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Skeeter Levels Shots at Ducati

Porn Valley- In the wake of a publicized lawsuit,, this morning I e-mailed Kevin Rubio that Skeeter Kerkove was making certain counter-claims, including sexual harassment charges. Rubio wrote back: “Funny Gene. Glad to see you have a sense of humor.”

I spoke to Skeeter Kerkove Saturday night. Skeeter’s telling me the fact that Kevin Rubio’s raising a stink over a movie Skeeter shot for him is because Skeeter rebuffed his advances.

That being said, the following story has to come with a warning label because I’m even finding parts of it too hard to believe even for myself.

Leading up to his allegations, Skeeter is talking about how Kevin Ducati allegedly approached a T-girl in a club not knowing it was a T-girl.

“The T-girl’s that believable,” said Skeeter. “That night the T-girl is literally out to get laid. The T-girl is told that he’s a tranny hunter. He won’t treat you like a girl. He wants you to fuck him in the butt. This T-girl doesn’t want to o do this. That alleged incident is from 2002. Kevin Ducati likes to film strap-on stuff. He does what he does best.”

According to Skeeter’s claims, though, Ducati sexually solicited him.

“He did at his house,” says Skeeter. “He touched my fucking shoulder and asked me if I wanted to stay out and party and have a good time. Him and I alone. This was after I shot Welcome to the Bunghole #2. [The movie that Ducati claims Skeeter was supposed to shoot exclusively for him but allegedly stole scenes from and sold to other companies.]

“This is embarrassing to talk about this,” Skeeter continues. “I’m not gay! I don’t want to fuck Kevin Ducati. Kevin Ducati, I won’t be your lover! I want girls with too much makeup on.”

Regarding those allegations about Welcome to the Bunghole #2, Skeeter states that Ducati is burying himself with the claims and that his recent posts about Skeeter have been slanderous.

“You can give any opinion that you want- it’s not slander; but when you say somebody cannot be trusted business-wise before a decision has been made, that’s a slam dunk slander if you have enough money to sue,” says Skeeter.

“Kevin Ducati did that to me. Who is he to say that I cannot be trusted when so many companies made huge fortunes off of me?”

Skeeter remembers shooting Welcome to the Bunghole #2 over a day at his own house.

“It took 17 hours to shoot,” said Skeeter. “He propositioned me after I turned in the movie. I don’t even look like a T-girl so I don’t know why he propositioned me.” Skeeter also goes on to note that Peter North’s company North Star has been selling Welcome to the Bunghole #2 for $13.50 wholesale.

“Those are Evil Angel prices,” says Skeeter. “I have the receipts from three different one-stops in the Valley.”

Making his point in what’s apparently a people in glass houses scenario, Skeeter is alleging that Ducati then sold Welcome to the Bunghole #3 as a new release. Skeeter is saying it’s a compilation.

“Every scene in that movie has been shown in other movies of his, in previous Ducati movies,” claims Skeeter. “It was sold as a new release. He turned it over to Peter North of North Star Associates. Because of the new 2257 standards North Star Associates enforces production dates. If you go to and blow up the large back page, you will see the production dates. You’re talking stuff that’s three, four, five years here. Then you start studying other releases, you’ll see the same scenes and the same production dates. Everything. There’s a Katsumi scene- he didn’t tell Speigler girls I’m going to double this up so I can have her free the second time. Speigler wouldn’t allow it. He’d rather a girl lose money.”

For his own part, Skeeter claims he shot a scene featuring Hillary Scott and Leah Luv that was doubled up in other Ducati releases.

“I told them the truth and I did the best I could do with the scene,” Skeeter goes on to say. “But Kevin Ducati enforced with me that I must have them wear pigtails in my movie, that I have to have them do a strap-on, a cable version and an intro. I warned the girls I’m shooting this way because Kevin Ducati, here’s what he’s going to do. He told me to make sure to shoot you with pigtails because he can put you both in his strap-on series and Pigtail Cuties.

“Have you ever been on my set before while I pretend to be a porn director? Do I put girls in pigtails on my set? I tell the makeup artist generally big hair and too much makeup. So how come every girl in Welcome to the Bunghole #2 has fetish clothing except for Hillary Scott and Leah Luv? Because Kevin Ducati was teaching me how to fool the public, the Internet people and Peter North.

“This is what Kevin told me,” Skeeter continues. “‘I’ll put this in Welcome to the Bunghole #3 under your name and it will sell great but then I can sneak it into Pigtail Cuties and Strap-On Chicks. I get two scenes for free.'”

Skeeter supposedly told Ducati that he didn’t want to ripoff porn fans and have his name attached as a director.

“But I’m going to tell the girls what you’re doing so if it shows up later they’re not mad at me,” is what Skeeter claims he told Ducati. “I did indeed tell Hillary Scott and Leah Luv before they shot that scene what Kevin Ducati was having me do and they will verify that story. I was a scumbag for doing that but it was a hard time in my life and Bridgette was fucking me up.”

According to Skeeter, Alex Sanders also performed in two of the scenes and didn’t get paid.

“After about three weeks Alex Sanders started calling me up very concerned about Kevin Ducati. He said, Skeeter, look, you never let me down, I’ve made a bunch of money with you but what’s going on with this guy? He keeps giving me the runaround about getting paid. I said, Alex, I’ve never worked for less money in my life. I haven’t been paid. I swear I’ll make it up to you. He promised me, I turn in the movie the following day, you’re paid. Everybody called me with the same story.”

Skeeter also talks about another performer named Suzie Ink.

“It was her first sex scene in her entire life, doing anal in my living room- a lot of sodomy has been committed there. She calls me up that she’s not being paid. But the multi-millionaire Kevin Ducati told her that he has a beach house in Laguna Nigel. She finds out that he doesn’t have anything down there, he’s hanging out with a friend. Then he tells her I’m going to buy a Huey helicopter for several million dollars but he still hasn’t paid her. I told her, Suzie, he’s not buying a helicopter. Do drugs, whatever, but you better get your money.

“Suzie then told me, ‘He said he’ll pay for a tattoo of mine in Las Vegas that we’re going to Las Vegas with this other guy.’ That’s the guy who bank roles Ducati I tell her. I told her not to call me and complain. Regan Senter brought me to her. Regan Senter never got paid. Scooby didn’t get paid as an agent. Nobody got paid- the agents didn’t get paid.”The way they [Ducati and Suzie Ink] met- you know how he does the predator stuff? Hey, come on down to the beach, I’ll give you a check. The girl is a drug addict. He’s taking advantage of her.”

According to Skeeter, Ducati has also been known to make late night phone calls, asking girls, “You don’t love me any more?” But he can’t swear if that’s what happened in the case of Suzie Ink.

“She was overwhelmed, “Skeeter continues. “She’s young; she’s sassy. This guy is a multi-millionaire. He has a big $5 million Laguna Nigel house. But she gets down there and sees that he doesn’t have it. And he’s not going to buy a Huey helicopter. He’s going to take them on a rental 20 minute ride. So I don’t know if she ever was paid.”

In another instance from a couple of years ago, Skeeter remembers Nadia Rio getting a call from Ducati.

“She puts him on speaker-phone,” says Skeeter. “He’s doing all this baby-talk to her. Don’t you love me any more- all those precious nights we had together. She’s looking at me, she puts her hand over the phone and goes, ‘I only like black guys.’ He’s a tranny hunter but he’s not a dominant tranny hunter.”

Skeeter claims that scenes in Welcome to the Bunghoe #3 have appeared in other Ducati productions to include Strap-on, Pigtail Cuties and I Love Jessica Dee.

“They have all these scene interchanged,” Skeeter notes. “They’re not exclusive and some wholesalers are complaining. They’ve already had returns and they’ve caught on. This is what Kevin Ducati has been doing.

“So this is what I, Skeeter Kerkove, have to say and this is my opinion and my opinion only- and that’s all that it is- Peter North is not in on this. Peter North’s sale associates are not aware that Welcome to the Bunghole #3, that all the scenes are available in other titles that Ducati has released. They have the same production dates, the same stills on the front and the back. Sammi Rhodes is truly a glamorous star and he ripped her off as well. Poor Jessica Dee is in three of his movies- but he’s turning it over as a new release. He doesn’t warn the salesmen that this is a comp. He doesn’t do that. They are so busy over there at North Star Associates that they never noticed all the same production dates. It’s a tragedy and he just keeps doing it.”



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