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The Seka Interview-update

Porn Valley- PervertRadio’s Mike & Paul Show featured Seka on as guest this week. Did the interview get obsequious? You’d have to listen for yourself to arrive at that answer. But, safe to say, idolatry was certainly the word of the day. It was noted that Seka lived in Chicago and Mike wondered aloud if that was because she could be close to Playboy. It was also noted that Seka, turned 50 this year on April 15.

Making a note of her website url, Paul said Seka got tired of her friends and fans being ripped off by the bastardization of her name. “It’s an awesome site.” Seka was born in Radford, Virgina, according to info supplied. Quoting the International Adult Film Database, Paul stated that she went into the business in 1978 and came out in 1999. “Twenty-one years,” Paul said, forgetting that Seka was in and out of the business and not on camera many of those years. She’s credited with 177 titles. Noting the giggles, Seka asked what was going on. “We’re star struck- we’re stupid,” Christine replied.

Asked how things were in Chicago, Seka said it was a gorgeous day, that she was laying out by the pool. “Can you imagine walking by the pool and seeing Seka?” Paul asked. “In the middle of downtown Chicago?” For her part, Christine said when she sees celebrities, she tends to leave them alone. “I want my space.”

Noting that Christine was an adult bookstore clerk, Paul told Seka that she was intimately familiar with her work. Christine said she had Seka’s films playing in the background one night at work a couple of weeks ago. “People stopped at the counter- young kids- the boys are always, like, I want Jenna Jameson. You got Jenna Jameson? Yeah, it’s in the section marked ‘Craptastic’. No offense, Jenna. Learn how to keep a rhythm.”

Christine suggested that Jameson needed a metronome, whatever that was supposed to mean. Christine noted that the same teenagers were asking about Seka. “Who is that? That’s before your time, fellas.” Seka was asked for some remembrances dating back to 1978. “I can’t remember breakfast,” she laughed.

Seka noted she had seven adult bookstores and was buying product for them when a distributorship in Baltimore suggested she do films. “So I did. That’s how that started.” Seka was in her late Twenties and, by today’s standards, she was already old, it was pointed out.

And Seka doesn’t particularly care for the changes in the industry since that time. “It’s shocking to me,” she said. “What I’m seeing today isn’t sex. It’s scary. You have gag videos and pink eye stuff. Where did the sex go?”

Seka particularly wanted to know what it was about cumming into woman’s eye that was a turn on. “Or having some girl rolf all over your cock.” Christine said she saw a Rob Black movie called Human Toilets. “This guy [Brandon Iron] puts this toilet seat over the girls and he’s, like, is it okay if I gag you? She’s like, okay, whatever.”

Seka said none of that was sexy to her. Describing some woman puking all over a guy’s dick, Seka said that was ridiculous. According to Seka, the first scene she did was in Baltimore. “It wasn’t scary- it was intriguing. I kind of took to it like water.”

Seka also pointed out that she wasn’t married at the time she did adult, but has been married twice.

“When did you realize you were a star?” asked Paul. “I don’t know- am I?” she replied. Asked if she ever woke up one day and said to herself is all this really happening, Seka said not to that extent. “I was going to this big electronics show. It was in Chicago. I was working for Swedish Erotica at the time. They brought 500 pictures for me to sign over a four-day period. Within the first hour and half we were out of pictures.” Seka thought to herself, at that point, she wasn’t getting paid enough. It was, then, her realization that she had made it.

Paul then asked Seka about “Bill Marigold.” Seka said she met Bill Margold way before. “I walked into his office and said to him, you’re going to make me a star.” Seka was asked who Margold was to the adult industry. “He’s the historian of the adult industry,” she answered. “Anything and everything you want to know, the man is a walking encyclopedia. He’s a good guy. He can go on and on about a lot of stuff but Bill’s a good guy.”

According to some info dragged off a Yahoo group, Seka’s favorite male stars were listed as John Holmes, John Leslie and Jamie Gillis.” Seka said she liked John Holmes. “John and I always got along really well. A lot of people didn’t get along with John, but I did. He was never rude to me. He was never anything but a gentleman to me.”

Seka said it was always a professional atmosphere when they worked together. She concedes that while some people may have had bad experiences with the man, she didn’t.” Holmes was already a big star in more ways than one, she laughed.

Seka’s first scene with Holmes was shot in the desert in a barn for the movie Dracula Sucks [perhaps the greatest all-star cast a porn film’s ever featured]. “He was bigger than life.” Seka was willing to accept the fact that Holmes was hanging 14-inches. Making note of Holmes’ passing, Seka said Holmes’ ex-wife is working for VCX out of Vegas.

“How about Jamie Gillis- that’s one crazy sonofabitch,” Paul remarked. “I’ve stumbled across some things he’s done on his home video camera.” Seka agreed that Gillis is nuts and that was one of the intriguing things about working with him. “Jamie’s too twisted for color TV,” Seka quipped remembering a movie they did in New York where she was able to turn the tables on Gillis with him calling her mommy. “Yes, mommy, more.” Seka said Gillis was a very intelligent guy and a real man. It was also noted that a Google search will review a lot of Seka-named sites.

Asked what that was all about, Seka said, “They’re called thieves.” Seka noted that some guy out of Texas has “I’m taking care of that as we speak.” Seka said she owns the registered trademark to the name Seka.

“I have to have my site up long enough to prove that they’re actually stealing money from me,” she stated, “or keeping me from income that’s owed to me.” Seka said she didn’t want to nail those people as much as enjoin them to share the wealth. “You want to use my name, fine, give me some of the money. Do what you’re doing. If you don’t want to do this, get the fuck off.”

Seka said she’s had her official website up since January, 2003. According to her, the word is getting out slowly but surely. “I haven’t advertised the site yet,” she said. “Not because I don’t want to, but to get as many kinks out as I can.” In about two weeks, she said there’ll be the Seka Theater playing Seka movies on-demand. Seka notes that she hasn’t done a hardcore scene since 1997 but just did one about a month ago. “I’ll be offering that on the site.”

Seka will keep it exclusive to her site. “It was kind of spicy if I must say so myself.” Upon further conversation, Seka revealed that it was a blowjob. Seka wouldn’t tell who the guy was except to say that he was very special.

Asked what a set was like back in the day, Seka replied very long hours. “You could work three, four days, 18 hours a day just to get five minutes of film. “You just don’t see that any more. For one thing there’s no production value.” Seka said she saw a scene recently where a girl was giving a guy head and a cellphone was going off. “He picks up the phone and answers it while she’s sucking his dick. Excuse me, we’re doing a movie here. And he’s booking another scene.”

According to Seka, she didn’t make a lot for her first scene but wouldn’t be specific. It was noted by Paul that there was a tremendous amount of untalented women willing to do anything. Which brought up the issue of residuals and back end money. Seka pointed out that there never have been any and poo-poohed the notion of a union.

“They tried to do it in my day but it wasn’t happening.” Seka pointed out that it’s the distributor that has the most clout in the business. “This is the guy who, in the end, says I’ll pick you. It’s like the velvet rope at Studio 54. You can go in, you can’t.” Christine kept making the specious case that performers needed a union.

“There’s always somebody else out there who’s willing to do a little bit more or take a little bit less than you will,” Seka conceded. On the other hand, Seka also pointed out that if you don’t like things as they are, you can go out and shoot for yourself.

“You can make your own big bucks.” Seka said she now has the opportunity to do her own thing and put out the product [on the Internet] that she wants. “If you want to buy it, you buy it. If you don’t it’s okay.”

Prodded for funny stories, Seka wasn’t quick with one but mentioned that she was never arrested even though you could at that time for sucking a dick.


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