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Rob Black: XBiz Is Sticking It to the Adult Business with the Jenna Jameson Announcement

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According to Rob Black, XBiz’s announcement that Jenna Jameson would be hosting its 2014 Awards show is an insult to the adult industry.

“This is a woman who told the entire business to fuck their mothers and proceeded to become the train wreck from hell,” Black added.

“When women get older, they start getting plastic surgery and start looking like transsexuals. And then you have XBiz putting out a press release of Jenna Jameson’s accomplishments which ended in 2007. Where has she been for six years? Jenna Jameson is coming out- that’s what’s going on.

“Where would you come up with Jenna Jameson as the host of the 2014 XBiz Show? Dan Miller the editor and whoever else writes for XBiz- Alec Helmy who owns it- is as clueless as they come. I have no idea whatsoever of why XBiz would use Jenna Jameson as their awards show host.”

Black lent a back story to make his point.

“Jenna Jameson was an adult performer. When Jenna Jameson had her Club Jenna deal, that was controlled and operated by Jay Grdina. He went in the business by a whole slew of names. He’s a very mysterious man. It’s a mystery of who this guy is, was.

“The basic premise of Jay Grdina is very muddy. He was a long haired rocker looking guy that ran Russ Hampshire’s studio Trac Tech. He was a boyfriend of Chasey Lain. He was a porn star money hopper. One of the best.

“You know Chasey Lain as being a train wreck, but she at one point was a big contract girl for Wicked and Vivid. She was beautiful, rational and now insane. Jay Grdina also went by the names Teddy Fine and Justin Sterling- he changed his name to accommodate to the shady aspects of his business.

“Russ Hampshire let Jay Grdina make a movie or two that people said was awesome, great. Then he made this metamorphosis into this woman, Jenna Jameson’s, life. Her husband was Brad Armstong. She went from Brad Armstrong and graduated to a guy who was working with the Blatts at Antiqua. They were the boss of bosses.

“Teddy Fine [Grdina] decided that Chasey Lane had to go and maneuvered himself to Jenna. Brad Armstrong knew nothing about business and branching out into businesses. He’s been a director his whole porn life. Along comes Jay Grdina, a good suitcase pimp. He said to Jenna, ‘listen to me you’ve been with a loser husband and company. I’m going to introduce you to the Blatts and Steve Hirsch and you’re going to love me long time.’

“He hooked into the money gravy train of Jenna Jameson and proceeded to ride the Jenna train. This was completed orchestrated by Jay Grdina.”

Black said Wicked Pictures is too stupid or too scared to take stands so this Jenna evacuation episode proves his point about the company.

“Jenna was orchestrated by Jay Grdina, plain and simple. He’s a hustler’s hustler. He out hustled everybody, and Jenna Jameson’s a train wreck walking back to the XBiz awards. And you know she’s only months away from doing scenes.

“Jay Grdiona marketed Club Jenna,” Black continued.

“Playboy paid Jenna so much money and they got garbage. It was the biggest joke in the business. Playboy was the outsider that was getting fucked. They got product from a girl who was retired and told everybody to fuck their mother.

“She even said the content was old crap that it was done ages ago. Jay and Jenna, these two spent the money like drunken sailors. Jay Grdina acted like he was like the godfather of Arizona. And Jenna Jameson ran on a perfectly crafted image until she went off into left field and destroyed that money making thing.

“Just like in the movie Casino where everybody fucks up – you see Jenna Jameson and Jay Grdina go through a public disgrace. You can’t imagine the money he pissed away. He walked around with half million dollar watches then took the rest of the money and pissed it away.

“He spent all of it on jewelry. Are you insane? As the money runs out, Jay Grdina and Jenna Jameson split. Jenna goes on to Tito Ortiz. Jay Grdina vanishes off to someone else he can fleece. He vanishes out of the picture and now Jenna Jameson is with the great boxer and fighter Tito Ortiz.

“He even writes about me in his book. She proceeded to destroy this young man’s life- not any husband and wife divorce- the minute she got with Tito Ortiz, he turned into a battered, beaten fighter who you could see was getting his heart and life sucked out of him by Jenna Jameson.

“All he tried to do was give his children a better life while she became erratic and crazy. This is a woman who culminated her entire career, and then she was brought back to AVN for a lifetime achievement award.

“I can’t explain how much or how awesome the award was. It was a big deal and Jenna Jameson got on stage where she shit on the entire business and ended it with the phrase ‘I will never open up my legs for you people again.’ She said you’re all a bunch of scumbag losers- aren’t you happy you brought me up here? Fuck you. That’s exactly what Jenna Jameson did.

“Since 2007 this woman hasn’t done a goddamn thing except wreck havoc and derail a young fighter’s career. She actually lost her children to Tito Ortiz.

“You know how I speak up for women, but I got to admit that I’ve talked to women- no bullshit- they told me that if you are a celebrity, even just a porn celebrity- they said for a celebrity woman to loose custody of her children to the husband and throw in the fact that the husband is a boxer, a fighter, these women are saying you got to be a real piece of shit mom just to lose your kids in the normal way.

“But if you’re a celebrity accusing your ex of all these evil things, the courts said you are a liar, fuck you. You got to be a piece of shit. That person who’s done nothing but torture people is now the person that XBiz sat there and went, hmmm, let’s see…who can we pay a whole bunch of money to?

“XBiz, Alec Helmy, I can’t imagine you’re only paying her a couple thousand. She thinks she’s so above anyone in this world that you must have laid out $50,000 for this appearance.

“For her to come out. and for Alec Helmy thinking this is the greatest thing in the world, I’m thinking $50,000. How about if it was $10,000, $15,000? We will get real figures soon enough, and you’re going to tell me with the way the adult business is with this kind of check, you couldn’t get a celebrity that people would have talked about? We would have been better with Tara Reid the star of Sharknado- she would have been more exciting.

“Music fans, I know you can get a radio-playing band to even rap bands for $15,000. Guys, the amount of money XBiz puts out we’re looking at Jenna fucking Jameson? Fucking baffling. This is the show that’s four hours long and while you’re waiting for something you give a shit about, there are the people who are getting the PR and you got to weed through…’ladies and gentlemen the best dildo wrapped in a piece of paper and the winner is… Topco.’

“I’m lost in a wilderness with a compass and a flash light,” said Black.

“Unbelievable. That is XBiz. That is the way our business thinks. That shows you the mentality from our testing to everything. Bring out somebody from 2007. Ask her what she’s been doing, nothing.

“That is our business. I’m going to call for- I’m calling for two things- I’m calling for a boycott alternative. I’m calling out everybody do not attend the 2014 XBiz Awards show on January 24th.

“I’m calling you to do something different. I’m suspecting that in the next three weeks, two months, somebody’s going to step up and say we want to be the alternative to the XBiz awards on January 24th [Black likened it to the Monday night wrestling wars].

“In the next three to four weeks I’m going to make an announcement about a show/event that will be held the same day as the XBiz awards.

“I’m being told it will be an all day all-night style event. It will involve local marijuana dispensaries- a porn/weed fest on the same day. I said if you can make that happen I will be on board for the great fans of Los Angeles so that they aren’t subjected to a heinous human being like Jenna Jameson.

“They will be able to attend a bigger, better party. I will be the guy to promote it every day. I don’t know if it’s going to happen, but the process is going on. There will be an alternate extravaganza on January 24th opposite the XBiz awards. When the XBiz awards does not care about the business and throws it a middle finger with Jenna Jameson as host, the Rob Black Show and AdultFYI hears your voice. I hear it loud and clear.

“This organizer is working round the clock to counter program the 2014 XBiz awards show. We cannot let our trade industry publication embarrass us by presenting Jenna Jameson as the face of this business. It’ an embarrassment.”


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