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XPT Threads More Shawna Lenee Drama; Why Are Companies Putting Up with This Nonsense?

XPT, airs a thread from an Alexander DeVoe post on

DeVoe writes: I usually don’t do this but, LOL! I got to tell this story about some shit that happened on the set of Rico The Destroyer Movie. SO I booked the girl Shawna Lenee from LA Direct models. K , First she doesn’t show up for the initial shoot date. I call the agent and they say, “oh she’s not on set!?”. I said no where is she, cause its like an hour after her call time and she is MIA.

So they say, “ok let me call and find out where she is”.

So I hang up , tell everyone to hold tight at location, makeup, and Rico to chill until I hit him with an update. 30 minutes later agent calls back and says, “Well we called and she said she was sleeping, she will be there in 30 minutes”.

So 2 hours later still no girl. I call the agent back and tell them I’m deducting 50 dollars for every half hour she is late. 2 and a half hours later still no SHAWNA LENEE. So I call to cancel her and reschedule 2 days later.

So its 2 days later. Miss Lenee graces my set with her presence. She never mentions being late and acts as if its her first booking with me, She is penthouse pet of the year runner up after all LOL!!

So we proceed to get makeup done, hair done and pick out her outfit. She loves purple. All of her wardrobe is PURPLE!!!!!

She is bubbly and acting super horny before we even get her outfit picked out, so much so that I leave and come back and she is fucking my PA in the behind the scenes footage. I’m like yeah this is going to be a good day today!!!!

Fast forward to the photo shoot. She is acting real frisky like she just wants to suck and fuck every dick in the building during stills. She then starts to talk about how long she has been in the business. She says 4 years. I was blown away! I thought she was new. She then starts to tell the story of how she has had 3 different stage names and now she uses her real first name .

Now I’m thinking that maybe this girl is too good to be true, but I blow it off and keep taking pics. She then tells about how she likes fucking big black dicks, but The scene with me is her first on camera interracial.

K, now we get to the scene. Shoot the tease, get to dick sucking and then she stops to say her eyelash is falling off. I say no let it come off I like it. She says no, Its not cool she has a disease which prevents her her eye lashes from growing and she needs to go upstairs to fix it. Ok cool fix it I say.

She leaves. Comes back 10 minutes later and we go back to dick sucking. The action moves to first position, cowgirl on the steps. 30 seconds in, MISS Penthouse Pet of the year runner up Shawna Lenee gets up and says that she cant squat on Rico’s dick and can we move to another position. I say lets go back there just for a moment and then we can go to regular cowgirl. She says she cant do it. I say well Rico can assist you, he will hold you up so there is no stress on your legs. She makes an announcement that she knows her body and her legs will collapse in 20 seconds and she is not and does not do squats on the dick!

I, Rico, and my PA look at each other with open mouths , shocked!!!!!

She then Says I am not going to finish the scene. She gets up, walks upstairs and proceeds to put her clothes on, leaving Rico on the steps holding his dick LOL!

Well…… , I go upstairs to talk to her. When I get to the room she proceeds to tell me how she knows how to give the director a good scene and that she has been doing this for 4 years so she knows how to make something good and I didn’t listen so my opportunity has passed because after all she is the star of the movie, SHAWNA LENEE!!!!! LOL!!

I’m like Bitch, I’m ALEXANDER DEVOE!!!!!! LOL!!! NAH!!! I didn’t go there, but it would have been funny as hell for me to say that at that moment.

Rico comes upstairs to say lets finish the scene. She says no. Then she starts yelling we are crazy!! I tell her that in almost 10 years in the biz I have never dealt with someone as unprofessional as her. She then says something about being on set, I said no bitch you are at my house pack your shit and get the fuck out now!!!

She is balling out of control and yelling crazy shit. I call her agent and say she is psycho and I want them to pay me for her craziness!!!

When she went upstairs with the lash episode she was on the phone calling her agent saying she was slapped hard on the face 3 times and held down, forced to get gagged and choked with dick violently!!!

The bitch is crazy and turns out she has a history of erratic behavior on other sets as well.


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