Adult Cybermart Sneak Peek; Tera Patrick Advises Female Performers to Go In Business for Themselves

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The former wife of the world renowned Evan Seinfeld, Tera Patrick, was a recent guest of Rebecca Bardoux’s on XXX Porn Star Radio.

Patrick had to mention that she wrote a memoir called Sinner Takes All. In fact, it was another porn star, Houston, who told me she couldn’t get a major publishing house interested in her book because Patrick’s tanked so badly. And I’m not just taking Houston’s word for it. I read the book and had to swear off literature in general for six months until I could regain my equilibrium.

“In it [the book] I recount the story of how I got into the industry and my first boyfriend who introduced me to porn,” Patrick went on to say.

“Rebecca Bardoux was the first woman I met in this business. I was like 19 years old. I remember her wearing a little black skirt and a little black tank top. I was oh-my-gosh, she’s a porn star!”

“I was impressionable. I was an infant. I was, like, oh my God, what does this woman do? She does these movies!! Wow!”

Patrick was asked what advice she’d give a new girl in the business on the best ways of making money.

“I do tell them and they don’t listen,” she laughed.

Patrick dispensed an excellent piece of advice.

“The first thing I tell them is why do they shoot for all these companies? Here’s the one thing I don’t understand. Why do we even shoot new stuff? The market is so oversaturated with content. I don’t know why there needs to be more.

“I tell the girls you need to go into business for yourself.

“I got into the industry in 1999. I did magazines and I shot movies. But then I opened my own company. I was able to retire three years later.”

[No doubt. Patrick and her production company, Teravision, sued Jenna Jameson and Playboy Enterprises in L.A. Superior Court in 2007. Patrick alleged that Playboy had failed to account for and pay royalties on revenue earned from its management of Tera’s Web site,

Playboy bought the contract and all of its obligations from Jameson’s company, Club Jenna, in 2006. Of course you never hear the results of those suits because everyone concerned has to sign a shut-the-fuck-up agreement. But I’m sure that’s why Patrick was able to retire.]

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