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Sean Looks at The Week of 11/28/2010 In Review; Moammar Gadhafi Our Hero and Why

Sean from writes: AdultFYI goes out of its way to bring you the latest in stupid…

The Adultfyi Hero award goes to Moammar Gadhafi.

Now don’t get your undies in a bunch. We haven’t turned our allegiance to some crackpot dictator. If that was the case we would have given the Hero award to the Free Speech Coalition’s President, Diane Duke, a long time ago.

Information released this week involving the WikiLeaks scandal reported that Moammar ‘cannot travel anywhere without his “voluptuous blonde” Ukrainian nurse, Galyna Kolotnytska, 38, as she alone “knows his routine.”

I know I sure could use a voluptuous blonde “nurse” that knew my routine. I would definitely travel more.

The Sack Up award goes to aging rocker Mick Hucknall.

During an interview this week he talked about his sex life back in the 80s when he was at the top of his pop music career:

“I regret the philandering. In fact, can I issue a public apology? They know who they are, and I’m truly sorry.”

“Between 1985 and 1987, I would sleep with about three women a day, every day. I never said ‘No’. This was what I wanted from being a pop star.”

Well, look who found his feminine side. This guy is no Gene Simmons. Thank goodness for that.


> Cleanup In Aisle Three: The Evidence Photos – Crime scene technicians, armed with only a Q-Tip, are just as brave as any cop walking the beat. Read the story here:

> Allie Haze: Nominated For AVN Award Best New Starlet! – Read the hype:

> Petition Against Strip Club Nets 1,000 Signatures: Grand Opening Next Week – “This is not what I want.” Read the story here:

> Topless Coffee Shop Fire Trial Won’t Be Moved – Police say Bellavance set the fire at the Grand View Topless Coffee Shop because he was angry at his ex-girlfriend…Read the story here:


> Vote for Finalist Lupe Fuentes for – Read the hype:

> ppeals Court Throws Out Child Porn Conviction of Former Principal – “As uncomfortable as the images may make us feel, they simply are not reached by current Florida law,” he said. Read the story here:

> Mick Hucknall opens up about his “three-a-day” sex habit: Can I issue a public apology? – Well look who found his feminine side. Read the story here:

> Sorry Girls, We Men Just Don’t Find Your Silicon Valleys Sexy – ‘I have encountered artificial breasts only once — and believe me, that was enough.’ Read the story here:

> Teacher Who had Sex with Former Student gets Probation –Read the story here:

Sean’s Hot Teach Fuck Scale: 1… She should also get a rabies shot and a flea collar.

> Yana Gupta sued for pantyless stunt – “It is indeed shameful that a person of Yana Gupta’s repute could stoop so low for publicity.” Sued? They should give this hot piece of ass a medal. Read the story here:

> Peaches and Transvestite Porn Star Shock Art Basel Miami Crowd – After that, Peaches stripped down to her well-known nude leotard…Read the story here:

> Playboy to open casino in Cancun – Playboy Cancun selected 25 young women out of 1,500 who applied to be bunnies at the casino. Read the story here:

> Strip club bouncers face charges after shooting – Read the story here:

> The Porn Supremacy – He labeled it technology’s ”dirty secret” and dedicated two years of research to the topic. Read the story here:

> Vouyer Media Congratulates Its 2011 AVN Award Nominees – Read the hype:

> Barbie doll prompts FBI child porn warning – “The FBI is not reporting that anything has happened.” Nothing like starting a panic. Read the story here:

> Vivid Not Backing Down From Ashton Kutcher’s Threat, Releasing Tape Of His Lover – Appears Papa Smurf found his big boy pants. Read the story here:

> Editor Taunts Rachel Uchitel In Cruel Voicemail – “I think you’re one of the most despicable human beings on earth…I don’t consider you a human being.” Sounds like an FYI editorial meeting. Read the story here:

> Houston area priest arrested in adult video store encounter with undercover officer – After that nod, one officer involved in the case says, “He whipped his junk out” and started masturbating. Well, who hasn’t? Read the story here:

> Adult Performer Catches On Fire During Film Shoot For Clear View Inc – Chest’s nuts roasting on an open fire….Read the story here:

> Tifatul Still on Porn Star’s Mind, Vette Offered Indonesian Movie Role – “It would be cool to be in a horror flick … who doesn’t wanna die on camera right?” Read the story here:

> Ashton’s In a Rage Over Porn Flick – Ashton’s aides have threatened to take Vivid to court if they continue to associate his name with the X-rated flick. Read the story here:

> Brittney Jones Sex Tape: Ashton Kutcher’s Alleged Mistress in XXX Says Vivid – Papa Smurf is really making a stretch it in calling this a “celebrity” sex tape. Read the story here:

> Ronni Chasen Murder: Deceased Suspect Bragged About the Killing, Says Neighbor – He told the neighbor that he would be receiving $10,000, either for a job he had done or from a lawsuit. This mystery is far from over. Read the story here:

> “Free Speech Is About More Than Copyright Issues” – Read the story here:

> Adam & Eve Wellness Initiates Lower Employee Insurance Rates By Nearly 10% – Read this odd press release here:

> Ariel X Hits Adult Entertainment Expo to Drum up Business for her Merchant Service Provider Company – Read the hype:

> At You better watch out: Santa Comes early and Xmas will never be the same… – Read the hype:

> Dyanna Lauren Donating Dance Proceeds This Weekend for Ailing Friend Lee Garland – Read the hype here:

> Judge: Hustler owes family for nude photos of wrestler’s wife – Better find the big checkbook, Larry. Read the story here:

> Publicist’s Estate Valued at $6 Mil- She Stiffed One of the Relatives – Well, I bet at least one family member will be smiling at the funeral. Read the story here:

> Rising Star Promoting The Carnal Cumback of Inari Vachs – Read the hype:

> Former Playboy model strips down to bra and panties in Oklahoma City airport – Despite wearing only a bra and panties, she was still stopped for inspection and denied boarding because airport security detected traces of nitrates on her luggage. Read the story here:

> Wicked Pictures Announces Its Noms – Read the hype:

> Review: Price of Pleasure, The: Pornography, Sexuality and Relationships (DVD) –

> Update: Former Porn Site Mastermind Fined $2 Million for Breaching Spam Act – “The size of the penalties awarded in this case are an indication of how seriously the courts treat breaches of the Spam Act…” Read the story here:

> BigStar Sneaky iPhone Porn Trick Highlights a Pink-Pixel Future for Apps – Read the hype:

> Man sought for questioning in Hollywood publicist’s death kills himself in front of police – I’m guessing he knew something about it. Read the story here:

> Facing Stiff Competition X-Play & Will Ryder Refuse to Lower Award-Winning High Quality – Read the hype:

> Hustler Toys Launches In the Flesh Line – Read the hype:

> Rachel Uchitel — Back to Being an Asshole – TMZ has learned it was all because she REFUSED to fly coach. Read the story here:

> Judge at center of sex harassment suit – “I was totally disgusted because it was a common occurrence,” said McGuyer. Read the story here:

> “The (obvious) problem with porn” – Women writing about porn is like men writing about child birth. Read the story here:

> Lisa Ann Is Back in the U.S.A. and Looking Toward Pennsylvania – Read the hype:

> Daisy Marie Feature Dancing in El Paso – Read the hype:

> Lupe Fuentes Hits Steel-Town for Feature Dancing Gig – Read the hype:

> Sienna Sinclaire Bringing 25 Days of Porn – Read the sales pitch here:

> BatFxxx Garners 16 Nominations – Read the story here:

> Positive steps for the porn industry – With the immense power and money within the porn industry, it is highly debated whether their steps toward STD prevention are adequate. Read the story here:

> The JLo Public Nudity Scandal – “JLo is riding a scooter in public in Cuba, while talking to the camera and numerous by-standers, with her privates in as plain view…” She’s all class. Read the story here:

> – The Premier talent Site for the Adult Industry – Announces their Full Site Relaunch – Read the hype:

> 10 Porn Studios Named in DVD Patent Suit – The plaintiff is Patent Harbor LLC which is seeking compensatory damages and post-judgment royalties. Read the story here:

> Private Media Group Reports Third Quarter Net Loss of EUR $2.6M‎ – Read the story here:

> Porn king fined $2m in dating scam – federal anti-spamming laws Read the story here:

> The new Playboy hard drive, the rise of Internet porn and the death of Hef‘s sophisticated cool – You get 250 gigabytes of Playboy for $300. Read the story here:

> Ex-Cop With Porn Past Loses Appeal For Job – Hollywood police said they fired Verdugo after they found out he had acted in a gay porn film called “Rope Rituals”. Read the story here:

> Tanya Tate’s Sex Tour of Ireland Wins U.K.A.P. Award – “It was very thrilling to win this award,” said Tanya. Read the story here:

> How YouPorn Checks Out What Other Sites You’ve Been To – The script on YouPorn’s site that checks a user’s history…Read the story here:

> Nightingale Pictures Announces Art School Dykes, featuring Directorial Debut of Lesbian Star, Lily Cade – Read the hype:

> Bluebird Taps Rising Star PR for Marketing – Read the hype about the hype:

> Sheriff’s Deputies Seize Joe Francis’ Car – The 2003 suit involves a dispute over “Girls Gone Wild” marketing. Read the story here:

> Diamond Foxxx Giving the Fans What They Want: More Diamond – Read the hype:

> Record 64 Parody Nominations Substantiate New Sensations as the Genre Leader – Read the hype:

> Dublin-Based Jolt Online releases new game ‘Playboy Party’ – Read the hype:

> Trina Michaels Nom’ed for Crossover Star of the Year – Read the hype:

> Announces Their Re-Design – Read the hype:

> Spiegler Girls Get 96 AVN Noms – Read the hype:

> EFF to courts: Don’t name alleged porn pirates – A person could be mistakenly connected to a controversial sex practice or fetish. What happens then? Read the story here:

> The Capri Anderson Caper: Cops to Subpoena Charlie’s Medical Records – The story that will not die. Read the latest here:

> Jesse Jane Interviewed at Cape Town Expo – “You gotta like your job. You gotta have fun with it, I mean it is fun. It’s having sex for a living with people who are good at it!” Read the interview here:

> Thirteen Proves to be the Luckiest Number for Performer of the Year Nominee Andy San Dimas – Read the hype:

> Bunny-crushing videos: a new low in online porn — U.S. law against it? – Bunny-crushing videos should be against the law, but as of right now they are not, according to the AFP. Read the story here:

> If Porn is Dead, Even Nietzsche Would Have no Clue How to Resurrect It – So, in a weekend of wholesale goofing of, I located some great content and verified a few opinions. Read Gene’s commentary here:

> The WikiLeaks Scandal: Gadhafi and the ‘Voluptuous Blonde’; [“Nurse,” My Ass] – An adviser to the sultan of Oman describes the Libyan leader as “just strange.” Read the story and realize why America’s foreign policy just went down the shitter here:

> Hypnotic Dreams’ Daniel A Returns to Playboy Radio’s ‘Night Calls’ – Read the hype:

> Immoral Productions and Streamate began broadcasting, “Titterific”, this and every Tuesday – Read the hype:

>“Wonder Woman XXX” Trailer Proves Mile High Media’s First Preview Of The Hardcore Parody – Read the hype:

> Porn No Longer Worth $40 a Disc and Amateur Shooting on sub-$1,000 D-SLR cameras – I hate to ruin anyone’s fantasy here but – to be polite – these girls look a little rough in person. DVD-Video’s 480i resolution… Read the story here:

> In Latest Attempt at Public Rehabilitation, Tiger Hooker Rachel Uchitel Now Saying She’s a Love Junkie – “Now Dr. Drew and I have plans to bring awareness about love addiction.” I think Robert Palmer already covered this. Read the story here:

> The Gun’s No Longer Naked: Leslie Nielsen Dead at 84 – “I am serious, and don’t call me Shirley.” Read the story here:

> Kansas Porn Shop Scraps Adult Facebook Page – District Attorney Keith Schroeder said there’s nothing illegal about the page…Read the story here:

> Update: Marc Dorcel Brings 3D Video-on-Demand Porn To Europe – Read the hype:

> Terrorized by Pimps in an NYC Brothel: A Woman, A Prostitute, A Slave. – Nearly 150 years after the Emancipation Proclamation, it’s time to wipe out the remnants of slavery in this country. Read the story here:


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