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Skeeter: Ducati Scenes Re-circulated

Porn Valley- Skeeter calls me: “I’ve tracked down somewhere between 10 to 15 scenes that a Kevin Rubio of Ducati Productions – named after some terrible motorcycle or something- I don’t know if it has anything to do with the Ducati Ranch where horses run wild and steers are branded- but it appears that these scenes were shot by Kevin Rubio.

“He shoots girls in pigtails while using strap ons- the scenes are guaranteed to be not only in Pigtail Cuties AND Strap-on Chicks which means he gets one movie for free or a scene for free. I know he would never have Peter North in on this or any Peter North sales associate, that he [Rubio] would be re-circulating scenes not marketed as a comp.”

Skeeter follows up with a phone call: “I know that Peter North doesn’t know about this,” states Skeeter.

“I know that Peter North doesn’t know that Welcome to the Bunghole #3 is a comp. His sales associates are just starting to get complaints. The Katsumi scene is in Strap-On Girls #5 and Jessica Dee’s scene is from 2003 and it’s right here on I Love Jessica Dee- it’s unbelievable. He [Rubio] made up a story about me with one scene? I have 12 scenes documented that have been re-circulated. I keep finding out more and more. I’m getting more and more e-mails and phone numbers. He’s gotten away with a lot.”

Skeeter also wanted to make it clear that he wasn’t gay and wasn’t in love with Kevin Ducati.

“And Leah Luv has not been paid by Kevin Ducati,” Skeeter also asserts. “I talked to her last night. She said he has an unhealthy attraction to her with the braces and the young girl stuff. He said, ‘Don’t you love me anymore? You’re my baby.’ All that crap. And Hillary Scott also told him I will not go over to your house. Just send me the check. But Leah Luv was not paid, neither was Hillary Scott. Neither were the agents.”

According to Skeeter, the check that Rubio is presenting as proof that he paid Crystal Clear in another contested matter, isn’t a legal document because it isn’t made out to her, but to her boyfriend.

“Is it possible that the guy was paid just to be a pimp?” Skeeter wonders. “We’ve seen how a pimp can operate these girls. You don’t write out a check to a boyfriend’s name- that don’t cut it in a court room.”Skeeter also claims that the movie he shot for Ducati, Welcome to the Bunghole #2, is still selling a year later for top dollar.

“One year after it’s release North Star Associates is selling it for more than Evil Angel titles wholesale. No discounts. You want it? Pay it.” According to Skeeter, Ducati didn’t pay him a location fee for shooting Bunghole #2 but told him to shoot both Luv and Scott in pigtails wearing strap-ons.

“He straight up told me- Skeeter shoot it this way so I can sneak it past on a teens with pigtails movie. And he said a thing about Pigtail Cuties. I go what do you mean? He said I need to have Hillary and Leah in pigtails. They got to do strap-ons. If you film this right, I can put it in several movies and space it out. I said I’m going to tell the girls. He said why. I go because if they see this in other movies as a new release they’re going to look at me like I crooked them.”

Skeeter is also claiming that in Strap-On Girls #9, Ducati’s latest release, you can go to the Ducati website and see a scene that is four years old and nine months with Brandy Starz.

“He has it as a new release,” says Skeeter. “Craven Morehead shot it. Kevin didn’t shoot it as it states. It’s directed by Craven. But did Kevin Ducati tell Peter North I’m using this scene from four years ago?”

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