After the Nectar Lawsuit, Craig Valentine Now in Maui

Hawaii- Craig Valentine’s now living in Maui where he’s operating a variety of webcam sites. Valentine, who was also running his own wrestling federation, is ready to announce his signing with another wrestling company.

“I’ll be back in the ring December 1,” he states. But why Valentine’s jumping his own ship is a long story involving a lawsuit he had against Nectar/First Strike a couple of years ago and its former owner Sean Logan.

It was a distribution deal, but just about everyone knows that Valentine is to successful distribution deals what the Chicago Cubs are to the World Series. After Nectar’s sale to ZB Ventures, Valentine’s been getting wind that his product’s being offered all over the block.

“Last time I checked I owned those titles,” says Valentine who till now has not been able to collect the $110,000 he claims Logan owes him, not including the masters. Why Valentine did the deal with Nectar in the first place had a lot to do with his being told that Nectar was merging with Anabolic and that Anabolic’s then salesman, Dan Mattolo was going to be doing the selling. That was good enough for Valentine but things didn’t quite work at that way.

“Basically I got stiffed,” says Valentine who initiated a costly suit against Logan. Costly, because, according to Valentine, Logan managed to drag out the proceedings by, basically, dropping out of sight.

According to Valentine, this ran up his legal bills, and later he would find out that Nectar’s ownership was a complicated tangle of four partners who were doing business in the Hollywood mainstream, with one of them being the owner of strip clubs and nite clubs.

“The mediator found all this out,” states Valentine. The mediator was Steve Seidman.

Then, somewhere along the line, there was a restraining order filed against Valentine but Valentine claims he wasn’t the culprit that it was one of the business partners who was allegedly making threats against Logan.

Out of all this mess, Valentine wound up filing bankruptcy several months ago involving his company New Porn Order. For now, Valentine’s been traveling back and forth between Maui and Honolulu where his cam company employs something like 100 girls who are working out of their homes and a studio.

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