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Sean Looks at The Week of 11/14/2010; Why Is This Man Our Hero of The Week?

Sean from writes: AdultFYI goes out of its way to bring you the latest from the world of stupid…

The Amex Gold Card award goes to Stephen Monzi.

Here we go again. Stevie boy claims in court papers that while at the Miami strip club Gold Rush an employee of the club drugged him. At least that’s his excuse on trying to get out from under a $14,000 credit card bill.

He claims, “Gold Rush took advantage of plaintiff’s weak and vulnerable status to overcharge his credit cards without his consent in the amount of $13,956, without giving him any receipts for such purchase.”

He wouldn’t be the first scam artist to try this trick. Just this past May another scammer claimed that while at the New York Hustler Club in 2008 his credit card was charged nearly $22,000. He, too, can not recall what happened that night.

The Big Sladewski award goes to Capri Anderson.

Is it sweeps week already?

It was reported this week that Capri Anderson and her shark attorney, Keith Davidson, will be appearing on Good Morning America this Monday to reveal more stunning details concerning her evening with Charlie Sheen. During the interview, TMZ claims, Capri will paint a picture that is much more violent than what has been reported so far.

I hope the hacks at GMA also ask Capri about her adult film career, her escorting, her dope dealing in high school, the fact that Charlie never paid her for that night and the fact that she never told police about anything concerning these latest allegations the night Uncle Charlie had his meltdown.

One can only surmise that she’s attempting an Oksana to hustle Sheen for some cash and his legal team told her to hit the bricks.

The Adultfyi Hero award goes to Steven Cowan [pictured].

Monday night Cowan was watching Dancing with the Stars and decided to cast his vote for his least favorite dancer, Bristol Palin. While she was performing, Cowan went to his bedroom and returned to the living room with a shotgun and blasted the TV.

Reports indicate this unorthodox style of voting lead to his wife fleeing for her life followed by a several hour standoff with the local SWAT team.

We admire Cowan for exercising his Second Amendment right in his pursuit of eliminating crappy television: something we suspect Bristol’s mother, Sarah, would wholeheartedly endorse…. you betcha. Unfortunately for Cowan, it appears he’ll be missing the first weekend of shotgun deer season as he sits it out in jail.

The Trick My Ride award goes to Montana Fishburne.

In an upcoming issue of Hustler, Fishburne told the magazine that she plans to have breast implants and vagina tightening.

“I don’t want to get real big ones (breasts). I would just go one size bigger, before adding, “And I want to get my pussy tightened… I want that kung fu grip.”

A porn performer getting breast implants isn’t that unusual, in fact it’s almost required. However, getting a pussy re-tread is a little different. Overhauling the pussy is usually reserved for [I’ll be kind here] the more experienced performers. You know the type of women I’m talking about: those women who when they spread their legs a colony of bats come hurtling out at you. I’d name names but FYI legal suggested I shouldn’t.

Montana has only appeared in two porn flicks. That’s hardly an excuse for the need of a 100,000 mile pussy tune-up. But who knows, maybe Brian Pumper has a Burmese Python strapped to his leg and after working a few scenes with him left her feeling roomy. Then again, did report about her arrest on prostitution charges. So maybe that beaver has been worked over more than we could expect.

While they have her in the shop, they may as well call Earl Scheib and have those spots on her ass buffed out as well. Hey, if you’re going for a custom overhaul, you can’t scrimp on the paint.


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> Three Pimps Sentenced in Internet Sex Trafficking Case – Zloch sentenced Saintil to 121 months in prison; Defrand to 188 months and Wilson to 102 months in prison. Read the story here:

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> Investigators: Murder of Hollywood Publicist a Hit Job – Chasen’s death had been ruled as “homicide by gunshots”. Sure can’t get anything past the Los Angeles County coroner’s office. Read the story here:

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> Update: Alexis Ford Signing, Feature Dancing in New York – Read the hype:

> Hot-to-Trot Teach Arrested for Underage Sex with a Student in a Hospital Bed – Subsequent sexual encounters occurred at local hotels, the victim recalled, adding that Riojas used a discount coupon when paying for one room. Appears she taught consumer economics. Read the story here:

Sean’s Hot Teach Fuck Scale – A hot 7.

> Zero Tolerance movie gains notoriety as Mckenzee Miles hosts upcoming Sex Seminar Read the hype:

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> UK’s first female porn director, Anna Span – “Anna’s educated. I admire what she’s done for the porn industry, and she’s done a lot for women.” Read the story here:

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> In Missouri: Strip Clubs Challenge Financial Impact of New Law with Another Lawsuit – And the lawyers get rich. Read the story here:

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> Kaylani Lei Discovers The Internet Isn’t All Fun And Games In The Chatroom – Read the hype:

> Tiger Hooker: “I only wanted to be loved”; One of the Biggest BS Interviews You’ll Ever Read – ‘I am not a whore, nor am I a girl impressed by money or fame,’ she says. Sure. Read the story here:

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> Playboy Channel Hires a Marketing Research Team to Learn What Women Like About Porn – Conclusion: Women do not like watching phony sex. Read the story here:

> This Week: Sienna Sinclaire Sits Down With XXX Stars Brandy Aniston and Nyomi Banxxx – Read the hype:

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> “Jennifer” Offering Her Virginity Throuh; She Visits Howard Stern – Sounds like another con to me. Read it here:

> Saw Porn Parody Sold Out in Two Weeks; Release Party This Friday; See the Trailer – Read the hype:

> Wisconsin man blasts his TV with a shotgun after watching Bristol Palin’s “Dancing with the Stars” routine – He felt Palin was not a good dancer. Read the story here:

> Paige Ashley Gets “Cranked” In Thriller That Streets This Week – Read the hype:

> HIV concerns invade Kenya’s unregulated adult film scene – “The men I act with in the videos are colleagues. My boyfriend doesn’t know what I do,” Angela said, adding that if he ever found out, the relationship would be over. Read the story here:

> No Shit, Sherlock: Murder Of Hollywood Publicist Not Random, Says Police Chief – “If this were a random act of violence, usually it’s going to be one or two shots – definitely not five.” Read the story here:

> “Obstruction of Due Process”: Judge In Porn Piracy Case Is Keeping a Big Secret – Corynne McSherry at the EFF says she’s troubled by the potential obstruction of due process. Read the story here:

> Creep Owns Collection of 3 Million Kiddie Porn Pics – They found two computers connected to separate Internet service providers and 11 banker’s boxes containing boxes of CDs and DVDs, authorities said. Read the story here:

> Girls Gone Wild Releases Statement on Ryan Bowman; Distances Themselves from Him – Ryan Bowman is not an executive at Girls Gone Wild nor has he ever been employed by our company. Read the story here:

> Alvin Greene Requests Jury Trial On Porn Pix Obscenity Charge – The solicitor’s office had offered to let Greene plead guilty to just the misdemeanor charge. Read the story here:

> Third Issue of BurningAngel Magazine Available Now – Read the hype:

> Suspected Masturbating Woman Caught with Deadly Weapon ‎- “She originally told officers she was changing,” Naperville police Sgt. Gregg Bell said, but later changed her story to say that she went into the van to pleasure herself. Read the story here:

> More On California’s Hot Teach Sex Scandal – Prosecutors said the pair would at times openly hold hands, kiss and present themselves as a couple. Read the story here:

Sean’s Hot Teach Fuck Scale: 4…you’d have better luck blowing your own horn.

> Top Hollywood Publicist Murdered In Beverly Hills Shooting – “one of the most respected publicity executives in the business” Read the story here:

> Teenager testifies ‘crush’ led to sex acts with his “Hot-to-Trot” teach – “I’m no longer in love with her. I have come to realize that there are other things in life that are more important.” Read the story here:

> Court throws out Nudie Pix sex scandal lawsuit involving Manitoba justice – “No matter whether the limitation period is two years or six years, the Plaintiff did not commence his action wthing the prescribed period,” Judge Menzies wrote. Read the story here:

> Movie Studios Tell “Family Edited DVDs” to Knock It Off – The studios claim Webster has “unlawfully edited, sold and/or otherwise distributed” even such family favorites as… Read the story here:

> “Boobies” Controversy Becomes Big Time First Amendment Lawsuit – It was the ultimate irony: getting suspended on breast cancer awareness day for wearing breast cancer awareness bracelets. Read the story here:

> Deep Throat Project May Now Go to “Plan B” Without Lohan – “And actually we have had a great response from other people who really want the part too.” Finally kicking the little doper to the curb: Read the story here:

> Neighborhood Celebrates Closure Of Adult Shop – “There was traffic that just didn’t seem like it fit the area. It’s a pretty important family-oriented area and it’s good to have them gone,” Dutro says. Read the story here:

Are you still buying all that “mainstream” talk?

> Worries Over Bill to Allow Justice Department to Censor Internet – “Each year, online piracy and the sale of counterfeit goods cost American businesses billions of dollars, and result in hundreds of thousands of lost jobs,” Sen. Pat Leahy said. Read the story here:

> Chicago “Pirate Slayer” John Steele Part of the Porn Piracy Fighting Team – “And there is the added reason that they’re going to be named as a person who downloaded porn. Some of it is gay and lesbian porn, and not everybody is out about their preferences.” Read the story here:

> Ron Jeremy Hosts Puppy Fashion Show in West Palm Beach – He certainly has fucked a lot of dogs in his time. Read the story here:

> Australian Girls Gone Wild Distributor Charged in Fatal Hit & Run Accident – Freeman’s body was thrown about 50 feet. Read the story here:

> Standards & Practices: Homer Simpson Can No Longer Show His Ass – “I then went back to them and noted that the repeats where we had showed it are airing in syndication at 6 p.m.,” said Jean. Read the story here:

> Bree Olson makes her triumphant return to the Tampa Bay area at the Déjà vu Showgirls w/Tony Batman – Read the hype here:

> Scarlett Johansson is GQ’s babe of the year ‎- Read the story here:

> “Call Me Daddy”: Murder suspect Andrew Cory Lagerquist accused of keeping 16-year-old sex slave – The 25-year-old is being charged with promoting sexual abuse of a minor and felony harassment. Read the story here:

> Vivid Announces Incredible Hulk Parody; To Be Played by Lee Stone – Read the hype:

> PinPointsX® Introduces New Easy-to-use Registration Platform – Read the hype:

> Jennaration X Studios Releases ‘Legs Up Hose Down’ DVD – Read the hype:

> Sex Addiction Rehab is a Thriving Industry – Celebrities have been the greatest evangelists for treatment. “My practice wouldn’t exist without them,” Katehakis said. Read the story here:

> Ariel X Teams up w/ Payment Systems to Provide High Risk Merchants Low Rate Credit Card Processing – Read the hype:

> Gail Dines: “The porn industry has run out of ideas, short of a killing a woman” – “I’m not going to listen to this crap.” Read the story here:

> Vivid Offers Heidi Montag Deal to Direct Porn – Spencer is definitely interested … if the numbers are right. Read the story here:

> Women That Give Us Woodies- Gillian Hills in “Beat Girl” – Read Gene’s commentary here:

> Women That Give us Woodies – Rachel McAdams in “Morning Glory”


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