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Wankus on Mary Carey, KSEX and Life On-Internet-Airwaves

(SAN FERNANDO VALLEY, CA) — I caught up with Wankus this morning and asked him about his comments regarding Mary Carey on his show last Friday night. I only caught parts of the rant thanks to a nagging wife, but he blasted her for continually canceling on KSEXradio, after scheduling interviews and claimed this ride for political office has gone to her head.

In the interview, Wankus gives his honest “off-air” opinion and holds nothing back.

BH: Wankus, just when I think you’ve done or said it all on your KSEX show, you shock me with more wild content.

Wankus: Brian, most people who know me are aware that I play an exaggerated roll of my real personality on-air.

BH: Exaggerated meaning the issues you talk about are filled with your real opinions, only 10 fold?

Wankus: Yes, but there really is usually a designed plan to push buttons. You have all heard about Stern and how his on-air persona is not who he is off the air. That’s true. I have met him when I did news casts during his show in ’96 in Los Angeles. He’s absolutely nothing in person like he is on-air and in some respects that’s my hook as well. I can take the issue of leaving the toilet seat up and turn it into World War III.

BH: On Friday you accused Mary Carey of pushing KSEX aside as well as the rest of the adult industry because of her recent mainstream press success.

Wankus: Well, I would like to remind you of my previous comments. I explode about everything, friends or no friends, the hook of my show is to be the maniac. That said, yes, I made similar comments like that and although it was meant in fun, there are some truths to what I said.

BH: Explain.

Wankus: When Mary first announced she was running, I contacted her right away about it. KSEX is a great place to declare adult industry breaking news and I had hoped we could get her on. It took her a while to get back to me and when she finally did we booked a slot. She later cancelled the appearance because of new interview opportunities with the mainstream media. Ok fine. I can’t compete with that. We later rescheduled for about two or three weeks later [You gotta keep in mind too, coming from mainstream media, I don’t like having to wait that long to break a story…but, what can I do, KSEX doesn’t have FOX’s audience size.] Friday, she sent me an e-mail canceling again for her upcoming interview this Wednesday, in it citing an interview with the E! Channel. Not to mention the scattered times on the phone, trying to lock down interviews as she listed off all the mainstream trades who want her. Again, I have no problem with that, but I was starting to feel second rate, and being that we are friends as well, it did stick a little bit of a thorn in my side.

BH: So your rant on your show can be considered accurate then?

Wankus: On most accounts of what I explained, yes, they certainly can be considered accurate, but again, to be honest with you, it’s not something I’m going to lose sleep over. I was just trying to push the envelope and give the listeners something to laugh about.

BH: Did you have a bad day on Friday because it seemed you ranted about a lot of people?

Wankus: LOL, no, well not really. I did get a little pissed off when I got to work, hearing that Ron Jeremy refused to attend Quasarman and Gauge’s show because KSEX has a “piddly” audience size.

BH: KSEX doesn’t have a piddly audience size…I mean in comparison to Stern, yes, but for adult press, don’t you guys have thousands of listeners?

Wankus: Absolutely, but since we’ve taken over this company, it’s been a constant fight to prove how legitimate we are. People just refuse to believe that an internet radio station has any credibility. Even when the station is run by mainstream DJs, shows are hosted by big name porn stars and when more and more adult sites are paying attention to what’s going on at KSEX, we still fight to prove we are for real.

BH: I can’t believe a station with Tera Patrick, Ginger Lynn, Lexington Steele, Brooke Hunter, Layla Jade and many more stars has to fight for anything.

Wankus: You’d be surprised. People recently wrote on some of the adult message boards, “why is getting so much print lately?” Why??? We have 30 porn stars hosting shows, and not your basic shitty shows, we’re talking about good quality, purposely designed shows, with web cams. On a given week, 50 porn stars walk through the doors, having fun, getting naked and talking to fans, not at them. Who wouldn’t want to report on that? As Gene Ross once told me, “you can sit on a porn set all day waiting for a sound byte, with KSEX, you get dozens of them every night.”

BH: Gene’s been a big fan of KSEX

Wankus: reports on something KSEX, almost daily. And it’s fair reporting, not kiss ass. He prints the good as well as the ugly. I find myself referring to him on air a lot. Saying things like, “ok Gene, you’re going to love this one.”

BH: LOL! What is the future for KSEX? Right now you’re live from 5:00pm (PST) to midnight, Monday through Friday. Do you ever plan on doing 24 hours of live programming.

Wankus: Yes and No. To be honest with you, it makes no sense to do 24 hours straight because there are some consistent down times on the web. According to our stats, the listening times are strongest from 6am to 11am and then 3pm to 11pm, pacific.

BH: Who listens at 6am?

Wankus: Europe, Australia, places like that. According to recent stats, 30-35% of our audience is coming from Germany right now.

BH: How the hell did that happen?

Wankus: They’re all pervs! LOL

BH: So are you going to have morning shows to cover that surge early AM?

Wankus: I doubt it. You ever try to get the average porn star to a set at 6am? Not gonna happen, and even if we find one gem who will, the guests won’t do it.

BH: In closing, your thoughts about Mary Carey…they were truthful, but exaggerated?

Wankus: My comments about her pushing the adult press aside for the mainstream press were very truthful. Anything else I threw in were probably cheap comments to get a laugh or to sound maniacal. I like being the loose canon. The unpredictable kind of guy. That hook works with the fans, but sometimes gets me into trouble. 😉

BH: I’ll look forward to your Monday night show Wankus, thanks for your time.

Wankus: Thanks for my time? Shut the fuck up Brian, you know I asked you to interview me so I could get a few things out! 🙂


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