do what I’ve been telling you [on health insurance] with Charity Bangs.

“Are you guys out of your minds? Mike South sits there and talks about nothing but Manwin and LATATA. He is this total shill and you guys don’t listen to me and think I’m full of shit.

“You have an industry punish Phoenix Askani because she was put on a website that everyone was talking about and telling her we won’t let you watch our dogs any more.

[Askani baby sits dogs of other porn performers]. And now she’s been replaced by Mackenzee Pierce.

“Don’t punish the talent for my sins. You’re punishing talent that wasn’t born while I was slapping you and making you feel like a hurt little bitch and an inferior human being.

“Now you’ve carried that over for 13 years so you can punish the talent. The talent has been punished enough in this business- the fact that they’re working 50 man cream pies during the height of Hepatitis. Alex Gonz is gone. Don’t punish the talent for Rob Black’s sins. My uncle Charles Zicari already did that.”


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