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You Heard It Here First…No, Really

WORLD WIDE WEB – A lot of people are asking, “what’s with all this ‘Read it Here First’ shit I’m seeing on AdultFYI lately?”

Let us enlighten you.

To grow and succeed in any news format, it’s important to break stories before your competition. It’s a little different and less competitive in the adult news biz, partly because most of the news sites are people’s hobbies and aren’t seriously trying to get to a CNN caliber but at the same time, those who post the most different, original and creative stories will win the day with porn news surfers. Those who win the day often enough, become leaders in the game.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of news services that don’t do their own research and writing on many stories. In fact, many of them either completely cut and paste a story from other people’s sites or they take the information someone has obtained and put their own spin on it, sometimes implying they are where the story originated.

Is it a big deal? Not really. Anyone that takes adult news too seriously should have their head examined. But, it does get frustrating when you work your tail off, only to have someone else take the credit.

AdultFYI is not a press release driven site. Yes, when we receive releases that are newsworthy, we put them up. We also have used sources from other news sites, moreso about mainstream then adult, and that’s only because quite frankly we’re not a big enough operation yet to have reporters at the Netherland Ranch or in England when the new Singing Condom is released.

We post those stories because we think you’ll be interested in them and according to the feedback we get, most of you are. You’ll also notice, that many of those Associated Press mainstream sex-style stories usually spawn us into finding our own creative spin on a given topic, either tying it into the adult world or at the least, displaying an interesting side of things.

So when we tell ya, “AdultFYI had the story first,” it’s just a reminder that we’re working hard to get you the info before anyone else does. Do all the other news sites suck? Absolutely not. Some of them break stories every day too and if we run with info from those stories, we will quote those sites and give them the credit. The same courtesy isn’t always extended so we take it upon ourselves to let you know.


Many people don’t believe in Alexa Rankings. Usually these are people who’s Alexa #s have slipped and need to point the blame at a system that isn’t perfect, but a very good tool that shows what sites are doing, traffic speaking.

The skinny on Alexa is like this. Whoever has an Alexa tool bar installed on their computer, every site they search gets credit that they visited. [To get your own free Alexa tool bar and search engine, visit]

The argument is, “the system isn’t accurate because many people don’t have an Alexa Toolbar, so it’s not registering the facts.” Well, yes and no.

It is correct that it’s not measuring the exact numbers but it provides an estimated ranking based on the users who do have the tool bars, averaging out the numbers to represent all users.

If you know anything about the radio broadcast Arbitron system, it’s the same exact process. Major cities across America, receive something like four hundred diaries to represent millions of people in a given town. These diaries are sent out to random people throughout the city and every time they’re listening to a radio station, they are suppose to keep a log of it inside this book. At the end of a ratings period, the diaries are sent back and that and that alone is how they determine who has the top radio stations.

You thought Alexa was bad…the concept of 400+ people’s listening habits representing a city of a million has to be real whack! But guess what, it works. It’s not a perfect system but it gives you a good idea of who’s hot and who’s not. So does Alexa.

That said…AdultFYI is kicking some serious ass in the numbers. Online since mid-September of 2003 and we’re already in the top 3 for adult news sites and really charging past some other well known sites.

For that, we thank you the readers and will continue to provide a place for you to enjoy your news, gossip and fun!

Some interesting Traffic Numbers for popular sites:

[the lower the ranking, the better]

Company 3 Month Avg. Today’s Daily Ranking

1. 5,194 4,501

2. 8,950 9,113

3. 10,239 9,968

4. 10,885 11,071

5. 17,864 17,518

6. 20,231 103,287

7. 36,963 35,234

8. 57,757 100,535

9. 41,240 34,193

10. Stunning Curves 44,512 85,833

So, does all this mean anything? Not really, but it does give you an idea of who’s doing what. I know the Alexa system to work because when our actual stats go up, I can clearly see our ranking get better. When our actual stats go down, it shows up on Alexa.

There are things to consider. Some people can cheat Alexa and have traffic flying into their URL from different areas. Some people can also miss out on some of Alexa’s ranking because some pages or URLs that users visit frequently are not tracked. It’s too complicated to get into all the specifics and I’m sure you’re bored of it already.

Bottom line…AdultFYI is on fire and we would like to thank all of you for your support. Keep coming back and we’ll keep making it an enjoyable experience!


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