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Sean Looks at the Week of 5/16/10 in Review; Dana DeArmond Gets The Boo Hoo Hoo Award

Sean from writes: You want straight, no nonsense journalism, you stick with Adultfyi.

The Amy Winehouse award, sponsored by Coors & Coors Light, goes to Richmond County deputy sheriff, Mark Albright. This liquored up lawman decided to visit a few strip joints after work.

There’s no law against that except he was wearing his sheriff’s deputy uniform while tucking a few bucks into some g-strings. Police said Albright’s alcohol level was twice the legal limit. Sadly, once he sobers up he’ll realize not only did he not score with any of the strippers but in fact he has also been fired from the sheriff’s department.

This week’s Josyln James Media Whore award winner is Kendra Wilkinson and the Vivid hype machine.

It was revealed this week that Vivid’s newest wide receiver could be in line to make upwards of $3.2 million porn dollars from her ‘scandalous’ new sex tape. In real dollars, however, I suspect she’d be lucky to see 10% of that. You know how that fancy Hollywood movie studio accounting works.

Even as the Vivid hype machine kicked into full gear, news broke that poor Kendra is still trying to save her marriage with Hank Baskett by having another child. That attempt may be strained as yet another of his wife’s sex tapes has surfaced: this time Kendra and a female friend make some Hollywood magic together.

This saga all plays together so well. I congratulate Kendra and Vivid for continuing to make hay with this entire shame. Enjoy your trophies once again, you media whores.

The Boo Hoo Hoo award goes to Dana DeArmond.

Quotes attributed to her appeared on XPT in which she blames the industry for her lack of success, to wit:

“Porn has really fucked a lot of people up, including me. I’m constantly being fucked over no matter how professional, talented, punctual, nice, sober or well groomed I am. This business fulfills nothing in my life and has become soul sucking.”

Well, Dana, thanks for playing along. Now, take your complementary Adult Industry play at home game plus that year’s supply of Kleenex and don’t let the door hit you in the ass. Oh, and tell Shelley Lubben I said hello.

This week’s winner of the Norman Einstein award is Hollywood boozer/actress, Lindsay Lohan.

As part of her recent run-in with the law, a judge said this booze hound had to complete 13 alcohol ed classes, but she’s only completed nine. On top of that, Little Miss Everclear decided to travel to Cannes so she could help promote some half-assed Linda Lovelace movie a production company wants to make. In doing so, she’ll more than likely miss her next court appearance. Her next bright move was to report that her passport had been stolen but instead of filing a report or getting a replacement, she’s been spotted partying on a plethora of yachts.

Nice going, Einstein: nothing like thumbing your noise at the court system.

The Creep of the Week award goes the The Right Reverend Moises Cotto and his sidekick, Brenda Pabon.

These two creeps allegedly forced teenage girls to make a videotape of them engaging in sex acts at a motel. [There is no evidence to suspect that Lawrence Taylor was working the Klieg light for this production.]

Both these creeps now face kidnapping and child endangerment charges while The Right Reverend has additional charges of aggravated assault and attempted aggravated sexual assault.


> City Manager Caught Red Handed with Porn – City officials found he had looked at more than 200 porn sites on city computers. Yeah, and I bet the dope didn’t spend one dime either. Read the story here:

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> Marc Dorcel Announces 3D Porn Project – Read the story here:

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> Oren Cohen and Steve Brickman Team Up to Release Seven Dripping Hot Erotic Movies this Summer – Read the hype:

> Update: Fondness for Porn Could Sink San Francisco Planning Officials – Local newspapers report that Planning Director John Rahaim has called for the firings of four top officials after a female employee complained about the e-mails. Read the story here:

> Richard Abowitz Covering the Stagliano Trial – “I am shocked he [Stagliano] might go to jail and am determined to bring as much attention to his case as I can,” says Abowitz. Read the story here:

> Duh, After All This….Sedo to Sell Domain Name – Read the story here:

> Trial approaches for former Vegas producer John Stagliano – Read the prejudiced story here:

> Neighbors Upset that School Has Been Turned Into a Strip Club; Teachers Lounge Now a VIP Room – “It’s a whorehouse,” said Ward, co-owner of a nearby garden center where she and her husband live. Read the story here:

> A Swinger’s “Group Licentiousness” Case Sparks Debate About China’s Attitude to Sex – After eating Chinese pussy, you’re hungry 30 minutes later. Read the story here:

> Update: Gay Porn’s Most Shocking Taboo – “Twincest” is pushing limits in an industry known for extremes – The butt puppet twins…Read the story here:

> Kendra Wilkinson Lesbo Tape Now Surfaces- Vivid Has It – Hey, Baskett, Kendra sucks pussy! She’s a lesbian! A lesbian! I know! I know! [My apologies to Slapshot] Read the story here:

> “Imprisoned pornographer Max Hardcore gets a beat down”- Rod Fontana Makes a Max Porn Parody – Read the story here:

> Rocker Brett Michaels watching porn during hemorrhage; now back in the hospital – From a hole in his head to a hole in his heart. Read the story here:

> Sex Shop to Give Away ‘Pope Condoms’ – It bears the words “I SAID NO! We say YES!” framing the papal image. Read the story here:

> Nabs Bel Ami, COLT – Read the hype:

> Macho Man Randy Savage Ties the Knot – Ohhhhh yeeeeeeaaaahhhhhhhhhh! Damn you, wedding bells. Read the story here:

> Elena Kagan helped defend RIAA from Jack Thompson – Read the story here:

> Director: Lohan Did a Terrific Promo Job in Cannes [Too Bad She’s Going to Get Arrested for it] – And he says Lindsay even paid her own way to Cannes… Read the story here:

> Nicki Minaj Sex Tape Selling for $100,000? – And SURPRISE, she has a new album coming out. Read the story here:

> Roseanne Show Porn Parody Trailer Now On YouTube – Read the hype:

> Heidi Hanson showcases her brains and beauty with new blog – Read the hype:

> Update: Nina Hartley Launching SexWise.ME – I understand Nina is now being represented by Rent-A-Wreck. Read the hype here:

> Customs porn inquiry upsets Sex Party – Jim Wallace, managing director of the Australian Christian Lobby, defended the question being asked, likening it to quarantine rules for wooden products for people entering the country. Read the story here:

> Texas Fetish Ball This Weekend – Read the story here:

> Update: Professors Research Economics of Porn, Become Heroes of Academia – Read the story here:

> Next Stop LA: Exxxotica Miami Is Huge Success; Cements Event as the Top Expo in America – Read the hype:

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> Wilkinson Deal Breaks down to $100,000 Up front and 50% of Sales; Justin Frye is the Guy on Tape – A investigation has uncovered the secret financial deal that could make her millions of dollars. Yeah, right….remember, it’s a porn contract. Read the story here:

> “Shares of New Frontier Media Rank the Highest in terms of Best Value in the Broadcasting Industry” – Read the infomercial here:

> More Troubles for LT: Sued in Alleged Hit and Run Crash – Somebody is looking for a payday. Read the story here:

> Ex Cop Settles Playboy Lawsuit – City officials had called the lawsuit absurd. Read the story here:

> TheCollectibleX Gets Green Light Says Milton Todd Ault III – Read the hype:

> LT’s Alleged Pimp Charged with Sex Trafficking – Read the story here:

> Joe Francis’ Countersuit Against Interior Decorator Tossed – Haenisch alleges Francis refused to pay nearly $285,000 for furniture and other high-end furnishings for his home…Read the story here: Still wondering why this dope is sooo rich?

> Australia Customs to Frisk You at the Airport for Porn – Campaigners have argued that the searches are extremely intrusive into the private lives of travelers. Read the story here:

> Porn Report – Interview with Professor Alan McKee – Read the blindingly dull story here:

> Google Tells Sites for ‘Cougars’ to Go Prowl Elsewhere – Read the story here:

> Novartis Hit with $250 M Settlement – manager ‘showed women porn’ – A judge has already awarded a dozen of the women payouts between $3.3million and $50,000 in what is the largest ever lawsuit for sex discrimination in the U.S. Read the story here:

> San Jose ISP shuttered for hosting ‘witches’ brew’ of spam, child porn – Read the story here:

> Will Ryder: I Want to Wipe the Poached Egg Off My Face – Sounds like someone should tame their ego. Read the story here:

> Woman Dies After Docs Miss 6-inch Toilet Brush Embedded in Her Ass – “OK she was drunk, but they didn’t take her seriously,” he said. Read the story here:

> Hooters Employee Cassie Smith Alleges Weight Discrimination – Cassie is almost 5’8” and weighs 132 pounds. Hooters better find the big checkbook. Read the story here:

> Kai-Shing Tao Elected to Playboy Enterprises’ Board of Directors – Sounds like Playboy has a new sugar daddy. Read the story here:

> Souder Mistress Resigns After Affair Revealed – “She is described as being in her mid-40s and married.” Not for much longer I suspect. Read the story here:

> Woman Says Wells Fargo Bank Employee Demanded Nude Pix – And the lawyers get rich. Read the story here:

> U.S. 6th District Court of Appeals says Ky. lingerie store can’t use names similar to ‘Victoria’s Secret’ – “The new law seems designed to protect trademarks from any unfavorable sexual association,” Judge Gilbert Merritt wrote for a 2-1 majority. Read the story here:

> Sex dolls danger to women – Weirdoes and crackpots fill the bill for this story:

> Payton Leigh is proving to be one really hot sexy MILF – If they say so, it must be true. Read the hype here:

> Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend:June 3rd to the 6th – Read the hype here:

> YouPorn, iPad’s killer app – Lawley added that he expected “many more” sites to follow YouPorn’s lead by offering iPad-friendly video formats. Read the story here:

> Hollywood Names Internet’s Most “Notorious” File-Swapping Sites: “outlaws that Line Their Pockets” – The six were China’s Baidu, Canada’s IsoHunt, Ukraine’s Mp3fiesta, Germany’s RapidShare, Luxembourg’s, and Sweden’s The Pirate Bay. Read the story here:

> Nina Hartley Launches Online Community and Internet TV Show – Read the hype:

> Wikipedia, porn, and the FBI: how sexual images are handled – Read the story here:

> “No need to advertise porn industry” – ‘This is a huge moral issue for me as well as other Christians…’ You can guess how this turns out. Read the story here:

> Vanessa Blue’s “R is for ROXY” Streets May 20th; check out the trailers – And ‘T’ is for tits. See Vanessa’s and read the hype here:

> Update: Payment Processor Pleads Not Guilty; Trial Another Year Off – “The gambling industry is using the line that poker is not gambling, that it’s a game of skill and is therefore not gambling.” Take that, you Texas Hold’em jerkoffs. Read the story here:

> Still a Control Freak at His Age, Hefner Boots Twins off Playboy Grounds on Boyfriend Issues – “”We were not allowed to have boys in the house. That was the absolute number one rule – no boys allowed.” Read the story here:

> Joe Richards and Nevada’s Three Ring Prostitution Circus – Read the story here:

> Kayden Kross Hand Job Sex Toy By Topco Is A Hand Job In A Box – It even has a nickname: “Stroker.” You’d be surprised how many people I’ve given that nickname to in this industry. Read the hype:

> May 27th: Unvanilla TV Moving to with Kayden Kross Guesting on Debut Show – Read the hype:

> Update: “2010 Director Of The Year” Brad Armstrong Feels Need For ‘SPEED’; Tell That to Will Ryder – And now the pissing contest begins. Read the hype here:

> Yahoo to buy Associated Content to boost content creation – Read the story here:

> More on Michael Grecco’s Naked Ambition – Read the story here:

> Report: Vivid, Penthouse, Adam & Eve, Bang Hit With Patent Suit along with Disney & Warner Bros. – The claim of patent infringement, says the story, could raise the threshold of alarm throughout the adult industry…Read the story here:

> Survivor Murder Has Porn Connection- Randy DeTroit – Read the story here:

> The real deal behind celebrity sex tapes – Finally, what I’ve been preaching about forever and the mainstream press is at last talking about….THEY ARE ALL A SHAM! Read the story here:

> Craigslist Prostitution Hunter Lied About His War Record – Now he’s claiming to be Japan’s only surviving Kamikaze pilot. Read the story here:

> Prehistoric siltstone phallus, the world’s oldest sex toy, was also used as tool to ignite fires – First used by Nina Hartley some 30,000 years ago. Read the story here:

> 2010 Director Of The Year Brad Armstrong Feels The Need For ‘SPEED’ – Read the hype:

> Angelina Valentine’s On Top of Her Game – Read the hype:

> Eyewitness: David Boreanaz Hooked up With Randy Spears’ Wife Demi Delia – Nothing accounts for taste. Read the story here:

> New Canadian Adult Channel Promises to be “Soft and Tasteful” – That’s French for ‘broke and off the air’ in a month. Read the story here:

> Video from Exxxotica Expo 2010 at the Miami Beach Convention Center – Read the hype:

> This Ain’t Celebrity Fit Club – Boot Camp XXX Parody Coming Soon – Goodie, goodie…joy, joy, another parody. Read the hype:

> Harvard Workshop Exposes The Internet Porn Racket: “How the Internet Porn Business Works” – Read the story here:

> Extramarital Nookie Nails Evangelical Congressman – “I sinned against God, my wife and my family by having a mutual relationship with a part-time member of my staff,” Souder said. That devil pussy brings another good man down. Read the story here:

> Lindsay Lohan Has a New lesbo Gal Pal – Not that there is anything wrong with that. Read the story here:

> Playboy fetes LeRoy Neiman – Looking at his artwork always reminded me of a Rorschach inkblot test. Read the story here:

> Protecting Adult Welfare’s eagerly anticipated annual Bowling “FUN”draiser is on: Polish your balls and get the info here:

> Vanity Fair: “Lindsay Lohan is Deep Throat – Somebody make up their fucking minds. Read the story here:

> Richmond County deputy fired after being found intoxicated at strip clubs in uniform – Read the story here:

> 9 to 5: Days in Porn; a Review – Read it here:

> Adult book store owner in Springfield MO protests Legislature’s new restrictions – “When the government starts regulating businesses, the next thing they’re trying to do is regulate Wal-Mart — stuff that people don’t want regulated,” he said. Nice to hear from the village idiot. Read the story here:

> Man, 22, Suffers Poisonous Spider Bite to the Penis – I understand there is an extra charge for that. Read the story:

> Yuna Enomoto, Japanese Sex Star – Read the hype and remember Pearl Harbor here:

> Texas congressman uses porn to kill science funding – He killed a bill that would fund science innovation and education by tying it to punishing people who look at porn at work. Read the story here:

> Poizner Levels Porn Peddler Accusation at Whitman – Read the story here:

> Vivid Releases Second Trailer of Batman Porn Parody – Read the hype:

> Miss USA Pageant Investigating Winner’s Stripper Photos – The sex tape can’t be far behind. Read the story here:

> Catching up with Gary Kremen after – “If it were so easy to make money, everyone would do it,” Kremen said. Read the story here:

> Pirated DVD business flourishing amid high demand – “Why should we spend money on an original DVD if we can get similar sound and picture quality from a pirated copy?” Ah, that’s the spirit. Read the story here:

> Citizens Not Happy About Judge’s Decision Allowing Adult Rentals at Family Video – They are really going to hate those jackoff booths they’re putting in next week. Read the story here:

> Sandbagged Miss Oklahoma Booed Over Arizona Immigration Law Response – Read the story here:

> Dana DeArmond I Hate Porn Thread Develops on XPT – “I must wear my heart on my sleeve because people instinctively know this is the thing that hurts me the most to hear.” Read the posts here:

> Supreme Court nominee’s sex life the buzz in D.C. – Not Gay the Story Goes – “She dated men when we were in law school … She just didn’t find the right person,” Sarah Walzer. Yeah, none of the guys had pussies. Read the story here:

> Faye Reagan’s Married to the Mob – Read the story here:

> Daisy Marie is Back – Anyone realize she was gone? Read the hype here:

> All New Penthouse Club to Open in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina: June 1st – Read the hype:

> Steve Jobs: Apple’s App Store Offers “Freedom from Porn” – Read the story here:

> Report: Rachel Uchitel Stripping for Playboy – That news should drive Joslyn James out of her skull. LOL Read the story here:

> South Florida Agent Robin Steel- “Scumbag”? – Mike South writes about Robin Steel: How marvelous…A Georgia cracker picking a fight with a wannabe gangsta. Read the post here:

> Joslyn James Interviewed at Exxxotica Miami- Guess What She Talks About – Raise your hand if you’re sick of this act. Read the story here:

> Turning Porn Into Profit – A couple of Nancy Boys making a killing selling used jockeys. Read the story here:

> More on the Kendra Wilkinson Tape Deal- Vivid Deal set in Motion 2008 – And the curtain is drawn back to reveal Papa Smurf’s little hype machine. Read the story here:

> Lohan Now Backpedaling on Lovelace Project – ‘…it seems like she’s nervous of what this film could potentially do to her career.’ Read the story here:


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