#StopTheHate hashtag: Give it a rest

Without getting too “PWL” on you, it must be said: This #StopTheHate hashtag that is trending on social media is complete and utter bullshit. Omar Mateen was a closet homosexual with a beard and a kid that was seen picking up men many times at the very club that he shot up. He was also known to use gay apps to meet gay men. So one of YOUR OWN offed all those gays. Get your own house in order, homosexuals, before you go playing the victim card and blaming others. Teach your fellow gays to just be gay instead of getting married, having kids and then going out and fucking men, exposing innocent women and children to the drama and diseases that go with this sick lifestyle.


Oh, also, all these ‘minority groups’ that hate on Donald Trump because he speaks his mind are the same pansy asses that start bullshit Twitter trends when their feelings get hurt. It goes both ways, folks. Stop hating on people that disagree with your sick, twisted lifestyle choices and maybe others will return the favor and treat you with some respect.


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