AHF: Cal/OSHA Cites and Fines Gay Porn’s Factory Video $60K for No Condoms

On last night’s show www.therobblackshow.com Rob Black was informed of the latest bust by Cal/OSHA via AHF’s press release. He touched on it as the show went off the air.

Here’s a little of what he had to say:

“I told all of you this was coming. For six months you haven’t believed me. Every time I told you what was going to happen it did and now it has again.”

“I told you that there would be a wave of Cal/OSHA violations coming with the help of AHF. You thought it was stopping with Kink and the company in Florida? No way. People, it’s only just begun and now you can add this company to the list.”

“These guys got hit with a cool 60K that they now have to come up with. Mike Gatto said in a press article why do we need legislation? We already have laws on the books that are there to protect workers and this is a matter that should be taken up by Cal/OSHA.”

“Now did Gatto say that word for word? No, but pretty fucking close. I even told you that Cal/OSHA was not a proactive enforcer. They only act when pushed. Well guess what? I guess AHF pushed pretty fucking hard.”

“Do you believe me now when i say the 50 man creampie gangbang is next?”

“Devils Film, you guys are about to get your shit pushed in by Michael Weinstein and Cal/OSHA.”

I’m sure Rob will have more to say on his show today.

Here is the press release from AHF:

OSHA officials issue multiple safety citations adding San Francisco-based Factory Video to a growing list of adult film producers and distributors cited for failing to follow workplace safety regulations.

In February 2013, AHF filed workplace safety complaints with OSHA against Factory asserting that the production company filmed without condoms, activity that showed unprotected exchange of bodily fluids.

In response to workplace safety complaints over the lack of condom use in adult films produced by California adult film production companies, AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), AHF has learned that Cal/OSHA (California’s Department of Industrial Relations, Division of Occupational Safety and Health), recently issued multiple workplace safety citations and fines to San Francisco-based Factory Video, an adult film company that primarily produces gay bareback, or condom-less, adult films. Factory was fined close to $60,000 for numerous occupational safety and health complaints, which were filed by AHF over the past two years.

Factory now joins a growing list of California porn companies cited and fined by California’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA), the state’s health and safety regulatory and watchdog organization for failing to follow workplace safety regulations. Other adult film companies recently cited include Larry Flynt’s Hustler Video (LFP Video Group LLC), cited and fined in March 2011; and Streamray Studios Inc., cited and fined $27,000 in January 2013.

“I am very pleased to see that Cal/OSHA is really starting to step up its enforcement of existing California health and safety statutes that have long required the use of condoms in adult films produced anywhere in California,” said Michael Weinstein President of AIDS Healthcare Foundation. “All workers deserve a safe workplace, including those primarily young, often powerless people working as performers in the adult film industry. To OSHA, I say ‘thank you’ and advise those porn industry producers who continue to ignore and break the law that we intend to continue to file similar workplace safety complaints.”

Five of the citations Factory received were classified ‘Serious’ by Cal OSHA (others were classified as ‘General’ or ‘Regulatory’ and also resulted in fines). Of these five Serious citations, three resulted in $9,000 fines apiece including one for failure to maintain an Exposure Control Plan; a second, for failure to observe and practice Universal Precautions for possible contact with or exposure to blood or Other Potentially Infectious Materials (OPIM); and lastly, for failing to use engineering and work practice controls to eliminate or minimize employee exposure to “…minimize splashing, spraying, spattering, and generation of droplets of… blood or Other Potentially Infectious Materials (OPIM).”

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