AFYI Continues the Year in Review – Playboy Gets in Trouble with the NYSE; Cytherea Grovels for Cash

In an interview with Television Business International, Larry Flynt was asked how the industry and himself intends to compete with the Internet and the multitude of free content out there.

“In the end what separates everyone is quality,” Flynt answered.

“You can’t just go to the forest with a handheld camera and come back with a porn video anymore. In my view, if you don’t deliver quality then you won’t be around much longer.”

Of course Flynt should have been giving credit to the salesmen because they’re the last stop between this industry and oblivion.

Apparently this was a guy who didn’t like the sales pitch. A Colorado man named Allen Andrade was convicted of murdering transgender woman Angie Zapata with a fire extinguisher. Prosecutors argued Andrade killed Zapata out of his dislike for homosexuals.

In the never ending quest to bring culture to College campuses, “The New Devil in Miss Jones” was shown to Carnegie Mellon students, causing controversy as you might imagine.

CMU responded by saying, “A decision was made to allow this programming choice to continue. Our policy does not prohibit organizations from screening adult films.” What a lot of people didn’t like was the fact that the movie was screened on a Sunday.

Then we had the story of the “porn star” taxi driver who was convicted of drugging and raping women. John Worboys, 51, was told he will not be released until parole officials are convinced he does not pose a threat to women. I think I have all of Worboys’ movies but I’m not sure.

On top of everything else, Playboy got a NYSE Listing-Criteria Noncompliance Notice as Playboy’s shares closed at $2.08 and lost almost half their value over a period of six months. The Wall Street Journal reported that according to the New York Stock Exchange, the company wasn’t in compliance with listing criteria because its average market capitalization during a 30 trading-day period was below $75 million and its shareholders’ equity was less than that amount.

Playboy intended to submit a plan to the exchange describing how it expected to comply with the listing standards in the next 18 months.

We now have a Supreme Court that’s pro-strip search. Lawyers opposed the idea of searching school kids’ private parts, but the Supremies felt that students could hide dangerous drugs such as crack cocaine or heroin in their clothes.

The case before the court concerned a 13-year-old Arizona girl who was strip searched in a nurse’s office after a school friend said the girl, Savana Redding, had brought white pills to school. The pills were extra-strength ibuprofen, which is commonly taken for headaches and cramps.

A U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals had ruled that the strip search of Redding was unreasonable and unconstitutional since the pills were ibuprofen. But the court held that the school officials who ordered the search were liable for damages.

In their comments and questions, most of the justices signaled they are inclined to overturn that decision.

Adam Wolf, an ACLU lawyer, said it would “send shudders down the spine” of children across the nation if the high court approves strip searches at school.

An imposter Using Playmate Cori Nadine’s photos bilked men for over $57,000 was the report from Sweden. A 31-year-old Swedish woman claiming to be a Playboy model in need of money was charged with fraud after convincing several men to lend her sizeable sums for fictional emergencies.

Using a picture of famed Playboy playmate Cori Nadine, the 31-year-old Swede made contact with men on the internet claiming to be a model herself. The fake Playboy model told her victims fanciful stories of financial hardship, urging the men to send her money to cover unforeseen expenses.

In one ploy, she told her victims about a fictional daughter who was suffering from leukemia and close to death. Her heart-wrenching tale prompted the men to send her thousands of kronor to assist with treatment. One sap even took out a loan in order to help with the fictional daughter’s plight, being told he would be repaid with money from the modeling work.

The woman was charged with several counts of fraud, driving without a licence, and providing false signatures.

The Swedish court convicted her of serious fraud [as opposed to frivolous fraud], and sentenced her to a year-and-a-half in prison, ordering her to pay $35,100 in damages.

Akron police investigated a fight between two exotic dancers at a strip club — that sent one of the entertainers to the hospital. The victim, 52-year-old Jo Ellen Nolan, recently lost her job so she accepted a friend’s offer to take a position as a dancer at Club 1245 in Akron. But police say on her first night at work, one of her new co-workers took exception to Nolan’s presence in the dressing room at the club and began shouting at her. The dancer then attacked Nolan her with a high heel shoe, striking her in the head multiple times. After bouncers broke up the fight, Nolan was taken to Akron General Hospital, where she was treated for lacerations on her forehead and on the top and side of her head.

The owner of Club 1245 declined comment on the allegations but a manager told reporters that Nolan was not considered an employee of the club.

A lawyer from Connecticut was sentenced to 5 ½ years in federal prison for operating a child pornography web site. Forty-six-year-old Eric Gaynor, whose law office was in New Haven, was sentenced in U.S. District Court in Hartford. Prosecutors say he ran a porn Internet site for two years that displayed images and offered to sell or rent videos of young boys who were naked, partially clothed or engaged in sexual activity.

Online, Gaynor went by the alias “Rick Coyo” and, according to authorities, owned and controlled the web site “” According to his indictment, Gaynor displayed images and offered to sell or rent videos of young nude males, some of which were engaged in sexual activity.

Included on the web site, according to the indictment, was a link to a poll on whether Gaynor should offer premium content on the site of “hot, hot bois, teens to twinks” for a monthly membership instead of sending videos by mail. The site also contained a link to “Coyoteee’s Video e-Store.”

In April 2003, Gaynor allegedly sent three videos available for sale from his web site to New Jersey for $188.96. The indictment further alleges that Gaynor sold a 47-minute video entitled “Sexyboys” to a buyer in Malaysia. Authorities say that the video showed two males under 18 engaged in anal and oral sex. Gaynor was indicted in 2006 on charges of transporting, distributing, promoting and receiving child pornography.

We’re curious how many dopes donated when Cytherea [pictured] went on MySpace and, apparently with no sense of shame or dignity, solicited money from her fans.

“Having a family has really taken alot out of me. Mentally, physically, and financially,” she wrote.

“I really miss being in Movies for you guys and gals! And one of the biggest factors that will help me get back into the Swing of things is going to be my loyal and wonderful FANS!!!! As I said before, I am mentally, physically, and financially exhausted. So my Fans will be able to help me with all of these factors, Because I know you guys love me…. to get physically back in the game, I will need to do a fund raiser, so I can financially be stable enough for my Family and get the surgery that I need to make me the way you all remember me. Firm, tight, and ready to pleasure you all. I am doing what I can to save money for this, but I thought to myself. Since I have more than 3000 people in Myspace alone! If each one donated only 5 to 20 dollars each. I could get my surgery, and you would get your Cytherea back.”

The king of all publicity stunts, Dennis Hof offered a job at his whorehouse to impeached former governor of Illinois Rod “It fuckin’ golden” Blagojevich. Hof even went on Chicago radio and made the proposal to Blago’s PR manager. Hof was turned down and that was a shock.

Haven’t heard too much about Ashlee Chambers lately? Chambers you’ll recall decided to cause trouble for one of the best agencies in the business, Jim South’s World Modeling. First, she was scheduled to shoot two sex scenes. Camera problems came up and the second shoot was canceled till the next day.

Then Chambers demanded to be paid for both scenes before the second was ever shot. Then while staying at a hotel on Jim South’s dime, Chambers decided to exact her revenge by running up over $1000 in extra hotel charges IN ONE NIGHT. Along with the $1000 in hotel charges, Chambers then had one of her “friends” leave a threatening voicemail to the person shooting her scenes. On top of that she threatened to sue World Modeling, and threatened to report porn people to the state of Texas claiming that she was hired to do illegal scenes because porn’s illegal in Texas, according to her.

Rhode Island’s escort business took a hit when a Senate panel OK’d a bill outlawing indoor prostitution – Rhode Island is the only state, except for certain counties in Nevada, that has no prohibition against indoor prostitution.

If someone were reading Ray Pistol’s tea leaves this year, they would have told him to switch to coffee. After Pistol’s courthouse encounters with Vivid over Deep Throat, came this story about another lawsuit filed in Las Vegas federal court.

Arrow Productions Inc. which claims to own the trademarks to the “Deep Throat” series of 15 films and to the name “Linda Lovelace,” filed suit against VCX Ltd., a North Las Vegas company that has been marketing some of the Deep Throat films on its Web site.

Linda Lovelace was the central character in the series and the stage name of the actress who starred in the original movie, the suit said. The lawsuit said the actress’s real name was Linda Susan Boreman and that she died in 2002. Deep Throat, with box office sales reported at $600 million, is credited with broadening the appeal of pornography in the 1970s and the brand is now featured in an Arrow energy drink, T-shirts and posters; and in the “Deeper Throat” reality TV series on Showtime.

Arrow Productions charged that beginning last year, VCX had been wrongly selling copies of the Deep Throat movies, including allegedly counterfeit movies.

“Defendants have infringed plaintiff’s mark in interstate commerce by various acts, including advertising and distributing prerecorded DVDs under the name Deep Throat,” the lawsuit charged.

“Said use of said name and mark by defendants is without permission or authority of plaintiff and said use is likely to cause confusion, to cause mistake and to deceive.”

The suit was filed by Las Vegas attorneys Clyde DeWitt and Allen Lichtenstein, seeking an order requiring VCX to stop selling Deep Throat movies, to turn over to Arrow any inventory of Deep Throat movies and DVD labeling and packaging; and an order that it recall from consumers all such movies it has sold.

In a discussion of what assholes the SF Weekly are, particularly with their story about which lost the company state money to train employees, writer Vioolet Blue added this anecdote:

“Back in 2006, the SF Weekly ran a piece that was riddled with factual errors; writer “Harmon Leon ” claimed to attend the AVN porn awards but in his “reporting” got everything wrong from location to award winners. It was also patronizing and offensive. A week later, the online version of the story was quietly changed and the writer was quietly ‘let go.’”

If there was an award to be given a porn chick who most reminds me of my former girlfriends back in Philadelphia, it would have to go to Sierra Skye. Guess what- Skye’s from the Philly area.

But notable in my interview with her this past year was the ruckus she raised about a check she may or may not have received from Cezar Capone for doing a shoot called- guess what- Cornfed Honies. After much Sturm und Drang, Skye did get paid but it contributed to one of the better dramas on the Internet.

Rolling Stone writer Vanessa Grigoriadis said Sasha Grey’s “The Smartest Person I’ve Ever Met in That Industry” – Quoting Charlie Chan, “Sometimes it’s better to be thought a fool [as in the case of Grigoriadis] then open mouth and remove all doubt.”

Anyone here find a missing ISP? Speculation ran rife this past year whether Adult FriendFinder would get one especially after an embarrassing law suit was made public in which their former Human Resources director detailed sexual practices that would make Bob Guccione flinch.

Then added this little chestnut: “FriendFinder appears to be facing severe financial trouble. The company filed for a $460 million public stock offering in December [2008], in an effort to pay off more than $400 million in debt incurred during the Penthouse acquisition. That IPO has yet to happen. But the stock market remains unfriendly to IPOs, and FriendFinder has defaulted on some of its debt, according to a new SEC financing. A tipster tells us the company recently laid off eight marketing staffers in an effort to cut costs. And top executives seem to disagree on whether the company can afford to keep publishing the print edition of Penthouse.”

Always on top of things the Grand Vizier reported: “In what had to be the world’s worst kept secret, Zero Tolerance, Wicked and New Sensations planned a trip for distributors to Cancun. They were planning on jumping Expo Mark, and tried to have there own little show. Problems plagued them from the beginning with their inviting 15 distributors and excluding all the rest.

“The rub was when the secret got out which resulted in many a pissed off distributor who was not invited. One internet company wasn’t invited, while another one was. When asked about the show, the uninvitee was told it was for brick and mortar stores only, until he found out otherwise. Then the fireworks began. They had to send him an invite.

“Then this crazy little thing called Karma happened in the form of Swine Flu. The secret show had to be canceled, and the result is all 3 companies are now banned from Expo Mark in Sept.”

Another pro wrestler bit the dust when Portland wrestling legend “Playboy” Buddy Rose was found dead; For a spell, Rose wrestled for Rob Black’s XPW organization and followed the XXX gossip sites and often jumped into the fray by posting instigating comments.

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