AdultFYI Continues The Year in Review; Shawna Lenee Blew Guys for Meth; Arrow C&D’s Vivid

Seems that Tiger Woods wasn’t the only celebrity caught with his dick in strange vagina. The Bee Gees Robin Gibb gave his wife, Dwina Gibb, something to think about regarding the longevity of their marriage. Mrs. Robin “Bee Gees” Gibb had enjoyed an open relationship with her husband over the years, but it appears that after Robin planted his seed in the housekeeper, and it took root, Dwina went ballistic.

She felt “betrayed” that the housekeeper got knocked up. Dwina claims she enjoyed an open relationship, but it appeared that when push came to shove, she had a closed mind on the possible consequences. Proof that most “swinger” relationships are lies people generall tell themselves.

Our Vivid gal Kelli McCarty who decided that porn starism was better than mainstreamism revealed the true whore mentality when she was quoted as saying: “These are guys that I’ve known for a long time that are a suddenly putting it out there, they think because I have sex on television I must want to do it with them, too. Its really creepy and disturbing, being an adult film star does not automatically put you into the slut category. Maybe you’d expect that from people you don’t know, but this is coming from guys I considered friends. Weird.”

We think we know what Kelly was trying to stay but still needed a porn translator to smooth out the rough spots for us.

Do porn chicks realize that people actually listen to Sirius and Howard Stern? You wouldn’t think so by some of the revelations which are best left for the confessional. Penthouse Pet of the Year runner-up and porn chick Shawna Lenee age 21 went on the Stern show this year and made some startling admissions best left for the ears of a padre. For one thing, she had a kid at age 17, but now her son lives with the father, she states.

Shawna also told Stern that she used to live in a small town in Ohio, grew up on a farm and that she fell into the drug thing for a while. According to her, she was on meth for about 10 months and that her life fell apart. Lenee said that she got hooked after the one time she tried it and wasn’t able to stop after that and that she probably blew guys to get meth.

Shawna then said she just woke up one morning and wondered what she was doing and got off the meth. Stern also asked her how she tried to kill herself. Shawna explained that she cut her wrists with razor blades. She didn’t want to show them, but Howard coaxed her. He thought that it was a pretty major looking scar.

Stern then asked her if she’s considered doing some escorting. Lenee said that she has thought about it but she can’t bring herself to go through with it but that she’s had offers of $8,000 and she turned that down. Howard then asked Shawna about her first sexual experience which was with a girl. She said that she lost her virginity to a girl [a good trick].

Asked if she likes anal, Lenee said that she has done it only once on film and she has thought about doing it again so she must like it. Shawna also said that she loves having a guy doing her doggy style while she’s eating out a girl.

And what’s a year without a porn performer having a major appendectomy? Happened to Evan Stone who was whisked to Cedars Sinai hospital.

Was Video Secrets the screw up company of the year? You’d gather that if you were a regular reader of particularly when XBiz tried a live stream its award show and handed the chores to Video Secrets. In a nutshell this was what was said: “The show itself stated about an hour and 3 minutes later.

And even then it was really almost impossible to enjoy it via their live stream. Which is really to bad because I thought it was a great idea. It was just poorly executed. I think in the end the blame has to lies with the company they selected to do the live feed. I think they did a really shitty ass job…we learned very quickly that the organizers of this live stream didn’t put a whole hell of a lot of thought into the production of the show….As if all the other things I mentioned weren’t bad enough, you also got the joy over listening to the idle chatter of a male and female running the camera because apparently these two dumb asses from Video Secrets weren’t smart enough to know that if you talk into a camera people can fucking hear you. Yes, this great company bringing us the live feed actually had employees talking over the presenters, not realizing we could all hear what they fuck they were saying.”

One might assume from that analysis that Video Secrets wasn’t being considered for this year’s telecast.

Looking for a good hooker over the holidays? “Desert Divas Escorts” might not be the agency you’d want to choose. Cops this year busted ‘em big time not to mention the fact that client names were released in that bust. The investigation was conducted in Arizona, Philadelphia and Albuquerque, N.M. During the investigation there had been more than 50 arrests of organization members, with 13 search warrants served and more than 100 prostitutes involved.

Wanna see Madonna in the nude? It’ll cost you $37,500. At least that’s what one sucker paid for a photo of her in the altogether. An unnamed European buyer bought the 1979 photograph. It had been estimated to sell for up to $15,000.

Then we had the Oregon burlesque twins, Heather and Amber Langley known as the Porcelain Twinz, filing a NY sex harassment suit claiming that a cabaret theatre owner named Simon Hammerstein [no relation to Oscar] required them to perform sex acts on each other in a production called “Twincest.” They say he also made them have three-way sex with him. The women are seeking unspecified money damages from Hammerstein.

And while a lot of people were losing their retirement money to crooked hedge funds, Chi Chi LaRue we’re happy to report, shed nearly 100 pounds following gastric-bypass surgery.

One of the saddest stories of the year came by way of a Porn Valley strip club when two mental midgets named Rianne Celine Theriault-Odom and Nathaniel Petrillo set fire to bikini dancer Roberta Abdue Dos Santos Busby outside the Babes N’ Beer Sports Bar in Tarzana. The two, targets of an intensive five-day manhunt, were finally arrested at a Lankershim Boulevard motel in North Hollywood by police and U.S. marshals.

Theriault-Odom was charged with dousing Busby with a fire accelerant from a soda bottle and setting her ablaze. Busby, a mother of two who lives in Simi Valley, suffered burns on 40 percent of her body and remained hospitalized in critical condition at the Grossman Burn Center in Sherman Oaks.

Proving the Peter Principle that it pays to be incompetent, Christie Hefner got a $2M severance from Playboy when she stepped down from the entertainment and publishing company’s top job this past year.

The tasteless editorial idea of the year award has to go to AVN who came up with a bright idea for an article titling it, “Negro’ Porn Recession Proof” with AVN explaining how marketing to America’s toxic preoccupation with race differences is the answer to mainstream porn’s declining sales. Not too many people saw the humor in it.

“Teacher By Day Hooker By Night” is a titled article that gets our attention way more than Negro porn. And this distinction goes to Amber Carter, a fourth-grade teacher in Bellefontaine, Ohio, who was arrested in an apparent sex sting at the local Super 8 Motel. Cops were following up on a tip they received about “suspicious Internet activity,” and arrested Ms. Carter in a parking lot. She was placed on paid administrative leave.

If you saw the Showtime “Deeper Throat” reality series pitting the wits of Arrow’s Ray Pistol and Robert Interlandi against those of Vivid’s Steve Hirsch and Paul Thomas, you were probably rooting for the Pistol-Interlandi tag team.

Later it was revealed that Pistol sent Hirsch a cease and desist letter over the use of the name Deep Throat. According to the C&D sent by Pistol’s attorney Allan Gelbard to Hirsch’s attorney, Michael Weremblewski, Arrow, according to an agreement signed January 1, 2008 with Vivid, had the right of first refusal to the new movie Vivid was making but was not given it, according to Gelbard.

Hence, Gelbard contended, Vivid was in breach of numerous provisions of the agreement.

As detailed in the reality series, Vivid was calling its movie, “Throat A Cautionary Tale”, and, according to Gelbard, Arrow considered the inclusion of the word “Throat” to be a violation of Arrow’s federally registered Trademark and contractual rights.

According to Gelbard, Arrow was to have had an exclusive first look at Vivid’s completed work before the work was “exploited” in any manner by Vivid. Gelbard says the terms of the agreement were that Vivid once it had determined the work was completed, was to have provided Arrow with a DVD copy along with a written notice stating Vivid’s final budget and a notice of submission.

Gelbard stated in the letter that Arrow received neither the DVD copy nor the required notice of submission. However Vivid, Gelbard further added, held a screening party for invited guests during the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas to promote the work.

Gelbard called this an “incurable material breach of the Agreement.”

Gelbard was also asking Vivid to now provide a DVD copy along with the budget and notice of submission and allow Arrow a Ten Day option. In the meantime, Vivid was not to take any further steps to promote the work nor show it to any additional parties. Were Arrow not to exercise its options, Gelbard further stated, Vivid then had to remove the word “Throat” from the title. Gelbard also demanded that all remedies to the breaches be taken care of 30 days from the date of his letter.

More Signs of the Porn Times came when Empire Video Shut Down. Empire Video, an industry one-stop in Chatsworth, locked its doors informing one and all that they were refusing all deliveries until further notice and not answering the phone. Funny, but porn companies who are still doing business perform the same ritual when bill collectors ask them about those overdue.

to be continued….

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