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Seka: John Leslie Told Me I’d Never Work in This Business Again

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Seka was on Amber Lynn’s debut show Friday afternoon.

“You can’t see me. I’m on my knees and doing the wave for you,” gushed Lynn who said when Seka agreed to be on the show she almost pee’d her pants.

“Seka’s a whole other world in the history of this business,” added Bill Margold who another guest on the show. Lynn repeated her story about being at the awards show with Bobby Hollander and Vinnie DiStephano when she first saw Seka. “I think they were with Arrow.”

Lynn didn’t mention the fact that DiStephano was investigated for organized crime ties along with Butchie Peraino, but that’s another topic.

Margold believed the show Lynn was referring to was the 1984 AFAA Awards. “I believe that she co-hosted those awards with Dave Friedman.”

“The first day she walked into my office in 1978 with these two tiny poodles, she was beyond stunning and stood there and dared me to make her famous,” recalled Margold.

“I said I’ll start you out as hamburger and work you up to filet mignon I worked her up to Dracula Sucks. Then John Holmes and Paul Thomas began booking her for Swedish Erotica.”

Seka said she started out working in adult book stores and had done a couple of loops in Baltimore and one magazine layout.

“I watched some of your stuff. I know and followed your story,” said Lynn. “You were selling pornography in a book store and said I could make that stuff better.”

Seka said women working in loops had lousy makeup, pimples on their butts and dirty feet and she thought that was a poor representation.

Margold explained that Seka had an unbelievable sexual confidence and that her first important hardcore scene should be with John Holmes. Seka recalled the Dracula Sucks film as having a cavalcade of stars.

“There’s nine hall of famers in that movie,” Margold noted.

“The scene she did- she was a nurse administering to John Holmes in that movie.” Margold said the scene was shot in a barn.

He comes out grinning. I said oh my God. He said I’ll make her famous. I said I think she can do that herself.”

Seka offered her perspective.

“We were shooting at a castle [in Lancaster California]. I knew all those people from splicing 8mm loops for my peep show booths.” Seka went over the cast – Annette Haven, Holmes, John Leslie, Jamie Gillis, Paul Thomas, Kay Parker and Serena. Lynn said when she first laid eyes on Leslie she almost pee’d her pants. If you notice, Lynn pees her pants a lot.

“He was so gorgeous.”

Lynn said she would have loved to have seen all those people in their prime. Seka’s first recollections of Leslie were, “He had his clothes on; he took me aside and gave me advice I live to this day. He said everyone’s looking at you like you’re a big piece of meat on a hook. He said don’t ever do anything you don’t want to do, no matter what anyone says.”

Margold recalled that he had to protect Seka from Leslie on that movie. “She knows what I had to do to preserve that scene with Holmes.”

Seka said Leslie was egotistical and tried to write in a sex scene with him before Holmes.

“He [Leslie] met me at the hotel. I opened the door. It was him. He just wanted to get it before the other people did. I got very pissed off about it.”

Seka said she was wearing her nurses outfit from the movie and took off one of her shoes and thew it at Leslie.

Seka told Leslie she’d wouldn’t work with him if he was the last man on earth. “Leslie told me I’d never work in this business again.”

Lynn said the first time she saw Holmes she was so nervous she hid in a bathroom.

“Tall men take my breath away, and John was very tall. In clothes he looked like a big lumbering man. He could be a dangerous guy, I thought, and going in my head, is, he’s got a penis the size of my leg. Is he going to rip me apart? He comes out naked, and he’s so skinny. I thought this poor guy needs a sandwich. I don’t know how he was ever provided a unit that size. It was almost too big for him. It should have been on Godzilla.”

Seka said she had a very good time with Holmes who was gentle, tender and reassuring.

Lynn remembered Jamie Gillis with whom she had a relationship, and how he would swoon over a gorgeous blonde. Seka said she never had a personal relationship with Gillis.

“We had this thing between us. You could see hearts and bubbles over our heads with dirty little thoughts.” Lynn said Gillis broke down her sexual barriers and she’s grateful for it.

Margold recalled at the time Gillis was enamored with Serena and they were holding hands throughout the entire movie.

“They were game players- that was a strange relationship. It was give and take on many different levels. They invited me back to the motel one night, and I didn’t go because I’m too square for my own good. That may have changed my entire life.”

A caller-in, Randy, asked about the title of Seka’s first film. She said it was an 8mm loop shot in Baltimore. It wasn’t a Swedish Erotica, however. Seka couldn’t remember the name of the film or the male performer.

“I have no idea. It was some guy in Baltimore.” Neither could she provide any other details. Randy happened to live in Baltimore. Lynn said the other reason Seka was on the show was to promote the release of her book, Inside Seka. [Just a thought, but if she can’t remember the details of her first sex scene…]

“My Facebook and Twitter page has been blown up,” said Seka.

Margold thought the book had a “mesmerizing cover” but thought it had a different title. Seka said the book was available through and would soon be available on Amazon and that she’d be doing personal appearances to promote the book.

Lynn recalled when she first met Seka. “You were so kind and so wonderful to me. You set such a wonderful example. You’ve always been so influential on me.”

Seka advised to be kind to people because they might be the same ones you meet on your way down. Margold said the industry was lucky to have Seka. “She’s a perfect example what a superstar is all about.”


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