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XPT Threads the Thread on Bree Olson “Pregnancy Nightmare”

> Moxie writes on Gene has been hoaxed with old news yet again. That was from Bree’s Yahoo Answers page from [B]LAST SEPTEMBER [/B]. I think if she continued with the pregnancy she would have shown a little bit by now. In fact, if you click the link there’s a little thing called “date” which says “4 months ago – 18 answers.”

In fact, do a little research and you will see that we already discussed this on XPT months ago. I think it was in a thread about Audrey Bittoni.

Gene writes: Gene did not report this as breaking news and placed the source of the story; Olson’s a name in the news for charging $20,000 for a D.P. And not everyone knew of or read the original story about her pregnancy.

> Moxie writes: This was all discussed in February

If she is talking about Chris Fox, then here is what she told Billy Watson about him:

Quote: At dinner she told me about her boyfriend. She found him on myspace, and she searched specifically for dudes in her area that made more that 250K a year. I had no idea myspace offered such a wonderful service as allowing a user to find their ideal mate by an income tax bracket, but appearently they do. Bree found one man in her small, midwestern town that fit the bill, and sure enough they’re dating, and sure enough he’s fallen in love, and sure enough she’s ready for more, and sure enough when she’s done with school she’ll divorce him, and take 1/2 of his stuff, cause that’s her plan.

She didn’t mince words, either.

“Why would you do that to him, Bree?”

“Cause I want nice things while I’m in school. Like a Mercedes.”

“What kind of Mercedes?”

“Oh, any kind. I don’t care.”

“How about you live in a dorm room and have a roomie and eat Top Ramen and be poor and enjoy your time being a young starving student so you’ll enjoy things even more when you earn them, later in life, yourself?”

“You’re a pornographer. You’re no better than me.”

“But I don’t deceive people. I mean you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into when you come spend a day with me. What if this guy walks off a bridge after you divorce him cause he loved you so much? What then? I mean how would you feel?”

“He won’t do that. And if he did I’d go to his funeral with some flowers. Besides, it’s not like it hasn’t happened to him before. He’s already been divorced once.”

“Well, just be honest with him. Tell him you want a Sugar Daddy. If he dumps you, trust me, you’ll find a guy that’ll be happy to be your Sugar Daddy. You know? And then you can live with yourself cause it’s the right thing to do.”

Bree looked at me for a long second, and then down at her food. Like most of the porno chicks I’ve had dinner with, she really didn’t eat a thing. “Hey, what are these little green thingys in my food?”

“Those are called capers.”

“Well, I don’t like them. Capers ruined my meal.”

> Conky wrires: According to Gene Ross over at, Bree Olsen has a lot more to worry about than trying to charge producers a fortune:

” From, Bree Olson posts on Yahoo: ” I think I am pregnant and I am so scared!?

I think I am pregnant. I have about a week till my period so I can’t check yet. I had an abortion last year and I will never do it again! I can’t believe I let this happen. I am so upset I can’t stop crying and I am scared. Please give me advise. No mean people! I am already taking this hard enough I need some help……I don’t wanna tell anyone in my life yet. I just want to die. I feel like if I am pregnant my last abortion which I almost killed myself over was for nothing! The father is fine, I know he would marry me and make a good father. He is financially stable and older but I am too young! I am so scared! Any advise?””

Any advice? Sure. Use contraception you dumb fucking whore.

Cool, another porn child

I expect her rates to tumble once the stretch marks kick in.

> Conky adds: How can I efficiently mock these women when my news sources are months out of date? Stupid Gene Ross.

Gene told me that they’re televising JFK’s trip to Dallas today on one of the channels. I’ll watch that. I like him. Hope it all turns out okay for him in Texas.

> GiGi writes: how could she possibly know who the father is/would be? i mean, she takes how many cocks and obviously is not using contraception…

> Mia Rose XXX writes: HA HA! woot to you Bree…. Heres my advice. Number one, don’t fucking amnnouce shit that you are not 100% sure of…. “no press is bad press, but wow….:: Flick on ur forehead ::

And two…. WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU TELL THE PUBLIC FIRST? “didnt mean for the caps, but they look nice” lol.

Bree… You F*in twit….

We all need attention… but saying you might have someones sperm growing like “Alien”…. Not the right attention.

“Let see your gaping ass hole” As my dear friend Jack SHIT would say.

PS! I am a firm fuckin believer in the once every three months shot. IT IS THE BEST FOR PORN GIRLS… We cant fucking remember the pill… I cant count the times I heard “Oh fuck… ” from my friends… I also remember me saying the the same words cause I was knocked up… ” OH FUCK YES! FUCK YEA! FUCK IT NEWB!”

> Cum Stains writes: Wow. Chris Fox is gonna be bummed out when the baby comes out black.

> Burgler Da writes: This thread is AWESOME, exactly the type of shit we need to talk about more…about just how truly FUCKED UP, bankrupt, bereft, and disgusting PORN and the subculture/way of life it breeds really is. I am amazed at how flippant and seemingly matter of fact these chicks are in talking about aspects of their life that most “civilians” would find truly devestating and traumatic. Take Abortion and how it is discussed above.

First, there should be no surprise that a morally bankrupt, empty shallow bubbleheaded filthy slut like Bree Olsen has had several abortions…she doesnt give a fuck about anything except RIGHT NOW. This second…fuck tomorrow, screw what happened yesterday, “I want this-that-and-the-other thing now, and I want the best. If I have to murder a dozen fetuses in the process, oh well. What’s that you say? I was a fetus once too? So what? I dont care…I wasnt aborted because mother nature knew I was going to be born as a beautiful hott sex bomb who gives men pleasure so I was spared. The fetuses I aborted were going to interfere with my partying and ability to do and buy what I want, and to get any sugar daddy I want since they are turned off by kids, so I had to get rid of them. Too bad if you cant deal with that, it is my life!”

I guarantee that is the reasoning at heart here…if you read her words, and typically the words of all young, dumb, selfish chicks who abort after getting knocked up, it is all about ME ME ME and how hard the baby would be on me. Of course they cant let it go to term and give it up for adoption cuz that would ruin their figure and they would, again, be unable to attract the wealthy, lonely, pathetic sugar daddy to fleece.

Thanks to Mia for bringing this up again, regardless of when Bree actually wrote or posted this shit. Oh wait a second, Mia aborted too….hmmm, damn. How much meth would you have had to do to take the weight off of what you would have gained during the pregnancy if you had let it go to term then given it up for adoption? Actually, a better question is could you have laid off the Meth for 9 months?

Then again, I am pissed at myself for even letting this bother me this much…fucking selfish, SELFISH idiotic whores. Why the fuck should I care?


I’ll fucking tell you why!!!! Because I have lived this bullshit! Seeing attractive, but not quite gorgeous chicks, like your typical young porn stars like Bree, or even Mia, express NO INTEREST IN ME, or even TALK to me….UNTIL they find that I actually have “Stuff”. Then it is even more hillarious and pathetic as they attempt to get their hooks in me. 10+ years I have dealt with and dodged these whores with hearts of (i.e. set upon) gold…

Get a fucking real job you shallow lazy ass cunts.


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