Alexander DeVoe Comments About Sex Party Story

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Read the review:

Alexander DeVoe writes: Urban X Awards was in no way affiliated or a participant in the promotion of a swing party that took place on July 21, 2012.

The recent events occurring in the adult industry is distressing and the manner in which it took place is not condoned by Urban X Awards

We do not welcome the association with or the inference that we were complicit in facilitating an environment where an STI could be spread

Our show is a celebration of all that is great and positive about the adult industry. We will not it stand for our brand to be associated with a scandal and tarnished in any way

The performer who altered his test did so under his own volition.
One cannot make a story and use the urban X Awards name in a slanderous or libelous way.

Gene sez: This is my quote: “The Urban X Awards was held July 22nd and there was a big party afterwards. I know Mr. Marcus was invited, I don’t know if he attended. But this was during the critical timeline in which Marcus tested posted for syphilis.”

I didn’t say Urban X sponsored or promoted that party, no more than when sex parties are held after AVN, XBiz and XRCO awards to say they are sponsors of such.

Here’s the original story, and I suggest you read it again with the assistance of a forensic expert before you start using words like libel:


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