Still No Word From Diane Duke; Axel Braun Now With Condom Only Wicked

We thought for sure that there would be a press release or statement by now.

We have been waiting with baited breath for someone from Free Speech Coalition, PASS or Cutting Edge testing to give a rebuttal to the allegations by Alex Gonz and Derek Hay that Alex Gonz was cleared for work even though he had an active hepatitis C infection.

We still haven’t gotten that statement. Nothing.

We did however get some other news and that is that Axel Braun has signed an exclusive deal with Wicked Pictures.

Yeah, yeah, I know. Wicked Pictures. The rubber company. Yes, that’s right. The rubber company.

I am as shocked as the rest of you. Axel packs up and moves out of the Vivid building with his flagship movie Batman XXX and his contract girls Riley Steele and Aiden Ashley and walks over to Wicked. The company that is mandatory condoms.

Yes, condoms. That evil, dreaded, horrific word. The things that you say that your movies will not sell if you put them in, the things you say the consumer does not want, you say condoms will be the death of the business.

That being said, the industry’s biggest director, the maker of the most commercially viable pornography has left the biggest adult entertainment conglomerate in the universe which is Vivid Entertainment, and walked over to the cross town rivals Wicked Pictures, a condom only company.

You do know that the Axel Braun move goes against all conventional wisdom of all the people who are opposed to condoms, but they will continue to beat that drum that condoms don’t sell and the customers don’t want to see them. Axel Braun has once again taken a big black magic marker and scribbled “fuck you” to the establishment. He said, I am going to Wicked and they are all condom and apparently when Axel sat down with them the sales numbers at Wicked were good enough for Axel to be interested in joining them, because Axel’s not an ignorant man. And it leaves a lot to be said for the side that says, no condom, fuck who we want, have hepatitis, whatever. Then if they catch anything, blame the performer.

And sprinkle in Peter Acworth and his cocaine and guns and what you have is an awesome mix of debauchery that has gotten an entire industry to believe in their line of bullshit. Then you have Mike South, Derek Hay, AVN and XBIZ with their bullshit, and then everyone tows their own line of bullshit for their own self serving purposes.

Then you have Axel Braun quietly, and yet so loudly, tiptoeing and yet stomping over to Wicked Pictures to basically cement Wicked as the preeminent studio for adult product.

I don’t see how Vivid can sustain itself with videos of wannabe celebrities. I figure they’ve got maybe a year of features in the can from Axel and after that, I don’t see how they are going to be able to keep up their status as the studio for high end superhero parodies when they don’t have anybody waiting in the wings who can produce them at the level that Axel did.

Everything that they put out for the next year will be promoting Axel Braun and Wicked. It’s a fabulous move by Axel, because Vivid has to strip down those movies if they want to disavow him making that product and if they don’t they will spend a year promoting Axel Braun and when somebody says, wow this is an awesome movie, where do I get more of these? They have to say Wicked Pictures.

That is a great big Italian fuck you to Steven Hirsch.

Then you have Vivid taking over the Manwin/Mindfuck radio spot over at Sirius which is also very interesting. This isn’t 1990 Vivid with all the contract girls to promote. I don’t know who they are going to have to promote and host all these shows.

Axel Braun has also been taken out of the non condom picture. If you’re a guy and you want to work in an Axel Braun production that gets all the awards and accolades, you have to be able to work with a condom. If you’re a girl, you have to make sure that your pussy doesn’t get chafed and raw, like Nina Hartley says it will. It’s opened up a huge percentage of productions for performers who can now choose to be safe without repercussions. All the top talent will now be able to appear in top productions without compromising their health.

It’s also a huge chunk of the production money that is gone because Axel Braun is now at Wicked which is all condom. Now you have girls who can say I’m all condom now because it’s the law and I demand to be safe because I can see my options opening up more and more because you have Axel Braun and the girls will start thinking about who they want to shoot for.

I can’t imagine what kind of slob animals they are going to get for a Jules Jordan anal creampie movie where Manuel Ferrara stomps on their head. What kind of girl now is going to work in a movie with HIV positive John Stagliano where he shoves their foot in his mouth and he lays on the floor and they have to open up their pussies and assholes and sit on his face?

Because now you’ve got Axel Braun with a company that is professional and safe that abides by the law and plays by the rules.

It’s gonna be a lot harder for Diane Duke and the lot of them to spin their bullshit that condoms don’t sell now that Axel Braun is there. But I’m sure you won’t hear anything from them because they can’t even comment on somebody performing with hep C.

It’s another nail in the coffin for this condom debate. It’s another nail in the coffin for the argument that condoms won’t sell because consumers don’t want it.

I can’t stress enough how monumentally impactual Axel Braun being with Wicked is. Axel Braun implementing a 21 and over policy was huge. And Axel Braun turning Vivid upside down and going over to Wicked was larger than life.

The argument that condoms don’t sell is over. Because Wicked Pictures now has an arsenal of weapons to make them beyond a powerhouse. It’s an amazing maneuver that has to be applauded.

Axel Braun and Wicked Pictures are now THE players in the adult business.

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