A Friend of Izzy Hall Says: Thank You, Quasarman, for That Mexican Zoo Story

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A friend of Izzy Hall’s writes: So now we have Mr Q. here sending a little more ammunition straight to Isadore Hall. www.adultfyi.com/read.php?ID=58316

That girl who smelled like a Mexican zoo, and had a sponge inside her for two weeks. Do you know how bad of an infection that girl must have had to have that kind of stench, and a sponge in their for two weeks???? An infection like that can be very serious, that girl needs to see a doctor, and fast. What does the APHSS medical board have to say about this? Nothing as usual.

But of course the industry doesn’t test for things like this, and if we
believe Dianne Duke APHSS has almost ereadicated sts’s from the industry,
which she has been quoted as saying.

Thank you for bringing these issues into the light Mr Q., You are doing
your part to help Measure B and AB332 get passed. Keep up the good work,
the article is being forwarded to the appropriate assembly members.


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