Alexis Ford Visits Howard Stern; She Reveals that DJ Whoo Has Been Banging Her in the Ass

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from – Howard said they have Alexis Ford (@AlexisFord) coming in to touch him…Howard had Alexis come in. Howard said she was wearing a nurse’s outfit. Howard asked what the thinking was with that.

Alexis said that she heard that when he got an examination he came in his pants so they’re going to reenact that. Howard asked Sour if he was in his underwear for that. Sour said he was in his jeans but she unbuttoned his pants. He said he has a fibroma that she was checking at the time. He said she went through that exam and checked everywhere.

Howard said Alexis is going to recreate that and see if she can get him to blow a load. Alexis said she wants him to blow a load. Howard asked if he blew a load already. Sour said no. Howard said Alexis is beautiful and she’s in a nurse outfit. He said she has her legs spread open and she smells good too.

Howard had Sour tell his story about what happened that day at the doctor’s office. Howard found out he had his shirt off but then Sour said he had it on. Howard told him to take it off anyway. Howard asked Alexis if he’s gross to her. Alexis asked if that’s his hair. Howard said that’s a wig.

Howard had Alexis go over to Sour and had Sour tell the story of what happened. Sour said he was asked to get on the examination table. He said he got up on that and had his feet hanging off. Howard said they don’t have that table there. Howard asked if he pulled down his pants. Sour said she was examining him starting up at his shoulders. Then she went down like this. He showed what she did to him. Sour showed where the fibroma was at. Howard asked if he had a boner already. Sour said he does a little bit.

Howard asked Alexis if he was getting big. She said no. Howard asked Alexis to touch his shoulders and examine him like she’s checking his body. Sour said that the nurse got close to his ears next. Alexis touched him up there and got close. Howard asked if he’s aroused. Then he saw that he was. He didn’t have to answer. Howard had Alexis check his back. Alexis did that and checked his neck. She was checking for the fibroma. Howard had her check his legs next. Alexis did that too. Sour showed he didn’t have underwear on. Howard had Alexis check his legs. She did that and didn’t find any fibromas or whatever.

Howard said it seems like Lisa G had more of an affect on him. Howard asked what happened there. Sour said that she didn’t get him off yet. Howard said they’ve run out of time. Howard said this isn’t a sex shop. Howard asked if it’s more exciting with Lisa. Sour said that seeing her that day was exciting for him. Howard said Alexis is just about naked for him though. He said that was a disappointment.

Howard asked Alexis what happened. She said she doesn’t know. Howard asked how her career is going. Alexis said it’s going well. She said she just did a Dark Side with Jules Jordan (

Howard said he heard that DJ Whoo Kid was in there recently and he said that he was banging her. Alexis said that she’s banging him now actually. She said she’s going out with him later today. Howard said he’s a married guy though. Alexis said that she’s not in love with him but he has a big dick. Howard asked how big it is. She said she’s not sure how it fit in her ass it’s so big. Howard said they have to get that guy back on the show. Howard said he’d love to see them interacting.

Howard asked if she’s his girlfriend. She said she goes around the country to see him. She said that he’s really good in bed. Howard said there has to be some emotional component to it. Alexis said she likes to have sex and she likes to have it with him. Howard said she’s almost like a guy in that way. She said that guys do fall in love with her. She said she does have feelings for him but she doesn’t want to get hurt. She said she has been hurt before. She said she might as well use them and just fuck them.

Howard asked how long this has been going on. Alexis said that there was a sexual tension back when she was with her ex. She said that she’s been fucking Whoo for about a year now. Howard asked if other penises are boring after that one. She said that he has a big cock and a big load so yeah. She said that he helps her prepare for her movies. She said when she has to take Lexington Steel up her as he prepares her. She said that they’re about the same size. She said it’s like 12 inches and he’s thick too.

Howard asked Alexis how she hooked up with him the first time. She said that she was on his radio show on her birthday and then she told him that she was going to find him in the club in Vegas and fuck him. She said she did that and told Whoo that she was going go fuck him that night. She said that’s what happened.

Howard asked what goes through her mind when she sees that big cock. Robin said when you do see a big one you go Whoa! Robin said she’s never had one that big. Alexis said that it’s hard to take at first. She said that she will blow the guy first. Howard said she sounds like a great girl.

Alexis told Howard that Whoo never uses a rubber with her. She said the load usually ends up inside her. She said that she doesn’t worry about it when he cums in her. Howard said he thinks she wants his baby. She said she really doesn’t. Howard asked if he blows it outside of her. She said that he will blow it on her face if she asks him to. She said she loves that.

Alexis said she loves to have sex for hours but Whoo tells her he’s not a porn star. She said she likes him to put it in her ass and then put it in her mouth. Howard said that’s pretty wild. Howard asked if she is so relaxed back there that it just goes right in. She said that she has to use lube or alcohol will make it go in easier. She said if she’s drunk it seems to go in easier. Howard said there must be a little doody in there when he does her in the ass. She said there might be some in there if he goes in deep. Howard asked if she keeps quiet about it if there is. She said that she will just wipe it off his dick. She said she keeps baby wipes on hand. Howard asked what she does if there’s a lot of doody. Alexis said if she has shit in her ass she can’t take a dick in her ass. She said that if she doesn’t prepare for anal then nothing comes out. She said that’s what she’s found.

Howard said he’s done anal a few times in his life and he’s hit some doody. Howard said things will poke back at you there. Howard said he will do it if he’s in there. Howard said he’s only like 6 inches so she might not even feel him. Alexis said he would feel like a finger. Howard said she’d probably stop him and tell him to stop fingering her. Alexis said that her ass goes back to normal but if she was fucking every night then she might not feel 6 inches.

Howard said he’s sure she wouldn’t even feel him back there. Alexis said that’s why she sticks with black guys. Howard said he’s guessing that she’s voting for Obama. She said she is. Alexis said that Romney wants to get rid of porn or something. Howard asked if she’s actually going to vote today. She said that she is registered republican but she doesn’t agree with what Romney has to say.

Howard asked Alexis if her family still doesn’t like that she’s dating black guys. She said they’re not happy with a lot of what she does. Howard asked if they’d be unhappy with her doing the stuff to Sour Shoes. She said she has done some public stuff with guys but she’s not sure if she could do that with DJ Whoo.

She said his dick is just too big. She said missionary and doggy are their two favorite positions. Howard asked if he does her vagina and then does her ass. She said that she tells him to go back into her pussy too. Howard said he thought that was dangerous. Robin said that’s not the most hygienic thing. Howard asked if she worries about getting an infection. Alexis said she drinks a lot of cranberry juice. She said that helps.

Howard asked about bringing girls in the bedroom with Whoo. She said that she’s had a few. Howard asked how she meets the girls. Alexis said that she has had other porn chicks ask to fuck him. She said that she’s not sure if she can say her name. She said the other girl disappeared and didn’t end up doing it. She said that it is on the schedule of things to do. She said she has had other girls that she’s picked up at clubs. Howard asked if she just starts kissing the girls. She said she will do that and whip out her titties. Alexis said that some girls are taken back by the black guys but some of them want her so she helps them deal with it.

Howard asked Alexis about how long Whoo can last. She said he’s pretty good. Howard said he finishes in like 2 strokes. Alexis said that Whoo can go for a decent amount of time but he can’t do it all day long. Howard asked if she ever goes out and fucks another guy after he fucks her. She said yes to that. Alexis said that she feels very sexual and she has this sexual appetite and it might be from being in the business. Alexis said she has guys all over the country and she’s done 5 guys in one day before. Howard asked if she’s picky about the guys she’s with. She said she fucked a guy in a closet in a cabana in Vegas and she ended up doing his friend and then fucked a porn star. She said that it was the most she’s ever fucked in one day. Howard asked if she ever takes a day off from fucking. Alexis said she has but she still masturbates. She said that she does that about 3 times a day. Howard said she’s a busy girl.

Howard asked if she’s shaved or does she have hair down there. She said she has some hair down there right now but she likes to mix it up.

Howard asked Alexis about why she likes to keep Whoo’s load in her. She said she likes that power and keeping it in there to let it drip on out into her panties as the day goes on. She said she’ll text the guy and let him know what it’s doing that later in the day. Howard said she’s really into the guys and that’s hot. Howard asked Robin if she’s ever done anything like that. Robin said he hasn’t texted a guy about their load dripping out.

Howard asked how she holds a load in. She said that if it’s in her ass it won’t come out until she shits or enemas it out. She said it’ll be wrapped around the shit. Robin said she thinks she’s done. She sounded grossed out. Alexis said that it’ll be a shit with a ribbon of cum around it. Howard said maybe she should take pictures of it. Alexis said she might do that.

Howard asked Alexis if she has an iPhone. She said she has that and a Blackberry. She said she has one as a ”ho phone” for those people she’s not sure she wants to talk to.

Howard asked Alexis if Whoo Kid has her ho phone number. She said that he has both. Howard asked her about holding the load in her and found out she’ll pee it out in the morning if she keeps it in overnight. Howard said that some women have to get it out of them immediately. Howard said that she loves it. Howard said she loves cum.

Alexis said she asked him to cum on her belly last time so she could see what the load looked like. She said it’s usually inside of her. She said she ended up licking it off of herself. She said it tasted like coconuts. Howard said that it must have impressed her.

Howard said Alexis will be signing copies of her DVD ”Dark Side” at the Exxxotica Expo( in Edison, New Jersey this weekend. Howard asked if the guys can pose with pictures with her. She said that she will do that. She said that they can grab her tits or ass and she’ll grab their cocks.

Alexis told Howard that she didn’t start in porn until she was 20. She said she went to nursing school. She said that her mom wondered why she did this for a living and she told her that she is making a good living doing it. Howard asked if any family comes on to her because she’s in porn. Alexis said she gets some Facebook requests from her cousins. She said that’s kind of awkward. Howard said they probably shouldn’t be doing that.

Howard took a call from a guy who asked if she’s ever had double anal and how many cocks she’s had in her mouth at once. She said she tried 3 but only 2 fit. She said that she has never done double anal or double vag. She said she has done double penetration but not two in one. She said that was intense when she did the double penetration. She said she liked it but she’d rather just have one of the other. The caller asked how many guys she’s done at once. She said that was 5. She said she did a blow bang and did it in her personal life too. Howard asked how she rounded up 5 guys. Alexis said most of them were Hispanic and it was when she was younger. She said she was 15 at the time. Howard asked if she ever got in trouble at school. She said she was a slut on the down low. She said she would hang out with the older boys outside the school.

The caller asked if she’s ever banged her teachers. She said she hasn’t. Howard said they must have all been gay. She said if she was black and playing basketball then maybe the teachers would have hit on her.

Alexis said that one of her doctors became kind of psycho. She said that she was a little fucked up and went to the doctor and he got kind of crazy. She said that he was checking her out for an examination. She said that he had to give her an anal swipe with his finger. He didn’t wear a glove. She said that he kept contacting her for months after that.

Howard asked when she started touching herself. Alexis said that she was about 12. She said that she had the 5 guys at 15 and she had them over to her parent’s house. She said they didn’t know why they were coming over though.

Howard took a call from a guy who asked if it’s true that black guys don’t go down on women. Alexis said she doesn’t mind if they don’t go down on her. She said she’d rather please the guy. She said that Whoo Kid will go down on her. She said that she would rather just throw him down and fuck. Alexis said some guys like to please a woman but sometimes she just wonders when they’re going to fuck her already. She said she cums easier from penetration and clitoral play. Howard said her breast is popping out of her shirt. Alexis just laughed it off.

Howard had Sour Shoes perform a song for her. Sour did a couple of songs for her and mashed up a couple of songs. He did a Lita Ford song and then did a Billy Joel song.

Howard asked Alexis what her favorite song is. She said she likes rap songs. Howard asked Sour if he does any rap. Sour said he can. He said he can do Rihanna too. He ended up doing a Rihanna song and Alexis sang along with him. Howard said she’s not that bad.

Howard took a call from a guy who asked Alexis if she ever gets the urge to fart and serve it up to her nose as fast as she can. Alexis said that she has smelled her farts before. Howard asked if she likes it. She said it’s funny if you’re in a car and you fart. She said that she’ll lock the windows. The caller said he’s 38 and he loves to fart and bring it up to his nose and smell it. He said he just loves the smell. Alexis asked if he just lets them blast or let them out silently. Alexis said that the ones you let blast don’t smell as the silent ones.

Howard asked if she’s going to go vote today. Alexis said she is and she might wear that outfit she has on. Alexis told Howard she’s getting bigger boobs next month too. Howard said they look great as they are. Howard said she shouldn’t go bigger. He told her that she’s making a mistake. He told her to leave them the way they are. Howard said they end up looking like fake pontoons. Alexis said she has a date to get them done already. She said she wants to be a full DD and she’s only a D right now. Howard said he didn’t think they’d look good bigger. She said they’ll be fine.

Howard had Sour play them out to commercial. Sour took a request from Alexis. She asked for a Lady Gaga song. Sour sang ”Edge of Glory” for her. He sang Christina Aguilera’s ”Beautiful” for her too. Howard said Alexis is crying. She ended up singing along with Sour and laughed as that was going on. She wasn’t crying.

Sour did a Macy Gray song next. He sang as Macy and then changed to Scott Ferrall. Howard cut him off and thanked him.

Howard said he has the doctor who was stalking her on the line. He picked up on him and it was a guy doing a bad accent and telling lame jokes about the cum on her doody. Howard hung right up on him.

Howard said that he’s not sure why Sour didn’t cum with her. He said that Lisa G did it for him but not Alexis. Sour pointed out that he did blow a load. He said that when she got sexual he came. Howard said he has a stain in his pants. Howard had him stand up and show Alexis. She said she likes that and he had better walk around with that stain all day. Robin said he has no choice.

Sour did his Gary impression and said that he thinks she looks like Michelle Olsen. Howard said her name is Ashley Olsen. Howard wrapped up and thanked Alexis for coming in. He gave her some more plugs and then went to break.

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