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The Deeper Throat Reality Show – Episode Four – Sarah Vandella Gets Kicked Off the Set

There was Martha and the Vandellas, and they never did anything wrong. But Sarah Vandella [pictured] couldn’t seem to do anything right as far as Vivid and director Paul Thomas were concerned.

So by the time the Deeper Throat reality show which aired on Showtime reaches the fourth episode, tempers are flaring and P.T.’s losing it. Of course Arrow’s Robert Interlandi toilet papering P.T.’s car didn’t help matters, either.

We also learn that Sasha Grey’s got a boyfriend named Ian and they’ve been together for three years and are planning to marry. Grey started her industry career during her first semester of college by appearing in a Rocco orgy movie whereupon she deep throated him. Grey mentions how she and Ian are still trying to find a place to live and are in the middle of moving with the Deeper Throat project fast coming up.

Ian talks about how, with Grey’s career, he has to schedule sex with the person he’s in love with. But they find ways. It’s mentioned how Grey bruised his butthole during one of those sessions and how Ian felt really gay about it. However if Grey wants to continue in the business for the next ten years, Ian says he supports that.

Thomas is ready to begin shooting and in a conversation with Vivid PM Shailar Cobi, Thomas mentions how Arrow’s going to have someone on the set to keep watch over things. Cobi calls Interlandi and Arrow owner Ray Pistol “yahoos”.

“Robert knows everything about nothing,” Cobi continues.

“They’re not going to influence me, they’re not going to interrupt me,” P.T. insists. But he’s pissed off that babysitters are going to be on the set.

“This little kid Robert isn’t a fucking filmmaker.”

Yahoos or not, Arrow has a Plan B in the event that Vivid screws up. They’re going to team up with Farrell Timlake of Homegrown Video to make their own movie.

“It’s the biggest amateur porn site on the planet,” says Interlandi in a meeting with Pistol. Timlake mentions that the company goes back to 1982.

“Beyond the sex we’re looking for someone to represent the company,” Pistol is saying.

“We want someone who’s going to be a team player and is not going to do something crazy like runoff and become a nun.”

Meanwhile Steve Hirsch is having a birthday party at his house, and his sister Marci’s son Jordan wants to come on a set. Hirsch doesn’t have a problem with it as long as Jordan realizes he has to pitch in and work. He’ll be brought in as a P.A.

Hirsch later asks P.T. why Vandella’s being included in this project.

“Because she’s a firecracker,” responds Thomas.

“She might be a firecracker- she’ll blow up my movie,” Hirsch fears. “P.T., this isn’t the time to take a chance.”

On Vandella’s behalf, Thomas says she deep throats well but acknowledges the fact she was an asshole to a few people the last time she worked for the company.

“It was an adventure- we put up with some of her attitude,” P.T. explains. But Hirsch is still leery about the decision to bring the abrasive Vandella aboard fearing that she’s a bomb ready to go off.

The first day of the Deeper Throat shoot is scheduled at The Zone which is a gay sex club in Hollywood. P.T. explains the murder mystery aspect of the script and how a girl has been taken advantage of by people in her life. The police are investigating the murder at the club. Grey’s first scene in the movie is a peep show scene in which she’s seen blowing an orthodox Jew.

The gossip heads are buzzing about Vandella being a girl who’s notorious for bringing drama and her issues to sets. The feeling voiced by P.T. becomes one of having to work within Vandella’s attention span before she goes off.

Interlandi doesn’t learn until early afternoon when he gets a call from Pistol that Vivid began shooting. He’s not too happy about it plus the fact that Hirsch and Co, didn’t keep him in the loop, that they had a script, that they picked a girl [Grey] and basically blew him off.

“Pistol’s going to be pissed that this is a serious movie,” Interlandi is heard to mutter.

“And I’m tired of P.T. and these fucking dipshits over here. I know exactly what’s going to get their attention.”

Interlandi begins toilet papering Thomas’ car.

Attention or not, Thomas isn’t too impressed with Interlandi. Even less when he learns what Interlandi’s done to his vehicle.

“Robert is very young and obviously doesn’t know a tenth about the profession but he thinks he does,” P.T. says before the car issue. Thomas feels the shoot’s going well. That is until Vandella prompts him to have a meltdown.

Thomas is then informed what Interlandi’s done.

“Toilet papering my car?” asks Thomas who puts the question to Interlandi.

“Why in the world would you do that?”

“I didn’t get a copy of the script- when you don’t play team Deep Throat that stuff happens,” Interlandi tells him.

“I don’t even know how to respond to that,” comments a bewildered Thomas who winds up kissing and making up with Interlandi.

Vandella for some apparent reason has set Thomas off as well and he loses it. Thomas bellows with rage.

“You fucked up from the first fucking day!” he yells at her.

“Get you’re fucking ass out of here! You’re the biggest fucking pain in the ass I’ve ever seen in my life! You have no business being here. You’re the most contrary sonofabitch I’ve ever seen in my life! Get out! Get your shit and get out of here! Go! Get the fuck off my set! Shailar walk this bitch off my set. Everything she’s done on the set has been a big fucking pain in the ass! Toilet paper her. Get her out of here! Go! Keep walking!”

After telling P.T. he can go suck her 12-inch mother fucking cock, Vandella walks off alright- along with her model release which means the scene she was just in has to be scrapped.


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