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Rob Black to Graham Travis: I Hope They Deport You and That Scumbag Wife of Yours; Black wants Back at Elegant Angel

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Rob Black was getting downright nostalgic.

On his Monday afternoon show, Black ended his Elegant Angel story with a cliff hanger

On Tuesday, resuming the story, Black explained that many years after their falling out, he went to see Patrick Collins. Black thought that maybe an 8-page email in which he poured out his guts would at least set the stage for Collins to hear him out. Instead Collins snarled and called Black a whore.

“I’m flabbergasted,” said Black.

“Tom Byron’s standing next to me, and if I’m the whore, Byron is Chuck Traynor. I thought there’d be a conversation, not this weird vibe.”

Black felt that Collins would at least want to talk after many of the bad feelings had been aired between the two of them and time had soothed others.

Black said he had approached Graham Travis who was then at Elegant Angel to act as an intermediary – just the same way that Travis acted as an intermediary in Collins’ divorce. Black was told that Travis was “Pat’s boy” and that talking to Travis was the same as talking to Collins.

“Me and Graham talked, we talked two hours.” So Black naturally assumed that the substance of a two hour conversation would naturally get back to Collins. He may have been wrong.

“Graham Travis had been at Elegant Angel the longest and represented stability. He was the closest anyone had been to Pat because he was there the longest. Longer than Greg Alves. Longer than Dion Giarrusso. Graham was longer with Pat than Pat was with John Stagliano.”

What Black wanted, essentially, was permission to use some of his old Elegant Angel footage in a documentary that was being done about him and perhaps maybe interview Collins to fill some blanks in that documentary.

Black said the conversation he had with Travis got downright emotional, but thinks, in hindsight, Travis never relayed the message to Collins and maybe intercepted the 8-page email as well.

“I’m on the phone going over with Graham the history all of us had at Elegant Angel. I explained how I was a little crying cunt back then when Tricia [Deveraux] cheated on me; but now I’m 40 years old. I talked about the history we all had and the movies we did at Elegant Angel.”

Black talked about how he had been a salesman at Elegant Angel for six months.

“Greg Alves was on the phone with a distributor,” Black recalls.

“I knew the distributor, and I started talking to the distributor. Pat said you ever thought about doing sales? ‘I’ll give you $50,000 to do sales.’ I did sales and would talk to people I knew because I had bought from them for my dad’s video store.”

Black said on many occasions, because the office desks were set up that way, that they’d sit around and bullshit.

“It was an open house where if people came in to talk to Pat we’d hear what these retards were saying to him. We would harass each other, and Pat would rock back in his chair, one foot up on his desk and he would tell us stories.

“Greg Alves would go, ‘Don’t get Pat going.’ I remember the time we had Santino Lee- he was friends with Pat and would do goofy shit. Pat took him to Europe a couple of times.

“Pat was [former porn performer] Tianna’s husband and dealt with all these talent losers. This motherfucker [Santino Lee] came in, and they let him make Santino Lee’s Sex TV 1 & 2.

“He was gone before the second movie came out.”

Black explained how during that era he’d be shooting his movie a month; Tom Byron would be doing the Cumback Pussy series.

“Pat and Michael Cates are doing this Sodomania shit. Pat used to do fantasy rape scenes. I did a rape scene in Cellar Dwellers. Pat gave me an out [an explanation in the movie of how this appeared to be a rape but wasn’t].

“My censor was Pat. It was never a distributor. I only had to deal with Pat who said you had to do it this way and that way.

“I was very protective over the shooting that came out of Elegant,” Black reflected.

“It was our domain. If there were problems, we all got together to fix it. I was the watch dog because it affected all of our money. It was a natural pecking order of a gang mentality. Pat was the boss; Greg was the under boss.

“I was the captain and had all the soldiers under me. It was this whole pyramid and I was the pipeline to who got in and out of that place.”

Black recalled that when Santino Lee came in, his movie was played for the other guys to evaluate it.

“This dude’s cock is about 3-inches big,” Black remembers.

“I look up and see this black dude fucking a white girl and a black girl together. I see black skin. I don’t see the faces. I thought, fuck, this is the smallest black cock I’ve ever fucking seen. I go over to the TV monitor to look at the world’s smallest black cock. Pat starts laughing.

“Santino looked like a Milli Vanilli reject with work out pants, and I go, wow, bro, that’s your dick? You got a small dick. My dick’s bigger than that. I know he’s heard this before, and Pat’s going I can’t believe this crazy dude is talking about a black guy’s dick that way. I go back to my desk thinking that’s still a little dick.

“Days later we were at dinner with Pat. I go, ‘You’re not going to put out the world’s smallest black dick guy?’ Pat goes to Greg, well, we got this one video. I go, ‘We bury this movie.’

“Gone. That was our life at Elegant Angel. I would tell Graham these stories because I figure I’m talking to Pat. I thought maybe at the end of the day Pat would go, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh, maybe set up a meeting. That’s what I thought would come out of that meeting.

“The best times I had were at Elegant Angel,” Black reflects.

“Even the drama we had. Elegant Angel is big in today’s porn business, but people have no idea. Elegant Angel was the biggest gonzo company there was. Buttman was nothing but old guys that were successful at other companies working for a guy who got HIV from a tranny.

“We even had a magazine with Vivid- one half was Vivid, the other half was Elegant. Patrick and Steve Hirsch worked out. Greg Alves was a big sloppy fuck, but worked out as well. This work out place everybody was there – this was the happening place.

“That’s how my relationship stated with Hirsch. I’m shooting Vivid girl Lexus Locklear on Pat’s Ferrari. I’m running around with a Vivid girl who’s telling me, ‘I hear you’re the crazy director.’ I was so in love with Tricia Deveraux, and this Vivid girl wanted my meat. I would end up knuckle fucking Lexus.

“I remember when Pat came up with the idea for that magazine. We did stuff people weren’t doing. We were the biggest company then, and they [AVN] ran the awards like the Academy Awards. They even had buffets. Elegant Angel was this gonzo company that came from the split of Collins and Stagliano. This rough biker asshole Pat was their salesman.

“I told Pat I wanted to make movies. Pat said, okay, and all of a sudden we had nominations for acting awards. Pat never thought his company would win an acting award when they were making movies like Sodomania or Thermonuclear Sex, the worst movie he ever made.

“Back then we’d sit in the office and come up with ideas and promotions, and Patrick didn’t give a fuck what I did. He didn’t give a shit what the concept was, he didn’t care. He let me create the character of Rob Black.

“Pat was really into what we did, and I think it showed. Pat showed a propensity to push the envelope. He’s always shown that flair to push the envelope. I told Graham all of this, that we created something at Elegant that was awesome. It’ll never be seen again. We all were creative. Pat gave Tom Byron a shot, and I took in every retard known to man.

“People made fun of us for the flunkies that we took in. There’s a porn performer today- Mr. Pete – who is a top guy, but a guy named Brian Surewood and Tom Zupko brought this kid in. Mr. Pete couldn’t fuck without coming in one second. He looked like a homeless guy. We created the character Mr. Pete. Mr. Pete made his bones.

“Michael Steffano, then, Mike Long, we made him Luciano and taught him to edit, to shoot, we taught him everything. When Byron met him at Jim South’s he was banging 87 year old grannies. Luciano had talent but I hope that we had something to do with it.

“The great Francesca Le when she was a speed freak porn chick, came over to our house to play with Byron’s balls- we’d give girlfriends of employees jobs. Roxanne Hall directed Muff Divers. Francesca was a nice little cockcucker. I asked her, ‘You want to be my sales girl?’ But I didn’t need anybody to sell my product. It was an era when you got your price, fuck you.

“Patrick Collins can take immense credit for giving talent an opportunity,” said Black.

However Black calls Mason, William H and Graham Travis who were part of the new Elegant regime, “disrespectful cunts and cocksuckers.”

“You sons of bitches got awards and road the coattails of great people that created the system you were in.”

Black says his only beef with Collins is Collins calling him a whore and an asshole.

“But I have a huge part of my history with you,” Black says of Collins.

“Everything about me being a man, I did with you. I figure we could make money together, but I’m questioning if any of that got back to Pat. Graham, you get these awards, and you’re a nobody half-loser. That Big Wet Ass series was created by Zupko, and William H took it over.

“That motherfucker William H. then went to Jules Jordan, the biggest cocksucker in the world. Jules Jordan, I haven’t started with you, you Frank Koretsky no talented cunt.

“Mason, who gives a shit about that piece of garbage? Then, again, maybe Pat sold Elegant Angel, and it’s the end of the story. But I have a history with Collins. At the end of the day, when I pulled up in my car and Pat said you’re a whore and that I was barking up the wrong tree, what caught me off guard is the fact I was under the impression he got the email.

“I was speechless. I said to Pat I’ll talk to you later, and I drove away in silence and I didn’t say a word. Byron knows when I don’t speak I’m overwhelmed and emotional. Then I look over at Byron, I don’t know what to say.

“For me to be going through Graham Travis and get a go fuck your mother that has to be the coldest motherfucker in the world saying that. I can’t believe Pat knows this whole story. Jesus Christ. That was brutal. Tommy says that must have made Pat’s dick hard. That’s what a boss would want an old employee to do. That was 17 years in the making. Wow, I gave Patrick Collins a 17 year dick. Cool.”

On the other hand, Black said he’d hope that Collins was not pure evil and that Graham Travis is behind an opportunity to take advantage of Collins.

“Graham, you took the staff and now the company’s in a tailspin. I’m not going to let you do that to Pat Collins, a guy I called father 16 years ago. This guy took me when Russ Hampshire threw me out like a piece of trash saying I was too edgy.

“Graham, you and your crew of fucking traitors, Pat Collins is JFK and you planned the assassination, the coup d’etat. Patrick Collins didn’t know what hit him. Graham Travis, I hope they deport you and that scumbag wife of yours. What you did to Patrick Collins is what they did to JFK. You’re bunch of no talent motherfuckers.”

Black then urged Collins to call or text him.

“If you haven’t sold that company I’m going to say, today, that Tom Byron and Rob Black are not going to let a turkey shoot happen or let a legendary company go down at the hands of a foreign traitor scum like Graham Travis.

“Patrick, with Elegant Angel, you had a dynasty. Elegant Angel was a machine and right now what you have is a bunch of amateur college wannabes running the San Francisco 49ers. That team is never going to win, and it’s going to take ten years to get back into a championship.

“Our services are on the open market to take over the helm of Elegant Angel to bring it back to Super Bowl status,” Black declared.

“I want the job to run Elegant Angel,” Black declared. “Let’s get the team back and kick ass. We were a dynasty. What Elegant Angel is now is a bunch of kids playing games.

“Graham Travis is a director of shit, a nobody. You tell me somebody who can run that company better than me?”

Black said from the looks of Elegant Angel’s current projects the budgets are either $8,000 or the directors are stealing money. Black then outlined a plan he’s put into effect if the opportunity to come back ever arose.

Black said his first order of business would be to fire director L.T.

“Let’s get back to making great Elegant Angel movies,” Black said.


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